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(762.38 KB 640x640 1571607579628.webm)
Anonymous 10/21/2019 (Mon) 03:33:10 No. 415
Women are not attracted to programmers.

How does it feel to be an incel?
It's alot like being able to have lots of sex instead of being smart.
(115.60 KB 710x473 46y.jpg)
(263.49 KB 764x551 85e.jpg)
(284.27 KB 1920x1080 345.jpg)
(143.49 KB 1280x720 456.jpg)
> I desire to know what it's like.

Keep on using this word retard. I can not be a incel when I'm not desperate for pussy. Not that I give a shit about this technicality.

How does it feel knowing that your pathetic attempts at seeming relevant to my life are meaningless?
At best you are a shitty conversation partner and a fuck hole.
I don't need your validation nor do I care for it.

How does it feel that you are irrelevant to me simply stroking myself with my own hand?
Woman are good for one thing reproduction and babies. If you are not fulfilling this objective you are useless. Literally biologically, evolutionary useless.
And obsolete I can simply satisfy myself sexually with my hand.
You are obsolete to my stroking myself with a hand.
My hand is a better sex partner then you will ever be.

These playboy idiots are pathetic, what is the difference between a woman stroking my dick and me doing it myself? Why should I care? Finding some pride in the fact that the mechanical penis stroking mechanism has XX chromosomes is retarded.

If you are not getting impregnated its meaningless woman. Same for condom sex. The idea is so pathetic if it does not lead to impregnation then why are you engaging in it? Its a purely mechanical stimulation that can be provided by other cheaper things better.

Even some man can suck your dick or give you a hand job, and I'm not even gay. its a purely mechanical procedure with no meaning. No reproduction no purpose.

The idea of "anal sex" is so stupid its hard to not laugh. Once more a purely mechanical stimulation with no reproduction potential. You can equally have anal sex with some men. Or simply fuck any other hole like sex toys.

The playboy idea and the no-fap propaganda are simply there to keep men repressed and woman upheld as something to be strive for. Pure feminist mind control.

Remove the propaganda and what is your worth? What is your worth woman? You are a moronic creature devoid of any mental capacities. I can satisfy my physical urges myself so you are a useless component of it.

>Women are not attracted to programmers.
Demonstrating once more you have no fucken idea what you are talking about. I'm not obsessed with the fact that I can program or write or drive or know how to build a house out of wood. In previous times and before computers I do these activities. Why? Because its technology. /g/ is a technology board and you can get threads about primitive technology or even starting fires by rubbing sticks together all of it is technology.
Maybe in the future people will be obsessed with being neural network trainers and not programmers.

The irony of you shitposting here on a website written by programmers and you using a operating system made by programmers to do so is quite ironical.

Because I don't get my pride from the fact that I'm a programmer or a carpenter. I get it from my intelligence and fascination with improving and manipulating the physical world.

Technology is stuff that lets you get shit done. Personally if I would have written the laws for a society I simply make it a offense to shit upon people on whos technology you depend on. Or we can simply privately ban you(facebook style) from using this technology.

I be fascinated how long you can survive you techno addicted woman without your computer technology and constant communication (fun fact I can survive with no computers without a problem, another thing that makes me superior to you woman).

However we live in a insane society in decline and collapse. Mostly because previous generations did go this retarded path.

In the end remember Darwin.
"it is not the smartest or strongest or fastest who survives however the one capable to reproduce"
Maybe in the end intelligence was simply a evolutionary defect. If it does not preserve the intelligent ones on whom the civilization rests it will destroy itself.
> I desire to know what it's like.

And the last part of it:

<Herp derp I fuck sexy guys
Do you reproduce? Do you have kids you retarded cunt? No then your fuckign these men is meaningless and this is a evolutionary fact. A genetic fact. You can equally fuck inanimate sex toys or animals and brag about it.
<Herp derp I have lots of kids with retarded guys
Have fun down breeding the species and engaging in disgenics.
in the end you will end up with idiocracy and civilizational collapse maybe not you exactly however whatever future generation will inherit this mess.

Intelligence can be a self destructive flaw of evolution. The bacteria will not give a shit and continue existing and reproducing like they did since the dinosaurs. its all about reproduction.

I have the intellect to realize how it all works and how it will end. If the species I was born into is self destructive and my society can not be reformed it will all end in destruction. There is a reason why women where property in all previous civilizations and men ruled.

And we all can see how the feminist experiment of pretending woman are people will end.

Tell me how does it feel to know that you are a retarded egg sack on legs who only exists for men to deposit their sperm in so that babies grow?
<muh tits
Sorry retardo I have the intellect to know how it all works and I can simply circumvent my animal instincts by masturbating, you have no power over me.

So what will you try now?
Social control?
>If a woman does not jerk your penis with her hand you are a loser!
Does not work, explained before why its retarded.
Try to summon animal instincts?
>worship me because biology forces you to!
Not working when I can turn that off with masturbation.
>Ha I will not let you breed with me!
Nice try, enjoy disgenics, idiocracy and civilizational collapse.

You literally have nothing other then your stupid social control word of "incel" and its not working cunt.

I think I answered all your possible questions woman.
Did it satisfy you? Was it as good for you(ironic sex reference) to learn this as it was for me to write it?
>you are evolutionarily useless if you are not producing babies

Actually evolution produced ants and beese where 99% of the colony does not reproduce but instead does small ammounts of labor that help produce for the colony.

You and other programmers produce mental labor that make things like pornhub.com work.

Whereas I, a total chad, reap all of the benefits of pussy thus passing on the genes for the colony.

It's a perfect system, really.

That is why I am curious about your feelings of it.

I hope I have not offended you in any way. The chads are very grateful to the incels for producing pornhub.com

Please do not take my posts as any sort of trolling. I am 100% being literal and serious and not sarcastic right now. There is zero trace of irony in my posts.
(20.41 KB 329x153 images.jpeg)
>of labor that help produce for the colony.
All ants and bees are direct children of the queen who births them all so if her children who reproduce (drones, new queens) start their own colony or impregnate the same genetic material is moved.

Humans don't work like this. You don't have magically my intelligence genes.

>Please do not take my posts as any sort of trolling. I am 100% being literal and serious and not sarcastic right now. There is zero trace of irony in my posts.
No idea how to take it. I have seen all kinds of posts on chans and sarcasm is impossible to detect on the internet.
that's not true 99% of the female drones who live and die in the colony do not make their own colony
>that's not true 99% of the female drones
They are the daughters of the queen.

The new queens are the daughters. The drones are sons.
Yet their brothers and handful of sisters will.
Did you also miss the fact that the queen represses the reproductions of the workers with hormones?

Colony insects are sometimes considered superorganisms meaning the colony functions like 1 organism.

The fact that only your penis gets to reproduce while your hand will never reproduce or your eye is not a problem they all have the same genetics in them. Same for colony animals or superorganisms.

What percentage of the daughters of the queens become queens?
Counter question how many of your cells are sperm and get to reproduce?
>What percentage of the daughters of the queens become queens?
The answer is more then how many of your cells that get to reproduce and less then 1%.
> retarded egg sack on legs
Its true you know (lets make it a meme).
An anon (maybe you) argued previously that you are only useful in evolution if you reproduce.

I argued, that's not true, because bees and ants evolved huge swaths of population that are useful not for reproduction but for labor.

It was then argued that the female bees and ants get to become queens.

I then asked, what percentage of the female ants and bees get to become queens.

I was then told >it is comparable to the number of sperm that get to reproduce

Therefore, only a small percentage of ant sand bees get to reproduce, but are still useful to evolution.

In conclusion:
>install gentoo

>I was then told
Objectively wrong CTRL+F this statement.
>it is comparable to the number of sperm that get to reproduce
No one except you wrote this.
To stupid to quote or CTRL+V? To incompetent to live? Or so disingenuous that after your stupidity got debunked you still continue to try to spin something?

The statement was:
>Counter question how many of your cells are sperm and get to reproduce

Meaning that the cells in your hand will never reproduce (implied conclusion) however their genetic material is in the sperm cells that get to reproduce since every cell in your body has the same DNA.

>you are only useful in evolution if you reproduce.
This is what evolution says and its a fact. Everything else will simply get extinct.
>I argued, that's not true
And you are objectively wrong.
>because bees and ants
Are superorganisms all the workers are created to serve the queen from the queens genetic material the same way your body is made out of different cells.
>but for labor.
Doesn't matter its the genetic material that is important. The same genetic code is used for reproduction in the next generation.

>Therefore, only a small percentage of ant sand bees get to reproduce, but are still useful to evolution.
You are clueless in the extreme. This does not work because human societies are not superorganisms! The genetic material is not the same. Superorganisms can be compered to a mother who castrates her first 3 daughters at birth(and makes them work their asses of their entire life for the family) while letting the 4 reproduce and same for her 1 and only son. Since the father is the same this way the mother and father transfer their genetics via their 4th daughter and 1 and only son.

What is there so hard to understand for you? You have no grasp on genetics whatsoever or evolution. Unless you are my brother or sister this will never work this way in humans.

>>install gentoo
And shitposting what a surprise. You need to get back to 4chan.
How does it feel to be a hipster webdev using nodejs, jquery and scss to deliver a static webpage?
lq. Mods pls move it to /b/
sorry ants are to hard for u to understand bro. not everyone can understand them
>How does it feel to be an incel?
I do not need them - simple as that. I am fine on my own. However, given how much they screech about being lonely when they hit the wall in their 30s it seems like I have won. Call me an incel, tell me to have sex, but you will blow your head when I ignore you.
But don't you get it poor incel there is no such thing as hitting the wall. When they turn 30 they will marry a 18 year old zoomer and be just fine without you.
incel = involuntary celibates.
Its hard to force this definition if I'm not involuntary. Is it?

What no new insults from the woman brain here?

You tell her.
You don't understand genetics and are objectively wrong. Maybe you are to inferior intellectually already to understand it.
Enjoy disgenics.
Have sex incel. You should program java on windows. Give up on linux.
Damn absolutely Shrekt. I could feel the autism seething from your words. What a pleasure to read. This was my first cruise on /g/ and I'm ashamed I haven't spent more time here.
>>535 >windoes linuxx Consumer electronics are all bugman things.
>>425 Not enough to attract women
>>415 >>incel Guess this chan is infected by redditor moderation too.
>>438 > I, a total chad I don't know what's more pathetic, an incel or a chadlarp.
(30.88 KB 480x360 bad.jpg)
>>415 >incel Either this is bait or there's a plebbitor here.


no cookies?