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Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 00:38:20 No. 536
Daily reminder that:

As human beings your thoughts produce radio waves that can be measured and decoded.
Majority of governments on earth access all human brains the same way you access host computers on a network. 1950's research.
Its 2019 and the cell phone doesnt include a firewall.
People are suppose to be on earth to learn and live for their creator country and families however they are manipulated, studied and harvested as energy sources from birth.
You are fed lies poisons and disinformation from birth from your government to attempt to rob you of salvation.
Every citizen in the US unwillingly participates in an MKULTRA Behavioral modification program that scans your social media phone thoughts and body language and assigns you a "score" allowing you to progress in society.

Resist the Jew.
do you have any further reading on brainwave interception. i think wed have neurolink tech.public already then no?
Bullshit. If this is true (which it isn't), you would be under mind control right now. And if you were under mind control, you wouldn't be writing that.
Stopped reading right there
1) MUltra is part of CIA and FBI Torture, Military Torture and DHS/FEMA torture.
2) MKUltra was programmed and automated into the Joint Task Forces' JADE software deployment planner management execution application. Original version from the 1970s as well as 2.0 and 3.0 (if that exists yet like GEOIntv website mentioned). Localized Radio signal transmissions were used for the MKUltra project prior to addition of satellites and computers. MKUltra showed up in the USA under NAZI CIA Project Paperclip, though it is OBVIOUS the Americans had something already going with radio signal remote control over Human Beings to begin with. Children were showing up under this influence from it's inception beginning with Signal Intelligence in the late 1800s (not KIDDING). The Nazi MKUltra just ramped it up and Computer Advancements have made this worldwide, lethal and dangerous.
3) Military, FBI and Local Jurisdictions used JADE 1.0 on the Public starting with Infants/babies and Children in Neighborhoods across the US and around the Globe (NATO & Allies). Did NOT Stop the MKUltra program! Still continues today and they STILL use that name to reference what they are doing. Says something.
4) MKUltra = Operation Mind Control = FEMA Re Education brainwashing w/computer = Mastering the Human Domain (by electrical means for command & control using Operators & a autonomous computer in Real time)

What MKUltra REALLY Does.... is it Allows Other People or a Computer to USE ANYONE
They can use ANY Person ANYWAY they Want - for ANYTHING they have written into a computer battle planner.
Worse case scenarios involve ways we've heard of to TRAUMAtize/Break to Discredit/Disable, as Killers/Assassins or as Makeshift Soldiers/Public Army.
This NeuroCognitive warfare uses a neural disruption to the real brainwaves for computerized version to operate. This IS the ZOMBIE stuff they had drills on - just didn't mention Remote Controlled radio frequencies/BCI computer controlled people part)

It's used on Unsuspecting Real People they refer to as FLESH Puppets (targets) or Players (incrowd) to Mask the REAL Criminals. It's Even USED for "Normal Mind Control" to induced Deliberate Trauma & RESPONSES. (Not just excessive, violent, cruel trauma but ALSO the "regular" traumas associated with Life experience as a human being/person - divorce, abuse, assaults, theft, violations, education problems, employment problems, vehicle problems, health problems, pet deaths, people deaths, relationship problems - capitalizes on EVERY aspect of Life experience And I Mean Every Intimate Aspect) NSA Life Management information used by computer for automatized attacks.

What MKUltra IS.... is Commanding and Controlling a Human Being's Speech, Perceptions, Senses, Memories, Thought Processes, Physical Movements & Agility like a Actor without their Knowledge
using Biometrics with Radars, Radio Frequencies, or Computer generated Synthetic Neural Signal Transmissions (also called wave forms).
Equals Wireless/Remote delivered Weaponized Neurology via Biometrics - Electrical Neurological Intracranial Control (RHIC)

I'd say it's not really quite what we thought or were told AND I'd say there's a huge problem that our Security Forces are using this as a Weapons System on the Unsuspecting Public. Here in the USA and Governments around the world.

It's about controlling a person - any way they want - with or without a person's understanding or consent. Force is not a problem to these animals. This weapon has made them actually think they are Invincible. BAD Shit!

At this point it is understood that people who are referred to as targeted individuals were and are part of some Human Experimentation that is outside the normal though in everyway still incorporated into normal Society.

They are controlling our Environment in the middle of Open Society - unbelievable! Just before 9/11/2001 or around there - people started being targeted like GITMO prisoners - there's GITMO lite - gangstalking and harassment - then there's GITMO hell - LRAD, acoustics, neurology and biology attacks pulsated electrical attacks, chokling by LRAD, disfiguration to face and body, speech attacks - the whole 9 yards.

Those being hurt the worse are being kept in what can only be referred to as a Quasi prison in their own home - remotely by whomever is running the human experiment deployment planners and coordinating this Operation on us all.

Some have lost all contact with others, some are struggling to such a degree it's beyond words to describe yet still showing up in Society.

Laws have been Violated and Obstructed. This MKUltra program is every bit as inhumane as reported.Too many High Officials have had the Authority to end this and didn't. These sickos found a way to bring it upon everybody, and some of us worse than others. We demand Justice for this Crime whenever they are caught for this Atrocity and can be held accountable..
>>536 Unironically bad bait and take your meds.


no cookies?