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Babby First Linux Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 10:07:21 No. 680
So, I'm finally tired of being a slave of windows and I want to get into linux. I really love KDE Plasma but it is just a DE from what I could understand, and I must choose a distro before. What's the best distro for someone who can't even use git? I don't want any botnet crap btw
>>680 Ubuntu. Get Kubuntu 19.
>>681 Linux Mint is, and likely always will be, my favorite distro. Cinnamon is a great DE that OP should look into.
>>680 Elementary OS They have their own DE
>>680 See this list. Probably pick one with KDE as default. https://www.distrowatch.com/search.php?desktop=KDE+Plasma#simple
>>682 This, Cinnamon Mint is easy to use, looks lovely and functions well.
>>680 If you want the easiest one I would recommend > Kubuntu > Manjaro KDE However, both aren't 100% FOSS by default. (They are mostly, except for some drivers and a few other things) If you're looking for a 100% FOSS distro (Not as noob friendly) I can recommend: > Debian (You'll have to install KDE yourself)


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