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(423.80 KB 1024x953 1568463958528.png)
anons need a new OS any tbh just needs to be secure Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 18:39:36 No. 88
need a new OS
tails OS or cube OS
Debian is the only correct answer.
(15.36 KB 200x282 debian-pride.png)

Gentoo or OpenBSD are the only kike, tranny & glownigger free answers.
Devuan is really just what Debian used to be before the great cuckening. But it's not any safer than other options like OpenBSD or Alpine.
OpenBSD is your best bet, if your hardware is supported. You can even try the -current branch (via snapshots) if the stable one doesn't work. I've been running 6.6 that way for some months on an ARM SBC that wasn't working with 6.5 (mostly because of u-boot, not the OS itself).
Whats my best bet for a processor, in order to stay anonymous? No coprocessors, etc.

*Sorry if this sounds stupid, I am just now starting to look into computer science type shit.
Here's a secret. Most Linux Distros are the same, and at the end of the day you have total control over the machine. Alpine for lazy server admins that want a light, secure base install while being easily adaptable for anonymity. Debian repositories for normies because you'll be fairly stable. You'll be able to patch exploits and bugs fairly quickly with Debian. You can still replace SystemD with something like OpenRC if you wanted. Gentoo for no-life techie because you have full control and responsibility over how to compile all packages. TempleOS for a Commodore experience but with HolyC just in time compiling. Good for distractionless programming since it has no networking. Qubes and Whonix for your isolation and anonymity needs, useful for war-drives. Qubes will isolate apps and Whonix will isolate workspaces from exploitation and route to Tor. You can install additional apps such as other anonymity networks like i2p. OpenBSD for your isolated laptop disconnected from the internet to deal with personal agendas like finance. Transfer info from a secure isolated channel into an encrypted volume on USB then swap to secure laptop. Wipe the USB after. Read up on stuxnet Or just find a way to use pen and paper, and fire.
Wtf systemd is garbage. Solution is pajeta making qubes with new init.
Fedora is pretty secure if you know how to use SELinux.
>>700 >making qubes with new init. Can you guys send me a step guide or manual? I seriously don't want to learn years of computer science just to make my laptop wear a metaphorical condom.
I tried to use Qubes and it didn't fly so good. You have to already be a VM networking pro at your day job to get Qubes Whonix to actually work right, I think. I kept leaking my real IP so I gave up. Also Qubes requires a fairly modern, nice cpu (needs tons of virt. features) so you can't just run it on any old laptop. I wanted to like Qubes but it's not ready for """""regular linux users""""""" yet in my opinion. The new hot thing for medium-plebs is ~Wireguard~ since it's supposed to be less code so it's harder for glownigs to hide shit in. So I would look at the wireguard website and pick an appropriate distro if you're a noob guy. Maybe you computer prose can do stuff on Qubes, but I can't. I would probably Fedora 31 or Rawhide if you're feeling like Linus Man or Ubnutu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) if you're not. Ubnutu kinda has shitty behavior regarding sending out network requests though...


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