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(30.81 KB 520x320 cultured-pepe.jpg)
Media Creation Software Thread Anonymous 09/23/2019 (Mon) 18:06:55 No. 114
This thread is for discussion of free software that allows one to create and modify cultural works in all their forms.
Interesting thread anon! I haven't seen something like this before.

I'm a basicfag so I only really use gimp which I think can be really useful in forging various documents, what have you.
(159.37 KB 600x600 krita-icon.png)
(376.55 KB 1079x1919 krita-senpai.png)
(179.27 KB 1862x1049 edge-cleanup.png)
(168.65 KB 450x399 pbuh.png)

Since this is an imageboard, it is natural to start with a discussion of image editing programs. The two main projects in the GNU/Linux space are GIMP and Krita. GIMP seems to be targeted towards color balancing and related tasks for still photography, and I've never managed to actually make any OC with it. Endless "You have five seconds to draw a circle in GIMP" memes attest to the fact that GIMP was not designed for ease of use in creating novel content.

Krita is the way forward. It was designed originally for digital painters, which means it was designed with novel content creation in mind from the start. It doesn't take too long to get familiar with the platform, and within a few days you should be able to accomplish basic meme'ing tasks pretty easily. Pic related took me about 10 minutes to make, but only because I went over the edges with an eraser manually to get them cleaned up. If you were willing to accept a lower standard of meme'ing, or if the subject was in front of a more-solid background, it would have only taken about 60 seconds.

Krita is easily available in the Ubuntu repositories (sudo apt-get install krita) and requires no piracy or 'cracks' of any kind to get a permanently licensed, continually updated build.
Praise Durga.
(13.98 KB 598x483 mspaint-xp.png)
(55.54 KB 773x298 folder-structure.png)
(41.97 KB 1419x920 paint-success.png)
(24.65 KB 962x543 screenshot-for-output.png)

Krita is great, but there's still a few times I find myself wanting old mspaint.exe.
Here's how I was able to get it working just now in WINE:
-grab mspaint.exe from archive.org : https://archive.org/details/MSPaintWinXP
-Grab the dlls this guy refers to: https://yauritux.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/running-ms-paint-on-linux/ , you can get them from DLL-files. Here are the SHA-256 hashes of the files I'm using:
>sha256sum *.*
e4bae18555f81aad2f12bcb3620bbe5e6de84f89dcefe4c4b3b26bdee0e51773 GdiPlus.dll
b0e54830edf3d2d2c9469e762da773979e6fbaea032118af01dab4b0c2daccc8 mfc42.dll
db491cc4cb4db854c5c4eb90da8323728c342a23ca517fc98fa4e8339531a1b6 mfc42u.dll
c06c8b0aa0d23a060cc06df182111e5c696e0447b15c3c16c10e63b897aa235e msisip.dll
5d780c14c513925a616f7c4ebe31627bd828714c5381d3b108852ad326464700 mspaint.exe
27e33cb1e70dee6d630d93d701a344b3268d1b50c644a0d5de4debbf471d02e4 msvcrt.dll
9a18b3e3604547b3fc67289f114c1964dadff687a96c2ba7f96ff488d04bb99e olepro32.dll
4d3b7a18e0344417b61efc729a03704d6a05b2eab852af6c77cf5dfec1e44e2a wshext.dll
-Make a new folder in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Paint and put those files in there
-type "wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Paint/mspaint.exe" at a command prompt
-I can't get paint to output anything other than .bmp at the moment, so for now just take a screenshot and save as PNG for output

happy mspainting!
kdenlive is great for basic video editing, and can burn webms. crashes occasionally on large stuff
feed me (you)s for more effortposts
keep doing what you're doing!
(89.96 KB 236x236 wf31.jpg)
I like Pinta, it crashes a fair amount but it's easy to deep fry memes in.
my setup(I'm a windows user)

LMMS as DAW(for running vsts
-side note, there is supposedly a better DAW for linux, ardaur? idk the exact name

Audacity for editing audio samples. can easily clean shitty mic recordings.

Blender for 3d modeling, animation, and video editing

GIMP with GMIC'QT plugin installed for repairing images, getting them print ready, or getting them ready for web applications.

Sublime text and Atom for editing scripts

Godot for simple applications or games (it takes very little expertise to start other applications with it)

krita is present but never used. im just not a drawer, krita automatically includes GMIC'QT.
post some of you're blender OC
that's next on my list to learn, simple stuff like rotating meme text and sphere+cylinder merchants etc
(18.47 KB 300x300 espeak.png)
(10.52 KB 411x231 soundwave.png)
I've figured out how to make computer voice recordings on linux, pretty great. Had some schoolkid laffs with "espeak", reminds me of the olden days triggering time-delay swears in the computer labs.
>install with:
sudo apt-get install espeak
>testing example:
espeak "what the fuck did you just say about me you little bitch"
>recording to file with ""west indian female"" voice
espeak -w outputfile.wav -ven-wi+f5 "This is sentence one. ,,, This is sentence two"
From there you can drag the .wav into kdenlive or other video editing program and use it in webms. Happy mene'ing, anons!
Interesting I simply use windows GUI applications in wine. Any info on text to speech?
>any info on text-to-speech
I'm not quite sure what you're asking, the above post has the example commands for installing espeak then using it on ubuntu. Run all those commands in a terminal window. I.E. type

sudo apt-get install espeak

at a terminal prompt to install the espeak application, then you can make .wav files with by simply typing

espeak -w voice-output-file.wav "this is an example for extreme brainlets"

The above command will create a file named "voice-output-file.wav" in whatever directory you are currently in. By default it will put the file into your ~ folder, also known as the "home" directory. Navigate to the home directory with your file manager and you will find the wav file. You can change the filename above to whatever you like, and also the text inside the quotes to make it say what you want. Typing "man espeak" and "espeak --voices" will give you more info for customization.

Now that you have your wav file, you can either compress it to mp3 using Audacity or FFmpeg, or use the wav file directly in Kdenlive when making webm memes. For illustration purposes, I converted the above file to mp3 with Audacity so I can post it here. See attachment.
(445.23 KB Balabolka.ogg)
>I'm not quite sure what you're asking
More like a overview like of the entire industry like what are all the TTS or digital voices? What are some interesting good TTS voices?

> terminal window
cool. Only like everything in the command line its great for automation(make it speak anything that is posted in a thread automatically) and not so good for humans.

>The above command will create a file named
Nice I simply use Balabolka and press the "turn into MP3 button" (under wine it saves in WAV) its faster for reading stuff and quickly making a file.

What are the voices in it? How to change a voice?

Sorry I don't use spyware infested distros (Ubuntu sends your info to amazon) I use Mint it literally is ubuntu - all the spyware.

>The above command
Thanks I will give it a try once I have the time.
>espeak --voices
espeak --voices

Pty Language Age/Gender VoiceName File Other Languages
5 af M afrikaans other/af
5 an M aragonese europe/an
5 bg - bulgarian europe/bg
5 bs M bosnian europe/bs
5 ca M catalan europe/ca
5 cs M czech europe/cs
5 cy M welsh europe/cy
5 da M danish europe/da
5 de M german de
5 el M greek europe/el
5 en M default default
2 en-gb M english en (en-uk 2)(en 2)
5 en-sc M en-scottish other/en-sc (en 4)
5 en-uk-north M english-north other/en-n (en-uk 3)(en 5)
5 en-uk-rp M english_rp other/en-rp (en-uk 4)(en 5)
5 en-uk-wmids M english_wmids other/en-wm (en-uk 9)(en 9)
2 en-us M english-us en-us (en-r 5)(en 3)
5 en-wi M en-westindies other/en-wi (en-uk 4)(en 10)
5 eo M esperanto other/eo
5 es M spanish europe/es
5 es-la M spanish-latin-am es-la (es-mx 6)(es 6)
5 et - estonian europe/et
5 fa - persian asia/fa
5 fa-pin - persian-pinglish asia/fa-pin
5 fi M finnish europe/fi
5 fr-be M french-Belgium europe/fr-be (fr 8)
5 fr-fr M french fr (fr 5)
5 ga - irish-gaeilge europe/ga
5 grc M greek-ancient other/grc
5 hi M hindi asia/hi
5 hr M croatian europe/hr (hbs 5)
5 hu M hungarian europe/hu
5 hy M armenian asia/hy
5 hy-west M armenian-west asia/hy-west (hy 8)
5 id M indonesian asia/id
5 is M icelandic europe/is
5 it M italian europe/it
5 jbo - lojban other/jbo
5 ka - georgian asia/ka
5 kn - kannada asia/kn
5 ku M kurdish asia/ku
5 la M latin other/la
5 lfn M lingua_franca_nova other/lfn
5 lt M lithuanian europe/lt
5 lv M latvian europe/lv
5 mk M macedonian europe/mk
5 ml M malayalam asia/ml
5 ms M malay asia/ms
5 ne M nepali asia/ne
5 nl M dutch europe/nl
5 no M norwegian europe/no (nb 5)
5 pa - punjabi asia/pa
5 pl M polish europe/pl
5 pt-br M brazil pt (pt 5)
5 pt-pt M portugal europe/pt-pt (pt 6)
5 ro M romanian europe/ro
5 ru M russian europe/ru
5 sk M slovak europe/sk
5 sq M albanian europe/sq
5 sr M serbian europe/sr
5 sv M swedish europe/sv
5 sw M swahili-test other/sw
5 ta M tamil asia/ta
5 tr M turkish asia/tr
5 vi M vietnam asia/vi
5 vi-hue M vietnam_hue asia/vi-hue
5 vi-sgn M vietnam_sgn asia/vi-sgn
5 zh M Mandarin asia/zh
5 zh-yue M cantonese asia/zh-yue (yue 5)(zhy 5)

my favorite voice is the west indian one ( espeak -ven-wi "text goes here" )
to use the US voice, type ( espeak -ven-us "text goes here")
to use the scottish voice, type ( espeak -ven-sc "text goes here )
>5 af M afrikaans other/af
Why are africans in eSpeek?
More Wine! Emulator!
Bumping this thread cause you faggots aren't posting enough OC ~step it up~
>>260 >espeak I think flite and flitevox voices are more coherent. Do you think? Am I not using espeak right to have it better sounding than flite?
(121.95 KB 1024x768 foo.png)
>>118 Xpaint is the simple, old school equivalent for *nix.


no cookies?