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Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 06:58:56 No. 1186
Fairly to chan culture as a whole, spend most of my time on /pol/, know fuck all about tech, but am trying to branch out into linux and erase my digital footprint as much as possible, just to see if I can do it (never know when it might come in handy). Anyway my question is what linux variant is the most privacy forward/glownigger proof? I am willing to put the time in to learn it, but I need to know where to start. Sorry to post this here, I know I am way out of my depth.
>>1186 kali/tails
>>1186 >what linux variant is the most privacy forward/glownigger proof? Real answer: one that can't connect to the botnet you call the internet. Practical answer: the one you configure to be so. Useful answer: Tails. Otherwise download a few distros. See distrowatch.com for comparison between distros. Run them in a virtual machine (VM) after installing VirtualBox or Vmware. (VBox is easier for noobs like you) Trash them and crash them without affecting your main system. You can also burn the linux distribution image (a 'distro') to a DVD, insert the DVD and boot your computer ('running a live CD') so when you switch off, take your DVD out, and reboot your computer it is back to normal (as long as you obviously didnt select "install to disk" option while running the live distro!). In Linux: 1. Everything is a file. 2. Understand how to use the command line. 3. For help use the command: man -k a-search-term-you-want-help-with-here then man search-term-result-that-was-listed-in-the-last-command-here 4. Never copy-paste commands from others without knowing what they do. 5. Never copy-paste commands from websites (unless you know how to sanitize invisible characters first) >>1191 >tails yes >kali No. Only ever run kali as a live distro . Yes, you should run tails as a live distro too, but it is even more important when running kali. You can open up too many holes if you don't know what you're doing. >>1186 >erase my digital footprint as much as possible Learn about: OPSEC writeprints digitial footprint reduction VPN TOR onion address User Agent spoofing iptables search bubble identifying users across domains SPECTRE and related bugs i2p /thread
>>1186 Install Gentoo, unironically. Search every new term with ddg or other non-botnet search engine. Watch this: https://invidiou.site/watch?v=Ag1AKIl_2GM Read, a lot. https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Programming_resources#God-tier_books Hack your jewdar for botnet. Do not ask anyone questions again, assume all (human) is botnet, including this post. Solve your problems on your own. Learn to look up info, filter info and find sources. Godspeed and see you on the other side, fucking spoonfed retard.
Tails is for faggots. Check out the official site. On the front page there is a statement that it includes proprietary shit to include more (((software}}} to work with. On top of that at least one person was imprisoned when Facebook hired a hacker team to find a zero day exploit in Tails.It uses gnome and systemdicks. Gnome for a fucking live distro. Tails just cannot be trusted.


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