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(305.13 KB 1920x1024 protonmail-corporate-matterhorn.jpg)
Secure Email Anonymous 12/19/2020 (Sat) 04:40:22 No. 1333
What is the general consensus on non (((google))) email? I've only ever heard of Proton Mail, but like many things of a similar nature, I have heard rumors of it being (((Proton Mail))). Anyone know of any better alternatives? I'm not looking to fedpost over email, just looking for email that isn't going to sell my data, will be relatively secure, and will likely be around in a decade. Ideally cheaper than Proton.
>>1333 >I have heard rumors of it being (((Proton Mail))). Never heard that myself. Just as likely they were (((rumors))) I use both protonvpn and mail No complaints.
>>1333 cock.li if you just want a throw away account or an account to link to another email favored by both anons and spammers Transparency >Cock.li has not had a successful demand for user information since 2017, thanks in large part to better education of law enforcement that contact cock.li. However, it is our intention to operate cock.li as transparent as possible. To accomplish this Cock.li publishes communication with law enforcement including or regarding a successful demand or order for user information. All of this information is published on the transparency page. Hidden Services Website: wwwcocklicdexedh.onion [hsv3] Mail: cockmailwwfvrtqj.onion [hsv3] IMAP, POP, XMPP, Webmail How can I trust you? >You can't. Cock.li doesn't parse your E-mail to provide you with targeted ads, nor does cock.li read E-mail contents unless it's for a legal court order. However, it is 100% possible for me to read E-mail, and IMAP/SMTP doesn't provide user-side/client-side encryption, so you're just going to have to take my word for it. Any encryption implementation would still technically allow me to read E-mail, too. This was true for Lavabit as well -- while your E-mail was stored encrypted (only if you were a paid member, which most people forget), E-mail could still technically be intercepted while being received / sent (SMTP), or while being read by your mail client (IMAP). For privacy, we recommend encrypting your E-mails using PGP using a mail client add-on like Enigmail, or downloading your mail locally with POP and regularly deleting your mail from our server. >Also, there's this quote from /g/: >Administering a mail host is sort of like being a nurse; there's a brief period at the start when the thought of seeing people's privates might be vaguely titillating in a theoretical sense, but that sort of thing doesn't last long when it's up against the daily reality of shit, piss, blood, and vomit. >Now that I think about it, administering a mail host is exactly like being a nurse, only people die slightly less often.
>>1334 >Just as likely they were (((rumors))) Indeed, my thought as well. Probably enough for my purposes, but I am a bit stingy to swallow $4/mo for email. Wish it was $1 like Apple's cloud storage. >I use both protonvpn and mail Free version?
>>1337 paid vpn. protonmail is free for basic account https://protonmail.com/signup >PLUS Secure email with advanced features 4.00 € /Month >With a Plus plan, you can have the most advanced secure email account while simultaneously supporting our mission to protect privacy online. >Our PLUS accounts include: 5 GB storage Send up to 1000 messages per day Labels, Custom Filters, and Folders Send encrypted messages to external recipients Use your own domain (ex: [email protected]) Up to 5 email aliases Priority Customer Support
>>1338 Don't see use for the paid account tbo
>>1340 I've only reached 1.2GB after 15 years with Gmail, so I'm sure I could make do with 500MB. However the Protonmail free account puts a "sent from Protonmail secure email" signature after every email. Don't like that, but don't want to pay $4/month to get rid of it. Agreed that the rest of the features of a Plus account are useless.
(11.59 KB 845x155 Screenshot (1076).png)
>>1341 Ah your right, had noticed the signature before but didn't realize losing it meant more shekels. Take a look at https://cock.li/ ? I've used as throw away accounts before, but never as a main email They have one option that isn't a meme address @airmail.cc
Id say whatever email you find, its always a GREAT RULE to delete your old email and keep your inbox clean every week. Write the important information from the emails or just download them. There is a big chance the deleted emails will get deleted from their servers anyway, since they will think it must be trash if you delete it. They probably purge deleted emails every month or so and thats ENOUGH for you.


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