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(34.23 KB 1920x1080 Fuckgoogle.jpg)
Divesting from Google Anonymous 01/03/2021 (Sun) 07:44:38 No. 1358
ITT: we discus the practical steps needed to completely divest from Google Google has now become so entrenched in the tech world that it's becoming far harder to divest then it was in the past. The scope of Googles control goes far beyond the understanding of most users: >User services, Google search, Gmail >Commercial services, data analytics, CAPTCHA >Developer tools and programs, Google sketchup >Companies where Google is the majority shareholder >Companies where google is a major shareholder >Groups where Google exerts a major lobbying/private influence >Companies where Google is the sole or a major customer
>>1358 Let us not forget Android and related software and contributions to open source. It really is very difficult to extricate Google from one's life. YouTube alone.
>Android Yes, I forgot about that. If we were going to make a comprehensive list it would be enormous. So instead I'm looking to develop a practical guide which I can make into an infographic
>>1360 I'm the one that posted the thread about Protonmail. Haven't made the switch yet. I'll try to post any relevant information that I come across as I work at disentangling myself from the monster.
>>1361 I've been looking at it too. Key questions: >ownership >key personnel >legal jurisdiction >subpoena policy >gag order policy Google has such a pervasive and obaque interest in many companies, it's really hard to hold anyone accountable. Websites need a COI policy, it's not hard. A. set a user interest statement, where you assume the interests of a hypothetical average user B. You make a general promise not to violate the interest of your users C. you declare any interests you have that may be a risk to the interests of your users, but that you don't think you are. it's like a hypocratic oath for tech companies This is hardly a new idea any many attempt to this end have been made- but we're still seeing tech companies going it alone instead of joining an existing effort to improve transparency and user confidence
>>1362 We'll have to see what progress drumpf is able to make with section 230. Big Tech is not in a position to cuck just yet.
>>1364 There is still a lot which can be done to divest from major tech companies. In terms of their ease: Deleting MSM accounts you have that you no longer use (because even an inactive account gives the company the right to track you as per TOS) Switching from google services to independent ones, even if the degree of their independence is relative. Switching to services outside the US/EU legal jurisdiction, where providers are compelled to cooperate with the often questionable demands of authorities. Switching from Google program and developer tools to open source. I've had problems in the past because small independent providers I've relied on shut down; sometimes an unplanned shutdown where users were not able to salvage their data. I also got burned pretty badly once when a company was acquired by another without users being notified, and that company abused user data.
My favourite is the "trackmenot" plugin. Its like a bot that searches random shit all the time and obscures you. Im using it right now, but im not sure how well its working nowadays. And no, it wont search for "bomb" or "kill" its a list of safe words that gets updated from current trends. shills on 4chan were going crazy as soon as i posted about it.
Another great move was starting to download youtube videos (entire channels) or as mp3s. Download your favorite channels before they get fucking deleted from existence. A removable HDD costs like 70$. And you can put most of the stuff in RAR5 archives with 10% bit rot protection, so you negate bit rot completely.


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