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(525.46 KB 1722x1722 821727671891.jpg)
Anonymous 05/27/2021 (Thu) 05:41:55 No. 1664
whats the best browser?
>>1664 Your mom
DuckDuckgo, anon.
>>1664 Hardened firefox.
>>1664 I like Brave personally, you also can turn on occasional non intrusive ads and you can collect BAT crypto this way. Pretty kewl. Lots of nice privacy features. It uses the Chromium engine I believe.
>>1671 >>1676 I've been a long time "hardened Firefox" user. Is there any good reason for me to switch to Brave? Something seems very off about that browser, I have always had a bad feeling about it so never switched. However since Firefox has become so openly pro-tranny and pro-censorship... I have been considering a new browser about once a month.


no cookies?