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(1.09 MB 1920x1080 1568562627304.png)
Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 14:28:07 No. 199
Hello lads, I'm looking for a new VPN provider, I'm currently using ExpressVPN.
Any recoms?
What VPNs work on 4chan?
airvpn is my choice.
No even medium sized ones to my knowledge, sometimes a vpn will have a new server come up but it gets quickly banned. I know some VPS's are also banned, but not sure since I havent tried going through one for half chan in quite a few years.
airvpn is comfy. I do not 100% trust them given their support of groups like riseup, but their system seems capable of not having to. Less than great payment options as well (good luck using a prepaid card for instance).
don't bother with NordVPN, every server is now banned on 4chins and it's owned by Tesonet, a Lithuanian datamining company.
Ivacy is dirt cheap
Just use SocksCap64
at least a third of vpn services are owned by some big chinese parent company, they're a fucking meme
>>199 Mullvad is good to go.
(31.52 KB 688x369 benis AR.png)
>hurr durr vpncompany1 is the best >hurr durr vpncompany2 is the best >hurr durr vpncompany3 not good cuz muh high level outsider reasoning >hurr durr vpncompany4 good >hurr durr vpncompany2 good burgers never change
Who know how to hack Bitcoin or etherium
>>199 Anon, you should use Mullvad AND Tor together from a reasonably secure OS like Tails. That is all :^)
>>949 A VPN doesn't solve everything. It helbs to make it more exbensive for the glownigger boomers to try and catch you. Using a VPN is fairly common today, even moreso given that there are more people working from home than there were before. It just doesn't draw as much attention as Tor would. Tor puts you on a list, no doubt about it. Doesn't mean that Tor is bad - you just need something to serve that first hop or in a secure manner.
>>965 >hurr durr using this p2p program millions of other people use puts you on a watchlist hmmm why do we have the same 12 year old retards saying the same retarded shit from the year 2003 in current_year?
The neighbor's wifi
>>1111 checked
>>200 Certain servers on SoftEther work
op, vpns are a scam. just use tor.
>>200 I have Nord... I can say unequivocally it DOES NOT work on 4chan
>>199 I use nord btw
>>199 I use Private Internet Access. Bad name but I think they have a pretty good reputation and I don't know how it is with other VPN services but you don't need to use their client not saing their client is terrible but some devices I use don't support their app.
(10.45 KB 250x166 250px-Plastic_tubing.jpg)
>>1175 Private Internet Access used to be one of the best but it's a little questionable now, I've heard conflicting things. The good is that supposedly they got subpoena'd for user data and were unable to give it up, which adds trust that they really aren't keeping logs like they say. The bad is that they were bought out recently by Kape Technologies, a literal, actual Israeli spyware firm. Maybe still okay if you're just scamming the goyim but I wouldn't trust it anymore for FUCK JEWS posting and related bad goy activity. Which is like 80% of why a channer would be using a VPN in the first place, so... I switched to mullvad myself. you should still be using tor from inside a vpn for all of your spiciest of browsing.
>>1176 Sucks to hear but 90% of the reason I got a vpn is for avoiding copyright notices for torrenting. How is mullvad?
torrenting works just fine, I don't do it much though. soulseek is my main jam and it's only pretty good, mullvad allows you to open up ports but you don't have any control over which ports they give you, so you can't get the two consecutive ports soulseek wants opened, only one. Still works but I have issues trying to browse other people's files. The connection quality is NOT as good as PIA, I think they're skimping on their peering. I get good performance within my country or to close-by regions, but if I try to choose a far away country or cross an ocean for extra FUCK GLOWNIGS to make it harder on them then I get a shitty connection. had to switch to TCP because it was shitting up lots of applications that don't deal well with tons of loss and out-of-order packets (default UDP). One of the main draws of mullvad is that you can literally send them cash in an envelope with your account details, so it's supposed to be better than paying with a pozzed credit card or bitcoin etc address that is almost certainly linked to your meatspace identity. I haven't done it yet though since they said they were experiencing mail delays from the chong virus.
(175.64 KB 1437x223 ClipboardImage.png)
>>199 there is one and only good answer.
>>1181 besides just self hosting that is.
just use Tor, VPNs are a sham.
I would choose NordVPN, they accept crypto as payments and thus far have proven themselves resilient in the cyber space sphere. You can register with an onion based email service and I believe they even have an onion hosted site.
>>1189 Anything shilled to normies by "influencers", to the extent NordVPN is, is pretty suspect. Plus their actions after data breach do not reflect well on them https://www.cryptostorm.is/ http://stormgm7blbk7odd.onion/ http://stormwayszuh4juycoy4kwoww5gvcu2c4tdtpkup667pdwe4qenzwayd.onion/ v3 tor http://kzaeunogz6s75ptgy6ifjzwwy75xdfenenswvrczd7mewxgrad5a.b32.i2p/ i2p address no logs, encrypted traffic, open sourced peer reviewed, purchased with bitcoins or prepaid credit cards (and a token system for paypal/creditcard purchases that anonymizes purchase) or protonvpn are my choices
>>200 Purchase a vps and set up woreguard and don't post anything that would get you banned.
>>1240 based AirVPN
Is ProtonVPN trustworthy? On one hand, it's in Switzerland and they have good data privacy laws and aren't apart of five eyes or even 15 eyes. On the other hand, isn't Switzerland the home of world kikery and all the banking Jewry? Even though AirVPN is apart of 15 eyes that is one of the most secure VPN's out there and I was really happy with them. ProtonVPN is good too and works but idk
>>1252 I'm using proton and have no complaints. Both protonmail and protonvpn are open source now, so those that care to, can look under the hood. When it comes to "5 eyes" assume any option including TOR can be spied on. You have an ISP and a monthly bill in your name, they can certainly monitor you IF they want to
>>1253 Ya I'm gonna stick with them I think. Really happy with Protonmail too. Fuck Gmail and Google kikes
I currently use FrootVPN with the OpenVPN client. I only need it for torrenting the occasional movie, I don't know if it works on 4cuck because I almost never visit and I post there even more rarely. I picked it because it combined cheap ($3 per month, cheaper for more months at a time) with the ability to torrent.
Use offshore only.


no cookies?