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(9.04 KB 100x100 tor-icon.png)
OFFICIAL DAB ON WINTARDS THREAD Anonymous 10/13/2019 (Sun) 21:00:59 No. 329
Daily reminder to all anons that you should be using a real operating system and a real browser.
(also testing if thread creation works. if you see this thread, chrome/wintards btfo)
(37.93 KB 978x355 Selection_142.png)
>uploads all your photo file hashes straight to the SPLC
<goy trust us, it's only for THE CHILDREN
<we would never do anything else with this data
(58.85 KB 1806x1072 lmao-update.png)
>you can just disable it lol
<turn off israeli spyware feature
<windows helpfully turns it back on for you with an automatic update
(129.91 KB 790x822 straight-to-tel-aviv.png)
>forget to configure one of 10,000 user-hostile features
>build a new binary on "your" machine
<woops, now microsoft has it lol

(160.66 KB 933x521 google-cucks-ubo.png)
<whoa goy, you weren't really thinking of blocking our helpful ""ads""" on """your""" browser, were you?
(56.99 KB 425x425 download.png)
i am retard
what i want to know is

what browser should i be using
what os i should be using
the hash thing you mentioned how does it exist in pdf files too ?
(201.94 KB 1652x1275 security.jpeg)
Security is a continuum. "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good". You can go way further and more esoteric/customized than what I have below, but it's a good basic start for someone currently on Windows+Chrome:

I would recommend using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as your operating system.

>Hard Drive Encryption: Check the box for hard drive encryption during install (LUKS), and use a password that is simple enough for you to remember without having to write it down. Don't write it down, ever, and don't give it to anybody else. The Feds/Israelis and Big Brain Nibbas can still crack simple passwords ("schoolhouse"), but it will help keep your Crimethink Meme collection safe from junkies/scorned ex-gfs/local PD etc

>VPN. You should use a VPN at all times, for everything. Some popular VPN providers such as Private Internet Access provide an easy-to-use GUI client for Ubuntu that even brainlets can use. You want to configure it so it auto-launches the VPN on start up, so you don't have to think, or remember it. Pick a VPN that claims it is "No Logs", but don't count on it too much to keep you safe from Fedposting. You have to pay for a VPN - servers cost money. Any free VPN you find is making money by spying on you and probably worse than nothing.

>VPN exit node - Large VPN providers will allow a selection of nodes for you to use. I prefer to use a VPN exit nodes in a different country from the one I am currently resident in. If possible, pick one that is as foreign as possible in a diplomatic sense.

>Browser 1 - Tor through VPN- download the Tor browser bundle. Launch tor when your VPN is connected, and your data flow will be Your computer -> Your ISP -> VPN -> Tor. Tor should be your first stop and you should use it whenever possible. Any site that blocks tor, think about how hard you really care about it, then move to browser 2.

>Browser 2 - Firefox through VPN - go through the 'settings' pages and turn off the lame stuff, then install ublock origin and umatrix. Configure umatrix to default-deny, then manually enable scripts/xhr requests, media etc to unblock pages you care about. Use this

>Browser 3 - Firefox with no VPN. Only turn the VPN off for shit that blocks VPNs and that you actually need, like registering for college classes and stuff. disable umatrix and ublock if you think they're giving you problems on a registration page, etc.

Another useful thing is to use separate machines for separate purposes. I.E. A bad goy laptop that's reasonably secure, a regular ubuntu laptop for doing normie shit like buying off ebay, and a windows 7 laptop for shit that absolutely needs windows (fucking FPGA programmers)
(6.70 MB 1067x600 windows 10.webm)
Running tor browser within a VM is a good idea because it abstracts and conceals the physical hardware from the VM. In the event that the TOR browser is compromised, an attacker must escape the VM to identify the host machine, which is difficult due to business reliance on VMs.

See Qubes Whonix or Whonix.

Assume MacOS and Windows and every corporate OS are kiked in every way possible.

OpenBSD is an excellent choice.

Redhat may be somewhat safer than other linux distros because it is used extensively within the US military.
thoughts on Brave browser? it's fast as fuck though I'm not sure how safe is it
(57.13 KB 1000x584 glowniggers.jpeg)
>thoughts on Brave browser
Brave is Spyware fren

Install Gentoo and run Firefox in an unprivileged Docker container or other type of VM.
Uses these settings with a non-14eyes based VPN to harden Firefox if you want a Tor-like experience without having to trust Tor.
ghacks is good too

Tails or Whonix are good options too.
All browsers are finger-printable. You can see how unique you are here:
>the hash thing you mentioned how does it exist in pdf
>the hash thing
a file hash is a unique signature of file mathematically derived from its contents, it is not "in pdf" it IS pdf.
>See Qubes Whonix or Whonix.
+1 for Qubes Whonix. Wouldn't use anything else tbh.
Palemoon or ungoogled-chromium
Any linux but Redhat Fedora Android-x86 etc. Basically anything that has big PRISM companies behind it.

>Redhat may be somewhat safer than other linux distros because it is used extensively within the US military.
Lol nopes.
Not knowledgeable on subject other than basics, but wouldn't redhat/us mic relationship mean it is less safe from 5eyes?
(243.99 KB 1246x1263 m.png)

I wonder if Brave's nefarious connections can be mitigated by installing ublock orgin and ticking all of the social and annoyance filters.

I also liked librefox.

It's amazing how unnecessarily complex web browsers are. It is obvious that tremendous information is returned to web sites by web browsers for the purpose of device fingerprinting and surveillance.


tldr Stick to TOR inside of a VM. Specifically look into Qubes Whonix to replace your current OS or Whonix as an alternative to using TOR alone.

SELinux mandatory access control is utilized by default in Fedora and Redhat. Redhat is used extensively in US mil infrastructure. For example, heartbleed caused a panic in US mil cyber staff. The idea is they don't want their own infrastructure kiked.

Any linux OS should be considered vulnerable to attack due to its large codebase where security has never been the central focus.

The least vulnerable OS is likely OpenBSD because of its auditing and careful design.

Qubes assumes any OS can is vulnerable to remote exploitation. Qubes counters this problem by compartmentalizing the damage that can be done with Xen.

Lets assume a temporary Whonix session used to browse this board has been glowniggered. Nothing of value is stored within this VM. To discover information of value, a glownigger would need to escape this VM and access another VM, such as the TempleOS VM that contains Personally Identifiable Information. If the temple OS VM is not active while the Whonix VM is active, that might create additional challenges to accessing sensitive information.
(1.59 MB 1909x921 adnauseum.png)
Personally I see no need for circumventing NSA spying, if it is possible(which I doubt, maybe you make can it harder or make them have to spend more resources) unless you are up to super shady shit, as opposed to just shit posting.
For circumventing Ads and corporate spying, I love this idea. https://adnauseam.io/
clicks every single ad on a webpage,claims costs the ad company money by opening genuine pages in background, cant say not notice a huge slow down, Iv actually watched it working and seem to click an ad every few sec. Also run in conjunction with few other ad blockers because none of them ever seem to be 100%. If google is tracking me, they have no clue what I like, because I appear to like everything
have ublock too but it broke Oct 11 with FF update
>Qubes Whonix
As a PC gamer for last 25+ years, linux was never an option, for gaming most games were only MS compatible
Notice https://steamcommunity.com/linux guessing they have made improvements of last ten years and now other OS options are viable for most, if not all programs?
I know its super kiked, but just how spyware ridden is OSX? Any good webms demonstrating it?
why Mac? the only people that choose to use it are people that are required by their job to use, if thats the case then just use it
>maybe you make can it harder or make them have to spend more resources

That is is the idea, more expensive, less efficient, less practical.

>For circumventing Ads and corporate spying, I love this idea. https://adnauseam.io/


Would be great to have a raspberry pi that constantly queried (((google))) and clicked ads in the background to create a massive query and web history of nonsense. .


I'm not a gamer but there has been tremendous improvement in linux gaming.

You can use a separate machine to get on the boards. A used Thinkpad t420 can be purchased for less than $200USD. Will have first class Qubes OS support.

Whonix can be run on any major OS and should represent an improvement over just linux + tor browser bundle alone.


Siri, Cortanta, Google Assistant, amd Alexa are all the most egregious spyware imaginable. Literally corporate AI data mining botnet.

I see a large quantity suspicious outbound connections emanating from Mac machines even when the machine is inactive or appears to be sleeping.

The best example I can think of to confirm how thoroughly kiked MacOS is was the bug where someone could enter root as the UN and no password a few times to become root. The "bug" backdoor was ignored for weeks.

I get the make there life hard angle, its valid, but if it makes my life harder to make the life harder........

Convenience and security are often opposing forces anon. Apply countermeasures according to what you consider your risk profile to be.

I personally don't game and find Qubes able to do things other OSes cant.

You can work to de-kike your OS by stripping out all of the botnet, there are guides. Whonix can run under any modern OS.
cheers ya did me best to gut win10, last year when installed, am sure last few updates rolled back most of it, Im fine with convenience and the kikes watching me shitpost for the time being, and theres nothing on machine I cant afford to lose or land me in jail. Still I should prob take more active role in making life harder for the fuckers
What about Dragonfly BSD for an OS?
You can game in Windows on Qubes OS by buying an additional, cheapo VGA adapter for the Qubes desktop (for which you can't use 3D anyway), and use PCI passthrough to pass your gaming GPU through to a dedicated Windows gaming VM. I don't game much anymore, but back when I did I had this config working with Windows 8. It was a PITA to set up initially, but rock solid once I got it working. I can't see other Windows versions being too much different.
will look into, at same time games today are sure demanding 8700k- gtx 1080 8g -plus 16gig 4200MHz with win10, often running close to thresholds
guess another OS adding more demand to system
I thought VM's are usually pretty demanding alone. Not really sure why would want a vm for that purpose, alot of games i play are offline, but more and more games today are online required, obviously so game company can spy on your habbits, wouldnt be surprised if they didnt allow anonymizers.
cant shit post anon
cant /vg/ anon
cant take a shit in my bathroom anon
goes on and on
do appreciate the effort to help anonbro, didnt mean to sound that dismissive
/sarc hard online

An excellent OS. Will scale much better than OpenBSD. The hammer filesystem is envied.


If he's a gamer he's better off using whonix to surf the boards and leaving his base OS alone.


If you install qubes, you can run windows within a VM. I run a win7 VM when I have to do something in windows that I can't do in another OS.

If you are a gamer, I suggest not installing qubes and instead using whonix, leaving your base OS alone. You don't have to run the VM while you play games so it will not represent any additional system load aside from disk space. If you want to shitpost, fire up the VM and turn it off when you are done.

The benefit of Whonix is that routing is controlled outside of VM you surf the boards on. If the TOR browser within the Whonix Workstation VM is compromised, it is very difficult for an attacker to escape the Whonix Workstation VM. Also, the hardware is concealed from the VM mitigating remote forensic attack.

all VPNs are compromised and all computer hardware is compromised

their resources are increasing every day, they can probably afford to use hardware backdoors on every single one of us

this is all beside the point, what are we even doing with this bought time?
the intent is clear, they want to kill us all.

we have to fight back
>I thought VM's are usually pretty demanding alone.
With the GPU passthrough solution, making sure you pin VCPUs to CPUs 1:1 to streamline L2/L3 cache usage and prevent scheduling braindamage, you'll end up with ~95% of native performance even when running in a VM. I wouldn't consider myself a high-end gamer by any stretch, but I always found performance to be adequate.
>If he's a gamer he's better off using whonix to surf the boards and leaving his base OS alone.
That's by far the easiest solution, but nowhere near as secure. Building atop Windows is like building a castle upon sand lol. I wouldn't trust it with anything I wanted to keep secure.
The ideal solution without all the fuss is a gaming rig and another, separate secure computer with Qubes OS on it, that you use for internet, banking, shitposting, etc. That's what I run these days, tho my "gaming rig" is just an HTPC with MAME and some old 90's games on it.

Arch Linux Master Race
kool thanks
>building a castle upon sand
ya kinda thought that myself, just grab a clean crap lap top with cash, then look into steps needed to go full snowden with it. Though with >>359 "
all computer hardware is compromised" as I find is prob the case more and more Im not entirely convinced any of this is even possible or necessary
thanks again for input anons
install libreboot if you want non backdoored hardware
Brainlet question here, how are DNS leaks handled on Ubuntu using VPNs?

I'm attempting to create an Ubuntu image for distribution to family and friends, but I've never set one up for VPN usage. Several of them already have VPN subscriptions, but they use Windows. I'd like to wean them off of Microsoft.
follow up question....
What should I include for back channel messaging? I'd like to be able to communicate (relatively) securely between members.

As of now the plan is to use hack.chat with a list of room names corresponding to the day of the week.
Switch to Artix. Arch comes pre-loaded with systemd trannynigger software. Artix is the same thing except with OpenRC instead.
>Im not entirely convinced any of this is even possible or necessary
My response to that would be simply: don't let perfect be the enemy of the good. >>359 is right when he says
>all VPNs are compromised and all computer hardware is compromised
but this
>they can probably afford to use hardware backdoors on every single one of us
is pure fear-porn fantasy, imo. Seriously, you'd have to be some kind of state-level target to justify that kind of scrutiny in the first place, let alone the time and resources required to target you, personally. When you look at incidents where professional cyber-criminals have actually been caught (e.g. darknet market operators), it takes months or even years to track them down, and what eventually leads to them getting nailed is not a hardware or software exploit, but that the feds found a correlation between anonymized and non-anonymized activity significant enough to justify a raid.
So, yes, they will find you, eventually, if they want to find you. But they have to be really invested in finding you to warrant that kind of expenditure. Don't let nightmare fantasies deter you from taking reasonable steps to secure yourself. That's exactly what the feds want.

Different anon here, the Qubes advocate.

Ubuntu should reroute DNS requests automatically. IPchains can be employed to forcibly reroute DNS requests through the VPN tunnel.

DNS over TLS can conceal browser DNS queries. Google is spyware and Cloudflare censors their DNS queries. Quad 9 seems to work well.


pi-hole is a good DNS garbage filter,

The best known way to secure messages a one time pad.

OTR was mentioned in the snowden leaks as being especially frustrating.

Thanks. Much appreciated.
>windows 10 insider preview
>"a special program that decrypts RSA"
I know windows 10 sucks for privacy and security, but maybe you could try not using a fake video to communicate that.
(38.89 KB 336x336 gates.jpeg)
(33.56 KB 229x378 gates2.jpeg)
(18.47 KB 222x152 gates parents 1.jpeg)
(19.61 KB 300x326 gates parents 2.jpeg)
(51.41 KB 620x426 gates parents 3.jpeg)
>see video demonstrating M$ spyware capability
>head over to answers.microsoft.com
>Dearest M$, did jew spy me? Pls lemme know. KTHX <3
>M$: No, we would never spy u.
>Accept that M$ uses AI powered spyware to perform analytics on everything you type, say, and all application interaction back to M$ via telemetry.
>they would never take a covert screenshot because that would be too intrusive!
>MS staff directly tells you screenshots can be transmitted from your M$ computer
>back to 16chan

I see little distinction between the developer preview privacy policy and the standard privacy policy.

I did not make this video and I don't have time to perform a tcp dump of a WinJews 10 VM to determine if screenshots are indeed taken at N interval. I do not know for sure if that is occurring but it seems plausible to me.

I have no idea what the RSA tool is but he runs a smartsniff TCP capture on the win10 VM and could have used the keys on that host to decrypt the capture.

This appears to be the video source. Seems knowledgeable. Ask him about it. https://wzascok.livejournal.com
Also ask over at spiceworks for 3d party review.

You can get smartsniff here:

Known M$ kikery:
>pure fear-porn fantasy
you retard
your processor has another processor on it that has access to everything
AMD has one too

also you don't have an argument against the fact that TIME IS RUNNING OUT NO MATTER WHAT
stop being a faggot
Qubes looks pretty solid, but you do have to give up windows entirely. If you run whonix, you can do all your shit in the virtual machine and be pretty well protected, while still being able to run your microshit software.

Whonix does have the best solution for what happens when the vpn/tor connection drops.
Winblows 10 has plenty of spyware, I just doubt taking screencaps regularly is one of them. They already collect an absurd amount of data in other ways, so what use is taking in billions of screencaps from random computers daily going to do except waste storage space on their servers? It would be easier to just collect metadata about what programs you're using and monitor keystrokes than to screencap what you're running at the moment. My main concern is the generic "RSA Decryptor" program that he doesn't bother explaining at all and just has us assume is totally legitimate.
webcams, retard, live video coms
is link related true? I havet looked into this since 16/17 but the article seems cool.

>i can count to potato, the thread.
fuck off retard.
>your processor has another processor on it that has access to everything
I know that, you low-comprehension quadnigger. I acknowledged that hardware is pozzed in my post.
>I acknowledged that hardware is pozzed in my post.
>pure fear-porn fantasy
pick one you braindead nigger NPC
Yes, hardware is pozzed. Yes, you are also engaging in fear-porn fantasy. The feds don't just snap their fingers and break into your computer, you absolute deadshit. That's literal hollywood-teir nonsense.
>your computer
Note: I should have said any computer. No doubt your computer is completely unsecured, because if you actually believe the nonsense you claim to believe, there would be no point in securing it.
posting from tails linux through tor browser through the onion verision of FuckFuckGo.
>mfw the info jew can't catch me :^)
posting with a block bypass right now from the onion verision of fuckfuckgo running on tor browser running on tails linux.
>mfw the info jew can't catch me :^}
>operating systems
god tier:
<tails linux
good tier:
<all the other linuxes
<ibm operating system
meh tier: None, the rest of em are pozzed
bad tier:
<mac os
<any other standard operating system
cuck tier:
<in short: (chrome os)))))
god tier
<tor browser
good tier
meh tier
bad tier
<microsoft edge
cuck tier
<internet explorer
>search engines
god tier
<darknet verision of duckduckgo
good tier
meh tier: the rest is pozzed
bad tier
<any thing else not listed
cuck tier
VPNs are useless and in some cases hurtful to your use of tor and linux
(128.64 KB 500x374 schizophrenic cat drawings.jpg)
>linux is hard
>easy linux now is systemd

I'm gonna stay windows 7 just like I did with XP. I was using 98 until 2009ish.

Can't make me primarily use linux faggots. It's for emergencies. I'll have it on a usb thumb drive with lakka and some older debian version that's pre systemd just in case though. Then again I bet pre-systemd debians won't work for an eternal windows user baka like me so I'd use void I guess. Or something.

But not right now. The best you can hope for is for me to buy a pocketchip and use it's low electricity self during the apocalypse years later. LInux has no real gimmick anymore. Back when it was on Dreamcasts and original Ipods I thought it was cool. Now I'm too asspained to ever bother with it.

I think I already have puppy on a disc somewhere. I used that on my 98. What an awful version that must be. They changed it later on so it won't do anything now.

Also doesn't the literal government FUND linux? And with modern CPU made past 2007ish they all have backdoors in them, not just intel, I've read, so deary me, why do thinkpad fetishists care so much about this when current year computers are so gay they lock you out of bios boot order settings to where you can't try out new linux OS stuff at your whimsy anyway? And other gay things.

Yes it's interesting. Yes it's on my to do list. No I won't move on from windows until absolutely necessary and leave my soc anti-backdoor pc chip linux machine in a dusty box until it's actually bad our there. And when it is, keeping the electricity on, energy is the issue not government espionage and such.

Why should I even care? 7 is still fine. I guess I'm just too ADD a dweeb to ever move on and stay on that shit.

>darknet of duckduckgo
I've never heard there was one. Darknets were only ever more a pain in the ass to use too.
>small chance a nigger could sneeze on you and give you the flu
>might as well just take pozloads up my asshole since nothing's perfect

you deserve your impending sealed indictment
(337.23 KB 497x544 1477663543203.png)
No such things as choice so no such thing as fault nor deserve. It's just who I am fam. As it is if I'm worried I use Tor and things, I'm not completely retarded or else I would not have rambled on about all the things I could be doing. windows 7 is f i n e
(188.88 KB 1371x1372 win7.png)

If you install Qubes, you'd be replacing Windows. Qubes allows you to run full blown Windows within a VM container. It can do anything that normal windows can for my needs. I don't game, so I can't comment on gaming performance.

It is recommended to run the Whonix VM within Qubes because of the isolation Xen provides. The Whonix VM can be installed and run from Linux, MacOS, and Windows.


Pozing the endpoint circumvents encryption allowing the feds to access secrets that would otherwise be inaccessible.

There is value in N interval screenshots otherwise you wouldn't be concerned about the screenshots.


webcams, mic, speakers that can double as a mic, ultrasonic tones picked up by kiked phones

It goes on and on.

Endpoint compromise is the goal.


>Can't make me primarily use linux faggots.

I can lead you to water but not one single fuck will be given if you decide to die of dehydration.
thanks anon, this sounds like, informed, non schiz info to me, cheers

Good luck and godspeed.
>that windows95/98 look
>crt tier ratio
As a thirsty donkey I wish I put effort into such things to be honest. I wish I had a crt then I'd try. I'm too neet to experiment with what I'd desire of which is part of the thirst staying.
>I would recommend using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Do not use ubuntu.
Use Linux mint its literally ubuntu - spyware.

Yes ubuntu has spyware.
No I will not check if they removed it all anything named ubuntu is not to be trusted ever.

Ubuntu is the windows 10 of linuxes.
(68.26 KB 720x720 BruceBatman.jpg)
>As a PC gamer
Gamer also here. Forget about gaming on linux. Actually the more crap you install in the OS the worse you are since one of these games can simply phone home or send your data, see red shell. Steam sends your data to Valve all the time and I bet they simply upload your files.

Steam even admits to send all programs you run to Valve
>So we can stop cheating programs

What you NEED to have is multiple separate computers.
1) Old/cheap for your personal data that is ALWAYS offline and never connected to the internet. You send data to it by writing things down to a USB stick and transferring this way.

If you are super paranoid use CDs burn a CD (or DVD if the files are large) on the internet connected computer and read it on your offline computer and then destroy the CD physically.

Unless you are targeted with stuxnet crap this is a safe solution.

Really any windows 7 era PC will do and you MUST use a PC not a laptop, no WiFi cards or blue tooth or other crap.

You don't really need a $2000 graphics card or anything fancy here. only your files you brows and collect.

Encrypt the whole thing, you can use linux here.

2) Gaming normie computer, internet connected.
Threat it like a console, never brows the internet with your interests or personal info. Its basically for playing games or specific programs that need windows.

You can also do stuff to have your job interviews or work related stuff here. Basically think of it like Batman VS Bruce Wayne.

All everyone will know is that you do pointless normie things here.

You can think of also using a separate computer for this.

Internet connected stuff, this can be a cheap computer however for risky internet stuff (not you browsing cat videos) never have any personal info in here. Download stuff and transfer to your archive if its important.

Do this on linux you don't play games here so no games and no need for $2000 graphics card in here.

Also don't use retarded crap like:
>RGB everything
>water cooling
>RGB fans
>RGB ram
You get the idea, you are literally wasting money on pointless bling here.

look into old or used computers for this or if you are a PC gamer you should have kept your old computers or build them form old parts you have left from upgrading your PC.

What do you think of this /g/
>Would be great to have a raspberry pi that constantly queried (((google))) and clicked ads in the background to create a massive query and web history of nonsense.

This is not how tracking works. The tracking is on the cookies on the browser all you did is make your IP address look like multiple computers or internet cafey/hotspot.

You need the action to be made in the exact browser even different browsers on the same OS will have different fingerprints you can check this out by fresh installing chrome and searching in this chrome on YT only for cat videos.

On the same computer fresh install any other browser (FF, iron, opera) and search for programming tutorials.

Now contrast the front page and the recommendations of the same browsers.

YT will see these different browsers as different individuals because it will recommend different things.

This is how tracking actually works now and has for a long time. All these services inject cookies into your browser it looks like this:
Browser: go to YT
YT: Hello there I require cookies to function accept this cookie from me.
Browser: (most browsers by default will accept it from the website)
YT: Writes a incremental number (like 4chan posts ids) on a sticker and sticks it to the chest of the browser.
Browser: continues to the website and with every action YT looks at the chest or demands the browser send its coockie who is simply a incremental number on its chest.

So the browser is named "User 51" because this is what the cookie or sticker on its chest says.

And every time you do anything on YT it records that user 51 did this. If you delete the cookie or sticker (these things should be named stickers that websites stick on your browser) YT will do the same thing and now it will think you are "User 52" because you go the sticker wit this number from YT and the browser displays its sticker on its chest to every website while doing some action.

This is why 2 different browsers will have totally different recommendations. YT will record all actions and see the sticker/cookie on the browsers chest.

This is how websites and networks track you.
Pictured how a browser looks to a website. It can literally say
>Hello my name is "youtube User 51"
And a different one says
>Hello my name is "Bing user 41"
On the same browser.

PS: If you want to fuck with people trying to use your IP for tracking simply open your router to be a WiFi hotspot the local soyboys and idiots will use it and mess with tracking because different users are using this IP so the theory that its some WiFi hotspot is great.
Also if you can connect to the internet from a real hotspot it makes the IP useless.

However no one really uses IP for tracking activity.
It's not actually "darknet", it's just the .onion version of duckduckgo.
>grug no like hard
>thing to hard
>grug no like
lmao it's not as hard as you think it is. you should seriously consider making it your go to, and most distros are community distributed and nonprofit supported. The safest way you can download one is have a trusted friend clone you one. And no, it was tor that STARTED as a government project. actually the people who develop it are awesome. They prefer no fame and no profit saying the service is enough for them.
>implying I'm using a crt because I didn't take an unnecessarily large screenshot.

Appreciate this thoughtful reply.

I do agree that other factors such as browser fingerprinting and cookies have more weight from the perspective of (((big tech))). Panaptoclick and browserleaks.com come to mind.

However, IP is certainly a factor used to identify subjects because investigators will subpoena an ISP for DNS and web history directly.

I am advocating for poisoning the sessions associated with an identity, which in the case of an ISP is an IP address, and in the case of (((big tech))) is a browser session, in an automated manner. For example, in the background, a browser queries for things I have no interest in, replicating a legitimate session, creating the illusion I have interest in topics I have no interest in. In essence polluting the profile they are building against my identity IP, browser session, or otherwise.

I would like to export that operation to a small isolated machine if possible.
(9.16 KB 210x230 34.jpg)
>Appreciate this thoughtful reply.
Thank you.
> from the perspective of (((big tech)))
We are on the same page here
>I am advocating for poisoning the sessions associated
Agree. Only I was explaining that getting another computer to do this is nonsensical since your current browser will not gets its search terms poisoned and this is done to deal with households who have multiple computers or wifi hotspots.

>However, IP is certainly a factor used to identify subjects because investigators
Agree only IP is used when the gov or police want to arrest you and want your geolocation.

This is why I was saying that using publick hot spots is the best way since the police will instantly see:
<government public hotspot of the city

While rare like a unicorn it would be hilarious when the gov raids a KFC or anything with free wifi.

In the same way opening your own router to be a public hotspot gives you more excuses(while not as solid like using public wifi) if they raid you.
<Man I didn't do anything
<I just made my router a open hotspot and free internet man
<must have be one of these neighborhood kids man

Don't count on it being strong however.
>I'm gonna stay windows 7 just like I did with XP. I was using 98 until 2009ish.

Terrible idea.
>Why should I even care? 7 is still fine.
Because if MS tries fuckery or you need to use a computer you just are fucked legendarily.

Its always good to have options and know other OSs. At least get familiar with one and use ti to shitpost and download you anime pictures from chans.

I have noticed wintoddlers have this disorder where they are unwilling to even try different OSs. And its a unhealthy thing. Its like going to 1 website and never trying any other and if the gov shuts it down (see 8chan) you are fucked and will search in a panic where to find your new website. I know this because I used to be like this.

I used to be a wintoddler myself.

>Also doesn't the literal government FUND linux?
>pre-systemd debians
Here is the thing while these things are bad they are less bad then windows who literally makes flaws in itself and then gives them to the government.

You are saying
<why quit facebook and be on 16chan if the government monitors everything on the internet?
There is a thing named degrees of badness and getting familiar with even the most spyware linux out there lets you know linux and switch to a better distro.

>the apocalypse years later
This will arguably never happen and you just isolated yourself for nothing. Even if things get super bad everyone will simply be shipped to a fema camp for extermination and population reduction.

There is no scenario where you will sip a drink while looking at the remains of the government.
(73.84 KB 750x612 1479395401094.jpg)
If you're so afraid of fema camps then why not play ball with windows 10 while you're at it? A defeatist that can't into revolt nor invisiblity may as well. Who would one be kidding? Are you implying corrupt organizations you can outfox but not a government when it's controlled by the corrupt organization and vice versa? They're the same machine you know.
>If you're so afraid of fema camps
I'm not. I'm saying to you that in a real SHTF scenario you will not be chilling in your safe house with guns to protect yourself from looters like in every preper fantasy out there.

The government will simply eminent domain your property(government want to take your supplies to redistribute them) or order all civilians moved and send the army to do it. If you resist your safe house will be mortared/droned and it will be the end of it all. If you go you will be exterminated in a fema camp.
Because there are limited supplies and the gov will only give them to important people on its list and plebs like you are not on it.

I recommend watching this movie
The way this guy survives is the only way you can survive a SHTF scenario because if you think the army will be not flame throwing empty buildings you be wrong. And then you have no food. The only survival is by chance.

You can not outgun the army you get droned or mortared from far away and can stick your flintlocks and muskets up your own ass.
<b-b-b-b-b there will be lots of army dead so this way the army will rebel
Just stop in the army you are isolated from all news and get only what your superiors tell you. Even if 99% of the army is dying to prepers it will not be reported to other squads so the rest of the army men will not know it.

<b-b-b-b-b muh army casualties
And you think this is a bad thing? In a real SHTF scenario the army plebs will be exterminated last with something like vaccines who have one of these slow putting to sleep like a dog agents in them. They tell the army men its a vaccine (they can not refuse this) to prevent <insert virus name here> while its a poison that makes you die in a sleep like state. So that the super elites and their real servants get to rule of whatever is left of America.
You exterminating these army men who are scheduled for lethal injection either way only helps the elites.

You live in a fantasy land and a real SHTF is certain death and the gov taking your supplies for the elites.

It most likely will not be the mad max stupidity where gangs rule the streets, the army trains better and can operate in no technology/EMP scenario has more equipment, superior and technologically advanced equipment, food reserves (augmented by the food they confiscate from civilians now), and more men. The army will be the winner of every SHTF scenario not gangs or some prepers.
>I recommend watching this movie
That guy again, the donkey.
>ww2 movie will set me straight
>also implying I'm stupid enough to have a home
I have bugout bags and plan on stealing a boat and parking it with a fuckton of lentils and rice at any of the thousand odd islands in between Alaska and Russia. There are 2k or so of them. Hardly anyone wants to live there but have in the past, fisheries and such. The military abandoned Attu, the dead center between Russia and Alaska, one, years ago. We move too fast to use it to sneak around during ww3. It's redundant and you could escape idiocy that way if you had a village of 500 people. As it is I'm here shitposting due to being around sheep that are addicted to modern life.

Also vit pills. I'd like a hoard of boats with hoarded materials to run away with me. I have not that. I'll freeze if alone. It's too expensive and I've not even hoarded much data nor food or anything else. i've not even had access to so much as a cabin boat for 15 years. That's my problem, not the lack of your jewish propaganda movie where a jew sat there playing a fucking piano thinking nothing would happen. I am sick of the piano playing jew that won't fucking stop playing the fucking piano and leave with me. Even if you lose the piano you'll sit there pretending you're playing it, I can see video game mmo nerds doing the same shit already. I've never played an mmo, leave and play mario kart the first with me instead on old computers eating rice and lentils and goat farming with our greenhouses on the subarctic islands. But no, that's crazy. Sit there playing a piano instead and think that's everyone and I'll sit here with car batteries powering my old laptops playing old emulator games wishing you were dead.
You really just don't get it. Run away. The drones don't care about some hippies on an island nor in the woods.

You are a defeatist and a casual.
(196.46 KB 1024x819 terminator.jpeg)
(26.70 KB 474x266 zuck bot.jpeg)
(412.10 KB 720x416 AI satalites.jpeg)

My apologies I was imagining all the prepers who have their houses and thing the gov will not take their stuff or they can survive the gov going bad.

Now this can be a problem in your plan.
Do you know how to operate a boat?
All the stuff needed to not die at sea?

Do you know how to take control of a boat?
Because this would be a real stop measure if you try to do this and it turns out you have no fucken idea how to hot wire a boat.

A better option is to learn to drive (do you say drive a boat?) a boat and all the boating stuff and own your own boat that you know how to operate and all.

Should be a shame if you did not know that X boats come pre installed with a satellite/GPS/cell tower beacon that the gov can track. You know if a boat gets lost at sea.

Reminds me of the Fortress ending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortress_%281992_film%29 where they steal a truck only it turns out the truck has build in remote control and they are fucked.

A movie that visualizes quite well what I was saying so I used it for visualization reasons same way with the pianist movie.
>your jewish
You know why you are incapable of thought? You know why Nazis like you are a joke? Because you can not function outside spamming the word "jew". Nazis like you are a joke for this reason.

>The drones don't care about some hippies on an island nor in the woods.
And we entered standard prepper fantasy land.
>You really just don't get it
You really think so? Don't make me laugh. If we are talking about gov turning full evil they will eliminate all useless humans and take over. In the nightmarish technologically advanced new world order who will continue to develop technologically.
Your hippy commune will eventually encounter the full advanced technological force of this technocratic government. If not in your lifetime then in future generations.

What will you do then? Throw rocks and sharp sticks at the tanks and drones? For the technocracy you will be remnants who need to be eliminated eventually.And not only will the technocracy have the same advanced technology of today they have future technology like robots who will hunt the land to destroy every camp they can find.

What fantasy land do you live in that this technocracy will leave you alone?

>odd islands in between Alaska and Russia.
And you seriously think the satellites will not pick this up? Like for real? There are satellites and they can use AI to detect settlements. Its like you live in some strange mixture of 1700s with the technological capacity of the 1950s and think its the real world.

You are out of touch with modern society and and the technological capacity that exist today.
Install Windows Server, problems gone.
Retards ITT.
Here is a guide for server users.
All non-server versions have forced updates so don't use them.
>Windows Server
Why do this and not simply use Linux? Serious question. Give Linux a try.

Using Artix Linux and Icecat on my laptop. Feels good
Fuck your logo man. TBB is garbage unleas used for isolated activity. Fire up tor with a custom torrc and configure loopback. Feds will sniff but its gucci just ignore. lmao
(112.31 KB 660x556 IMG_20191101_230020.jpg)
(134.23 KB 629x511 IMG_20191101_230003.jpg)
(72.86 KB 653x456 IMG_20191101_225948.jpg)
The United States Government severe has mental health problems. Funding into tor is good because it at least appears to assist with anti analytical satanism by big tech. Either than or it is a psyop to calculate the x coefficient. Either way its best paired with vpns and proxys to create chained SSL/TLS. The jew is extremely advanced and actually sits on the US Government through private companies. We're talking Google, Facebook, Microsoft controlling local state and federal law enforcement through advance AI quantum computing. The constitution was lost many years ago.
I'm currently using win7 plan on taking backing up data before replacing the current (veracrypted) hdd with ssd+hdd with 2 partitions on the hdd, the other for a windows dualboot.

Meanwhile I have a win10 laptop. I have an nearly irresistible urge to install linux mint on it right now (have a bootable stick) after checking if there's any data worth backuping. What leaks are there compared to an PC considering it's a relatively new lenovo thinkpad? The webcam is obscured (duh) and the mic is untouched for now.

I'll learn about whonix and such later, therefore mint. I have some limited linux experience, first tried it with ubuntu in 2008.
Sorry for the braindamaged first sentence, I edited my post several times and butchered it
What do you mean what leaks?
Mint is for super-plebs who can't even into Ubuntu tbh.
I'm realistic. All you can do is run from tyranny when it's too efficient. Linux doesn't work, newer software just gets worse, you may as well keep older software and live in a anarchy village out in the middle of nowhere. The powers that be would not even care if you did. You just have to be far enough away.

Seriously though, Linux is trashy. It always will be until it works as well as windows 95 did, but doesn't due to lack of streamlined options and no offline guides. I've legit never installed a bit-torrent application on Linux and had to install Lakka before just to get emulation to work. If I can't use a normal GUI desktop distro with just those two things easily installed then it's trash. So I give up on it. I will never take Linux seriously with how it behaves.

And no you can't fight the powers that be. Just run.

Linux can't be used by non-autistics. You're spinning your wheels too often to have common sense is why, when using Linux. Everything is a waste of time.
(115.65 KB 1024x768 20141224_codeediting.jpg)
Just write your own OS, bro.
(999.99 KB 400x300 90s.gif)
>if society is broken just fix it yourself
(31.38 KB 1280x1024 decwindows-vms5.5-vax.png)
Well that's all you can do. This is the ultimate red pill. If you sit around complaining and waiting for someone else to fix your shit or make your dream OS, it's never gonna happen. So you might as well just get started.
Rather than do that I'd probably force myself to learn how to put puppy together manually. It's multiple Linux distros put together after all.

It's one reason puppy was in my head earlier in the reply chain. Even arm cpu can have it. Berryboot includes puppylinux alpha 4 for that reason, very versatile. Though, I tried to install it on a system on a chip once, and it gave me a black screen even after troubleshooting the resolution and driver types. I'll have to get a different monitor to use it.

>complaining about pis
Install Openbsd on it then if you are going to be fully autistic.

I recall it being compatible with at least one of the system on a chip computers.
>see image
>look at text
Today I learned this exists.
Yeah guys, anti Linux user back. Ever tried using this to replace windows WITHOUT network access? Just something to think about. Things like lakka (basically retroarch) for the PC can't even run n64 nor can it's psx load iso files even though that's what everyone would have. Installing other emulators without network access, from tar, seems to be autistically hard too. Installing anything from a file you copy and paste seems balls to the wall hard. I can't move on from windows because I'd like to be able to replicate my system without having to result to cloning hard drives. Backing up files, installing a distro, trying to install the apps though, I mean, fuck. Try doing it from tar and compare your asspain to the windows experience. People downright expect you to be on the grid, and yet linux users are.... better than the windows? Linux is botnet more than windows due to this. Needing to always be online. That and the emulators being shit in comparison to old windows ones.
>>582 Do not worry young goyim. Based US Gov images your machine every second with nano dna drones and stores in on Petabyte storage that is microscopic. Think jews mind fund it idk. Tempes is a cowardly as fuck. Lol.
Tempest Mr.BigJewInCharge Large Oil company jew gets first review. Very powerful. Much money. Very large nose. Smell you from long way away. No run from me. Me not nephilim. Instead powerful tiny stature banker. Hide behind money.
>>582 32 bit pc's rather can't. Snes emulators as hard as psx. Aside from emu's literally it's the networking computer. It's probably why that one schizophrenic that designed temple os didn't have network on it, it's evil. The government is trying to be god. They pay into Linux and made the web. Gates just wanted money and anarchist capitalism is far better than commie/fascism. * >>586 yes
(2.92 KB 768x540 cap.png)
Only emulators I care about are for 70's and 80's era systems. I compiled Caprice32 for armhf (32-bit) just yesterday, in fact. Runs pretty good, but then again it's an old emulator from 2005. Most newer ones got crazy and expect botnet hardware with speculative execution, OpenGL, and all that lame shit. Well I don't want any of that. I want to keep it simple, so that's what I do.
>Linux doesn't work, newer software just gets worse, you may as well keep older software yeah keep using windows 7 so you can get hacked because no more updates. >Seriously though, Linux is trashy. It always will be until it works as well as windows 95 did Which Linux? specify, faggot. Plenty of distros out there that just work. >If I can't use a normal GUI desktop distro with just those two things easily installed then it's trash. So I give up on it. Lol, ok just install windows 10, retard. >And no you can't fight the powers that be. Just run Found the jew. Take your black pills and get the fuck off this board, kike!
>Yeah guys, anti Linux user back. Lol, ok kike. >Ever tried using this to replace windows WITHOUT network access? And why would you want to do that, considering almost every activity is done online? WTF are you, some kind of fucking offline hermit? GTFO already!
>>594 >why on earth would you want to be independent of the military owned and made capitalistically controlled Internet?
(32.90 KB 474x506 picture.jpeg)
>>384 here, imma adjust this: >operating systems godtier: <tails linux good tier: <linux mint <whonix <qubes <ibm operating system <ubuntu <lindows bad tier: <windows <chrome os cuck tier <android >browsers god tier <tor <i2p good tier <waterfox <opera <epic privacy browser paired with a vpn meh tier <firefox bad tier <microsoft edge <google <brave cuck tier <internet explorer >search engines god tier <metager hidden service (http://b7cxf4dkdsko6ah2.onion/tor) <proxy.metager.de <metager.de <metager.org <swisscows good tier <mojeek <startpage bad tier <bing <yahoo <duckduckgo cuck tier <google
(203.26 KB 1014x724 cb.png)
For a couple years I was offline (except for weekly trips to the library), but I was running OpenBSD on an old i386 Thinkpad, and had already burned the install CD and downloaded *every* package from the repository, plus grabbed all the source codes for the OS, the ports tree (and whatever distfiles I needed), all firmwares, etc. This took up a lot of room, but I had a 500 GB portable USB HDD, so there was plenty of space for it. I also downloaded other various other source codes, plus tons of media stuff like emulators, games, movies, pdfs/ebooks, cbr/cbz files and whatnot. This was back in 2010, before demonoid and megaupload went down, so it was easy to get lots of stuff.
(974.27 KB 200x106 1477962068848.gif)
For being usable because I'm a faggot and not him, going to adjust your adjust: >from most usable to least <windows 7 <windows 10 <android 5 <debian based linux distros >browsers Depends on what you're doing faggot. But mozilla if not a 'cool' kid fucking around with backtrack stuff and shit nor an idiot on jewlge's browser. Nothing else is relevant but mozilla and chrome and tor is based on mozilla so really just mozilla.
>>335 use linux mint not ubuntu and use waterfox or icecat not firefox.
@DOJ @Langley Use to think I needed a disguise to be anonymous. Lmaooo. Check your operatives. Theyre interfeering with my pussy gathering opetation.
>>599 Please do go on and elaborate on this story.
>this was back before >before Like I said. Linux is trash. Now.
>>642 *inb4 freebsd isn't Linux
(80.91 KB 755x788 KFC+.jpg)
>>373 >when the vpn/tor connection drops This provides a small metadata leak, keep this in mind. >>383 >duckduckgo Check out https://github.com/asciimoo/searx/wiki/Searx-instances https://www.yacy.net/ >>418 >use a PC not a laptop Why? Laptops are a nomads and dissidents only friend. It is mobile and easily disposable. You can make copies of encrypted drives incase of data loss, ensuring you are confident of your hardware before encryption. Theft and surveillance is most effectively countered by encryption or anticipation of theft, not by how inaccessible your hard-drive is. If it is not feasible or recommended to rely mostly on encryption, it is still easier to relocate, conceal, or destroy a laptop and it components than a desktop. I however can't vouch for the security of hardware between the choices for which I am not a hardware engineer. I've read you can render a reliable thinkpad if you find an untampered BIOs and wipe the drive with a fresh OS. Write the boot sector to a USB or something if you can't trust your machine around others. I would add that in the instances of physical theft, social engineering, or torture, there should be a method of preventing this. I wonder if this would work, hear me out: Passphrase from memory + Key from disk --> Decryption You could carry a SDcard or some sure destructible medium with part or most of the passphrase on it, destroying it when necessary. This combo prevents someone from stealing a full storage key OR torturing you for a full working passphrase, but not both at once. Now considering you're sure about randomness, secure passphrase, hardware, all that jazz.. it may be more likely to convince your enemy that is would be impossible to recover the full passphrase as the medium was destroyed. This does seem like a pain but it would help securing very sensitive data when it could be fatal. It also gives you more bargaining chips, more routes for setup and negotiation after capture because you know a passphrase and the location of one or more keys, otherwise intact or destroyed. It is up to you what to reveal, explain, or manipulate to the interrogator. I think this key feature already exists and is possible on linux LUKs but I haven't tried it personally. I don't think it's a popular approach, it's too >no WiFi cards or blue tooth or other crap Agreed but you have to know what you're looking for. I think discounting the immutable benefits of a laptop because of this is a bit shortsighted. Other then that, yours is security by isolation. Good basics. >>472 >rocks and sharp sticks at tanks and drone FMJ, IEDs, and EMP.. or you know, realize we don't fight on battlefields in rows anymore. Most warfare is now insurgent warfare with very high risk of causalities and crossfire that is very costly to Blue Team defenders (i.e.) the system. >like robots who will hunt the land Resources aren't unlimited retard. Not to mention with the acquisition of all these robots poses major liabilities and disasters waiting to happen, a-la a-hackin'ing or manipulation. >satellites >Facebook uses publicly available geological data The establishment, rebels, and most of the general public have access to this data. The point isn't to stand out from the average population in the wild, it's to blend in, wait and look for an opening using this publicly available data. >>560 >Linux is trashy It is becoming trashy. BSD looks promising but I'm not sure how to make it similar to my new Qubes/Whonix setup. We need specialized members that know this so everyone can be secure. Not everyone can invest weeks to months of their life in OSINT and nerdy things. All members that care should protect the whole of the group. >>565 >do everything yourself >Ultimate red pill It takes a village. I don't care if you are triggered by this. >>596 > Tails is better than Qubes & Whonix Tails is amnesic, but so is Q and W but by user intervention. Tails has a lower barrier to entry than Q/W. Q/W is installed on disk, Tails is recommended on a bootable medium They are both debian/linux based but Tails requires that you trust not only the hardware but the additional software installed on the base OS. All humans struggle with anonymity, we have predictive behaviors. Q/W can be the biggest pitfall for this if you don't know what you're doing like on all systems, but most apparent here were it is your responsible to dispose of VM containers and not engage in predictive behaviors along with this metadata. Q/W encourages you to study intensively and act accordingly. This is why it has a wiki. Tails is advertised to plebs like journalists and activists. It is recommended for them in dire conditions and under timely conditions where time to study the details of technology isn't feasible. This isn't a bad thing in concept.
yeah i only use a real os like chromebook os or MS-DOS


no cookies?