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(87.25 KB 886x720 terry bird.jpg)
How do I format my USB drive? Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 22:50:17 No. 35
ext4 or fat32?
FAT32 for compatibility
sure but exfat for compatibility with fucking everything
UDF (1.50 or 2.0x). It's standardized by ISO and ECMA, it doesn't have unreasonable limits, and everything supports it (though read-only in some BSDs).

Proprietary until this year. FUSE isn't great. Maybe in a decade.
Well I went with ext4, because OpenBSD wasn't even recognizing my fat32 partition anyway. XD
# size offset fstype [fsize bsize cpg]
c: 1953458176 0 unused
i: 1953456095 2048 unknown
The 'unknown' should have been read as 'msdos' (worked fine on Linux computer).
I'll just be over here with my files over 32gb
weird that you managed to mess up a fat32 partition. I'm curious to start trying UDF as another poster mentioned, but I basically don't use flash drives anymore, I just rsync things to a server now.
It's a 1 GB USB HDD, not a flash dongle. And I didn't do anything weird to it. On Linux computer I used cfdisk and then mkfs.msdos, which created the /dev/sdb1 filesystem. I saved some files to it, then moved the disk to OpenBSD computer. The first time I connected the drive, it detected the correct disklabel, which had an 'i' parition instead of that bogus one. Then I disconnected the drive so I could connect my old backup HDD to get files off of it. When I later reconnected the new HDD to OpenBSD computer, it got confused and showed bogus disklabel. I tried to disconnect and reconnect a couple times and the same thing happened. But the dirve was still working fine when I plugged it into Linux computer, and the files I put on it before were still there.
Now I backed up most of my stuff to it over the network, after formatting it to ext4. Not long from now that OpenBSD computer will be history anyway, since it almost never boots up (it's a shitty laptop with hardware problems).
I mean 1 TB, basically an average 2.5-inch backup drive
Oh and since it's still in my screen buffer, here's the disklabel that OpenBSD read the first time. Size and fstype for the 'i' partition are different than what it showed later...
# size offset fstype [fsize bsize cpg]
c: 1953458176 0 unused
i: 1953454080 2048 MSDOS
48 GET!!!
> mean 1 TB
Ok, I was confused there for a second wondering what ancient pile of junk you adaptered over to USB. Still odd, but not much more that could be done with out testing doing it the other direction or on a third computer.
for compatibility and low error
delete yourself and then your country
>releasing the exFAT patents to the OIN in August 2019
Holy shit, that's good news. I didn't even know.
Finally something to overcome FAT32.
How can I delete India? I can only delete myself.
(35.29 KB 512x512 1568840109543.jpg)
(140.83 KB 1000x1192 1565420904918.jpg)


no cookies?