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(113.27 KB 1000x624 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion.jpeg)
how do i post on 4chan wilst using tor? Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 10:23:54 No. 387
Hey 16chan, this board seems to have attracted a lot of dark netters like me. I am also a complete fucking noob. I just started using linux and tor. I know not to connect to the same wifi network every time, but i only have two. is that sufficient, if i switch between them every time i refresh my identity or open this place up? Another question: how do i use 4chan without the fucking jannies blocking my IP for not wanting to succumb to their captcha ridden honeypot?
picture unrelated.
just dont post on 4chan at all. its kiked. vpn or not its still filled with kike propaganda and shills
Nein... Nein nein nein! IBud dadeh i wna use 4chan! WAHHHHH!
OP here
Nein... Nein nein nein! IBud dadeh i wna use 4chan! WAHHHHH!
OP here
shit, i posted same thing twice...
(102.37 KB 960x960 doggiemixedblackheadpup.jpg)
>dark netters like me
>dark netters
>thinks clearnet is darknet
>uses TOR to bareback imageboards on the clearnet
mein sides
4cuck is trash. If you want to post there never post here again.
>>387 If you must find an intermediary between the Tor exit node and the website. There are ways to do this.
(92.10 KB 467x614 Back24chan.jpg)
Please forget you ever saw this site.
System tor config through appropriate interfaces. > network manager vpn connection.
yesterday was my last day on 4chan. I caught a mod trying to shame me with a reply he made using quotations on a previous comment i had made. everything about it just rubbed me the wrong way. he probably thought he could scare me away by showing his power level, but ended up back firing on him. and then they deleted thread. I hate 4chan so much. i want it to die.
>>907 It's been kiked to fuck and back since gamergate. Welcome to 2014. Better late than never.


no cookies?