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(481.97 KB 2000x1333 1553255775856.jpg)
Anonymous 10/23/2019 (Wed) 21:20:28 No. 454
This would be against the rules on 4channel because posting pictures of trump that positively affirm trump is against the rules on 4channel.

Are there any right wing or republican programmers here on 16chan?

Is there anyone here who like me has a problem with censorship in technology communities against the right wing?
>being into politics
>thinking of politics as a line rather than 8 directional

The traffic that doubled 4chan during the election should probably go kill themselves for the fact that their reddit is so capitalistically corrupt that it forced them onto a place they're not compatible with at all. Programmers are communist tier with linux they say, so are you asking if anyone here works for google or intel or something? A statist?

t. faggot that can't use a computer
Communism works with computers because it costs almost nothing to copy a program.

Communism does not work with these products:
>housing construction
>school resources like books and buildings and teachers
>other consumer goods

The reason it does not work with these goods is because these are not so easily copied. It costs immense resources to produce many of these, and they are not finite. Land for example is very finite, and there is only so much to go around.

Housing is very expensive, because land is finite, and the labor and materials to produce housing are expensive.

The expensive nature of housing drives up the prices for things like food and books.

Communism is perfectly fine for a vast swath of programs because programs can be made free.

Food and clothing and shelter for example can not, therefore outside of computers communism is not viable.

It is perfectly valid for someone who is a republican in real life to be communist within a computer.

It is invalid for a computer communist to think that this infinite abundance for no work is possible in real life outside of a computer.
But, that's like, you're opinion, man.....
huh... ur right it was probably the traffic doubling in the 2016 elections along with jidf that caused most of 4chode's problems.


no cookies?