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(11.14 KB 151x231 Question_mark_liberal.jpg)
Platforms Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 04:30:50 No. 503
Basic fuck off analytics tools:

Linux, BSD- non system d init
Iptables / UFW
Icecat - Firefox is mossad malware
DNS over TLS stubby resolvers/DNS over HTTPS
System wide SSL/HTTPS Proxies
Browser proxies
PQ self hosted VPN or MSP
What are good work arounds to youtube tracking
Mitigation is more sought for than prevention these days but invidious with some proxies might get mossad software at google to run you through some analytics. Need at least 10 hops.
Alphabet's Google is a company that exploits human rights violations and is criminal through and through and survive through government contracts with Langley and Ft. Mead. Alot of analytics is black op budget type work. Youtube's algorithm is AI and machine learning and can literally read a soul past TOR or VPN's.
(37.20 KB 218x205 yo.png)
no longer supported by gentoo devs
i could install it from a different source, or use an overlay, but is there any other good browsers in the gentoo repo? i'm still using firefo, but midori seems like it'd be bretty gud.
i meant icecat
quadruplechan doesn't quote like quarterchan does
When did this happen? Ill have to check it out. I switched to Icecat when I ran wireshark on firefox and almost shit my pants over analytics. Next best thing is a hardened config file and a finetuned proxy overlay or something and WAF. midori is ok for browsing but not auth since lack of integrity with HTTPS and downgrade.

Actually was considering coding my own version here soon and publishing.
>>516 surf is also good, i used it for a wile but i have switch to TBB because its easier to block crap and only allow js form some sites

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