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(36.62 KB 371x331 1567851095832.jpg)
Anonymous 09/19/2019 (Thu) 07:08:40 No. 58
What's the best vpn to get around 4chan bans? I got permabanned because dumb jannies got offended because I posted a circumcision video and they labeled it as CP as a way to cope. Reminder JIDF exists.
go back to 4chan and stay there
I personally am not sure of any VPN's that allow you to get around 4chan bans, at the very least mainstream ones, other users get the IP's banned really quickly. You would have to find a VPN that isn't mainstream and used by very few people.
(49.51 KB 480x600 1569967386838.jpg)
4chan is compromised. They censor all links to better imageboards because they want you there on 4chan, posting under your real IP for the upcoming Commission Against Antisemitism (not joking, check the recent legislation).
I've heard of some smaller VPNs working, but haven't verified myself. Mine doesn't work from any of my nodes, and I still don't trust my VPN not to roll over on me and break the "no logs" promise if Johnny Fed shows up.
Linux -> VPN -> Tor -> Tor-friendly site is the only way forward for now. The long term solution likely involves some sort of RF mesh net along with a credible monopoly of force with which to defend it.
Stay vigilant and study programming, electrical engineering, or gardening. We're going to need it.
then stop using 4chan.
That's funny because that's' exactly what I'm trying to do. Circumcision is an evil human right violation, and I need to hit as many people as possible.

Also, do you know a place where I can target young mothers? We need to red pill everyone
Unironically, Planned Parenthood.
give the jew their due, and install cyberghost anon. Otherwise you can always reset your router if your ISP has granted Dynamic IP.


no cookies?