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(169.94 KB 800x570 botnet2.png)
Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 01:02:42 No. 583
Well /g/, what's your score?
(10.67 KB 1024x768 out.png)
25 Pic is my computers. The second is 32-bit ARM (Cortex-A7) with Ubuntu 16.04 that I recently removed systemd from. There's a few more things to do, like switching in mdev for udev, but most of it is done. Got rid of pulseaudio too (I only need ALSA).
>>584 Based. I have 49. There needs -2 for Linux or BSD.
>>583 I got a score of 17. I use tails linux as my main and i own a dell latitude 3330. I also use ipredia and i've got a setup on mint where i've got whonix gateway and whonix workstation and tor is set up to run i2p and tor on the same browser. >+15 for the internet >+10 for computer after 2009 (at least i think so. idk.) >+5 for youtube >-3 for encryption >-3 for tor browser >-3 for adblocker >-3 for mail2tor >-2 for tails whonix mint and ipredia
44. I am planning to get rid of mobile phone, whatsapp, and backdoored cpu asap.
<+10 cell phone (dumbphone) <+15 internet (obviously) <+10 x86 > 2009 <+5 ISP router <-3 "adblocker" (even better, umatrix nothing <but 1st party img/css allowed) <-2 disposable where possible +50 for delivering specifics on my score 85
>>605 Hmm, thinking about it, using ISP router isn't quite so bad if you only have one comp and it has a solid OS and firewall. Issue (besides being proprietary black box) is ISP can see which devices are doing what, harvest MAC addresses, and you can't usually do things like wall off pieces of your LAN, application firewall etc
(435.38 KB 1632x1224 router_ass.jpg)
>>610 I do have a seperate router for a strictly internal LAN.
>>583 35, but my cell is a custom Android with no Google or non FOSS software. Also you should be running your own Wireguard VPN and Unbound caching resolving dns server on an OpenBSD VPS with your own private Tor bridge and IDS.
>>620 It's nice to see Wireguard has been accepted in the linux kernel.
>>622 I guess, I use Gentoo for my workstation, but I would never run anything but OpenBSD on a VPS or internet facing node. I'm running my VPN client on an OpenBSD Beaglebone that routes all my traffic over Wireguard. Also with my own private Wireguard and DNS server my speeds are pretty amazing. Moreover I'm not trusting some anonymous nerds from who da fuq knows where with my DNS and internet traffic like with a VPN-as-a-service. My next task is to set up Unbound as an ad blocker like described here: https://www.tumfatig.net/20190405/blocking-ads-using-unbound8-on-openbsd/
>>584 Hey anon, where did you git that cool MOTD with the cute ASCII puffer fish? Would you mind sharing it here?
(16.70 KB 833x491 grab14.gif)
>>625 It's the neofetch package.


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