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(74.49 KB 381x237 cyber.jpeg)
Today I found some fucked-up shit Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 21:05:34 No. 600
A fuckin GIF that crashed my server. Had to login over the network to reboot the computer because even the framebuffer console was hosed.
Here's the GIF. I opened it with sxiv once more and saw the memory usage go up in "top" until I killed it. My relevant ulimit's are set to "unlimited" so that's why the sxiv process didn't get killed, I guess.
(2.55 MB 1152x1152 1574571583231-hogs-all-memory.gif)
^ forgot file
(61.48 KB 1014x724 identify.png)
Now here's the weird part. The GIF has 484 frames that vary in size between 1x1 and 1152x1152 pixels. Pic is part of the output of "identify" (from ImageMagick). It's fucking weird.
(11.75 KB 804x484 mpv.png)
Also mpv plays it just fine, whereas sxiv sucks balls for larger GIFs in general.
>>603 It's blended, your server is crap. if you opened it in an image editor you would clearly see the frame types.
(76.42 KB 500x500 pepesmoke.png)
It's not really my server, it's just the default Xorg server that comes in Ubuntu. And I really don't think the problem is related to the X server since mpv plays the GIF just fine. In fact, I just checked with "top", and it uses only 2% of the memory. But sxiv tries to hog everything right away. I also tried "animate" (from ImageMagick) and it also wants to hog all memory. Those softwares suck.


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