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(36.12 KB 854x570 ya_i_use_iphone.jpg)
Technology boards Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 11:05:20 No. 663
Post your favorite technology boards here. This seems like the most active board outside of 4channel/g/ and 8kun/tech/ is 8kun/tech/ ever coming back? is it worth going back to?
I can post stupid threads about what's the best browser, rust trolling and fagioli if you miss 8ch/tech/.. I CAN'T BRING BACK TERRY!
any good nntpchan boards out there?
>>663 nanochan is ok
(121.79 KB 1103x599 butthurt_mod.png)
>>663 RIP 4chan/g/. You were fun until your board was flooded with butthurt redditniggers triggered by words.
>>1144 The jannies are so terrible the hypocritical new sticky is so funny to me
lain is fastest outside 4cuck and 8kunt. the only problem is they are soyfag weebs so best to avoid politics entirely >>1135 nano is slower but good quality
>>1204 talking about tech without talking about politics? how could i even do that as a fellow wh*te person? i am one of those people who thinks buying VPN #3 is equivalent to fighting the jews
(212.01 KB 480x360 heh.mp4)
>>1144 cuckchan/g/ was never good it was literally cucksumer garbage back in 2009 or whatever when my friends wouldnt shut the fuck up about "vidya"


no cookies?