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(228.28 KB 1000x700 Office_Space.jpg)
Post Your Office Space Onideus 03/02/2020 (Mon) 02:18:57 No. 754
My old monitor is nice and functional again so now I can watch video while I'm doing other things. Also handy for video editing and rendering. Had to move the fan on top of the printer tho... probably I should look for something smaller or more compact... or maybe get like one of those clippy fans and attach it it to one of the monitors. I should also get one of these dual monitor mounting jobbies... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MC9YX63/ref=dp_cerb_3 Also need to get an extension cord for the microphone (seen under the riser there) so I can stick it over on the left hand side. I keep the graphics tablet underneath my regular mouse and mouse pad and then just move them to the side when I want to use it. I also have this pillow thing I put on the top of the desk and on the floor I have a big block of memory foam with a heating pad that I use in the winter time so it's nice and cozy, especially when I throw a blanket over the whole thing. Overall it's quite nice. I may be dirt poor... but at the very least I have a "corner office" surrounded by windows with scenic views. Always gotta look at the positives! :D
1080p master-race. Why do you have a fancy keyboard but a normal ass mouse and mouse pad? Don't tell me you robbed the Razer store.
>>755 It's not a fancy keyboard at all, it's one of those cheap Chinese knock-offs. I think it cost less than $10 bucks on Amazon. It doesn't have like programmable lights or anything, they're either always on or they can do a fade in/out effect. I did have a pretty fancy mouse, this one $50 wireless jobbie... but then the rubber side pieces sorta melted/disintegrated after about a year. After that I got this little grocery store check-out logitech jobbie for like $10 bucks. It's like a laptop mouse so it's super tiny, but I've pretty used to it over the past couple years. I can't really afford anything too fancy right now... hence the reason my second monitor is a repair job of a decade old Acer PoS. I gotta make due with what I got, sort of a "scavenger build" if you will.


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