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(104.46 KB 1024x768 First Encounter Assault Recon.jpg)
Idea for a political game Anonymous 02/20/2020 (Thu) 05:53:20 ID:7afcb4 No. 810
it's a civilization game where you take charge of a small group of people at the beginning of time and try to raise it to a great civilization. the difference here is that you choose specific policies for you civilization, and the results of any set of policies are based upon how exactly how those sets of policies worked in the past. eventually, the player community will determine which policies are the best to use. everything is designed to be a 1:1 depiction of reality, as close as possible, even the way you take control of you initial population is also true to the way the first human societies were formed. there is also the distribution of genes among your people and the lifeforms around you, all of which are affected by your decisions as well, along with the environment, and each individual's genes determines their traits just as they would in real life. Genetic data is largely hidden from you until you have the tech to see it, and actually ask for that information to be determined for you. speaking of which, you can ask those under you to gather information, you also get updates on the visible affects of your policies on the people, though some of the less visible stuff must be actively looked into. you cannot directly choose the advancement of technology or culture like you do in sid mier's, nor do you directly instruct people to build structures (if you want a wall, you choose policies concerning border security, and a wall follows from that), people who are not politicians are the ones who do that, you are a political leader, not a scientist, engineer, architect, or artist, your power is strictly political in nature, only the ability of a real human leadership is given to you, though this means that you do not need to conduct research to discover political policies, you simply have all of them available to you from the beginning. on that note, you can choose from any political policy that has ever existed or from any political policy that had ever been proposed (the effects of these will need to be extrapolated from what is already known, or what is most likely). the game ignores things like how leaders are chosen, as you are leader for life, issues like parliament or democracy are not even mentioned. some of your policies also determine how you interact with the societies of the other players in the world with you, I mentioned "other players" because this game has no AI players in it, all societies you share Earth with are run by real people, each of which spawns in a random location on the Earth, with all the affects the locations will have on the society and it's people down the line. all players begin at the dawn of humanity and it's civilizations, just after mankind has occupied every continent and island (with the exception of naturally uninhabitable places like antarctica) so everyone starts out equal. the descriptions of events that occur are described to the player in such a way that they will know their causes, eventually a meta will form and people will learn to craft a political system that resembles the ideal. AI societies can emerge later on, as they from when groups pf people split off from those of the players, fr example america resulting from briton colonists who seceded. the game will update the effects of policies, environments, and their combinations, as new information becomes available, this is in order to keep the game as accurate to the facts as it can be. this updating system will operate on a wiki like basis, but one free of censorship and bias (meaning that anyone caught being offended, anti-white, anti-male, left-of-center, or even being centrist is removed immediately, in order to prevent them from taking over and subverting the whole thing), with set standards on evidence (such as statistics) and argumentation (such as a ban on the use of logical fallacies), we will constantly remind each other of the past takeovers our enemy has committed, some not even /pol/ related, such as the corruption of the SCP wiki, and ask offenders to compare and contrast their actions with those who played roles in the initial stages of other documented subversion events, just so actual shills will know that we know their playbook, and that they will be forced to distance themselves from things that occur in later stages, only for them to be banned for good when they eventually support the very thing they denounced. we will have people who see to it that conclusions follow from method/data, and that the methodology/evidence adheres to the standards they have to, and that the standards are kept constant for everything, etc. they re to police each other to see to it that their own biases don't creep into their judgments, even when those biases are those held by some version of /pol/. the goal is simple, to determine the most ideal form of society, and to have more people discover it on their own through experimentation. a simulation game like this makes it fun.
>>810 please ignore
>>811 sounds neat make it then.
>>812 I cant. I'm on welfare. I have no idea on how to make even the simplest of games, I'm no game-design genius (or genius in general, I'd estimate my own IQ is somewhere in the 60's region). I'm alone with no one I can trust, let alone even talk about this idea with, god forbid form a game design team with. "just like make gaem" is not an option for me, I'm willing to help in any way I can, but, I cannot do this by my lonesome and incompetent self. and no, I cannot "just learn" how to make this a reality, "educating my (shitlord) self" is not a reasonable nor realistic option for me, at least from where I am right now. Maybe with a better situation going for me such as more money, an actual team to work with (and learn from), some Idea of how well this would pan out (and a more fleshed-out plan), etc.
>>813 ok then make a shitty then try to improve it. use a beginner game engine.
Could make it text based. The hard part would be constructing an "AI" to caculate the reactions of the masses and foregin goverments.
>>810 >the game ignores things like how leaders are chosen, as you are leader for life, issues like parliament or democracy are not even mentioned. who are the bad guys then? You sound like an idea goy, I too am just an idea goy. Perhaps you should pitch the idea around steam or the many vidya forums.
>>816 Perhaps something like CK2 in which you play as a "family" and your family has descendants who can rule or even go lower to dukes and such. Maybe something like that? Sure your grandad was king but you are an office clerk in the New Republic and have to work your way back up.
>>813 The way you write tells me your iq is a lot higher than 60, friend.
>>818 I'm a lot less intelligent than I sound, I also have a lot less confidence in myself than I seem to possess. >>817 Interesting, but as succession of leadership was less important than what the leadership decides to do, I was thinking of a "just don't mention it" kind of arrangement, kind of like in a (((sid mier's))) game like "alpha centauri". The whole idea of the game is putting people in charge and having them discover how their ideas for a society would actually turn out according to the body of real-world evidence and it being portrayed in-game as accurately as possible to their results in the real world. The other idea is about education, showing them the "survey says" results on their pet cause, basically forcing them to face the facts, for example, they will see their cherry-pocked data-point, but also the preponderance of information that contradicts or reduces the results of your anecdote, and by giving them the option of contributing to the body of knowledge the results are based on in hopes of changing the game's representation of their ideas, they will learn about science, logic, philosophy, psychology, etc. basically teaching them how to think skeptically, rationally, and empirically. There is another purpose here as well. Often people don't think about policy and just go with ideology/party/leader, they don't care what their team is actually supporting, they are just "go team liberal" and "boo team conservative" in mindset. This is obvious when you ask them what they think a good immigration system would be, and they don't really have an answer, they are just going with whatever their team is in favor of at the time. Or when their party/leader of choice does a complete 180 on their policies, and the follower does not notice nor care. Divorcing policy from ideology/leader/party results in them diverting from a team-mindset and forces them to think independently, and that is a threat to all of the mainstream ideologies who peddle bullshit. I always found it strange that when you choose democracy as your government in "civilization", your leadership position is never challenged, it's the same leader, being re-elected, forever. And it's not like the characters they choose were always super popular, either, for example, there were a ton of indians who supported british rule and loved the caste system, they all hated Gandhi and would have voted against him, they also saw him and his ideas as a liability, especially when ww2 was coming around. and with the civ version of the guy being a completely out of control war-monger, there is no way event he most rabid indian would want him in place as head of their country. >>816 Bad guys? it's a civilization-management game, you have to deal with the challenges of running a country, dealing with other countries, and so on. You don't need an eternal enemy to make this game work, in fact, a country that may be your enemy at one point could be you ally later on, and vice versa. That's just how this works, the same way reality does. This is for education and fun, not propaganda, lol. >>815 indeed, which is why I'd like a community pf players, rather than making a single-player game, where that becomes a major issue, it might also allow a better meta to form when everyone knows that the leaders they are dealing with are other people, and not bots. I don't know. I need a team, is there anyone willing to work on this project with me?
I also have no clue how to get started, I mean, what do I need to get in order to start making this with? how to get funding? etc.
the world has hundreds of thousands of idea people. anyone who can actually program is generally already doing their own thing or at least has 1000s of other ideas to pick from. I would recommend you make a couple hello-world console applications in c++ and then see if there's any way you can slim your idea down to the bare essentials and build upwards from there
>>813 If you're on welfare you have plenty of free time. Find a guide online and learn to do it, faggot. I don't wanna hear your excuses.
>>813 It's called hard work dumb dumb
>>813 I'm working on something similar. Think like how (((they))) put propaganda in everything except this game is going to all but name (((them)))
here is how katawa shoujo was made: - Idea guy posts image and states basic premise - Other anons think it's a good idea and start recruiting assigning roles, forming a small dev team "four leaf studios" - team begins creating game and posting updates, eventually releases demo and starts collecting fund via donations - more than enough is gathered to finish the project and so they do a bit extra notice how the idea guy doesn't get told to do it all by himself, notice how the idea guy is not even involved in the project past the first step. this is how a jewish movie is made: - jew producers find a barebones concept for a film from pitches - they hire a team of writers (not the idea guys) to flesh it out into a plot/script - they recruit a team of directors, actors, etc. (probably some of them will be jews) and production starts - any of the above may be altered in the course of production, but usually the core premise of the project remains the same (not always, however) people who come up with good ideas often do not have the natural skill to fully fill the ideas out, on the other hand, skilled writers often have trouble coming up with a basic concept. the creation of anything requires multiple people to work together, a creation of a one-man team is something rare and the process is so difficult that often even those capable of such a feat will quit out. finally, there are things you do not factor in to your treatment of idea guys, that one's potential for developing skills and talents are predetermined from birth, and while programming may seem trivially easy for you, it may actually be impossible for someone else to pick up and perform with any level of adeptness. you of all people should realize this, finally, you may not be genuine in your statements, I asked for resources so I could attempt to tech myself, yet you failed at delivering this, are your intentions truly to help /pol/ make some media, or are you actually wanting to derail the event that anything would come of this? because, in some venture requiring a team effort, it seems you can easily prevent anons from collaborating by suggesting that the one who pitches the concept take on all of the burden before anyone else contributes, this is also something particularly effective on /pol/ since /pol/acks are by nature pariahs, often very distant from each other and any who would be willing to help them. Unlike the left, where an indie developer (say, macmillan) could easily find a team among their friends to produce something (such as binding of isaac). even the most unlikable man in indie gaming development, phil fish was able to find a team to make fez before he even began to make it. /pol/acks don't have this ability, the only place we can look for help is on this board, but whenever one of us tries, we are being told to play by a different set of rules to the left in terms of game development, we instead have to do a mountain of work, solo, before anyone else will be able to touch the project. something that almost never happens (I can recall one case of a solitary developer, the game was "dust", and the game was a furry action-epic side-scroller). anyone hating on ideas guys has a lack of understanding how things are done in terms of creative pursuits, even lovecraft used his friends to aid him in his writing, and lewis caroll bounced his ideas off of three little girls, in essence, they had a team of writers to work with from day 1. this set of requirements isn't workable, and we wonder to ourselves why there isn't any creative media coming out of the actual right (or, at least, not much of it, and certainly none of good quality). It's because you demand that everyone who is willing to work on something become some lone creative genius who can make something halfway decent without anyone else to work with, or even discuss their ideas with. A recipe for disaster, and so nothing gets done. for all your talk about being realists regarding biology, you ignore the differences in natural talent that make a team necessary, for all your talk about collective action, you dismiss the opportunity for it when it is right in front of you. that is you either being dishonest, or lacking in self-awareness.
>>810 I just wish some anons out there would be dedicated enough to remaster Ethnic Cleansing. The game itself is trash but it is Pierce approved and deserves a remake.
(26.36 KB 437x336 kc013.jpg)
>>819 Sounds like a less shit verison of Nation States. You would have to limit the amount of options to pick from though as you would need to caculate the outcome for all them. I could see that working though, having a drop-down for Currency Backing for instance (Labour Backed Fiat, Gold, Silver, Unbacked) and then the money disturbtion (Private Bond Aggragate /State through public works). I could see that working. >>826 I was thinking of remaking it in Brutal Doom some time ago, gave up because of texture issues but it may be duable with the "final release". It honestly would fit better as a Brutal Doom wad. It would probally look better tbh, Ethnic Cleansing was pain on the eyeballs and the fucking shadows? It's like you're playing as the El Paso shooter but the dork left his glasses at home.


no cookies?