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(702.52 KB 1920x1080 2018-06-13-desktop-tc.png)
Why aren't you using a microkernel hypervisor? Anonymous 04/20/2020 (Mon) 08:01:09 No. 873
SculptOS (Genode Framework+seL4) is a secure microkernel operating system that can easily be used to run virtual machines. It supports a variety of real hardware including Intel WLAN and iGPUs. It's less than 30MB and boots almost instantly, and even has a basic GUI built in. https://genode.org
There is a level of niche that if crossed you become less secure. Linux at least has a lot of eyes on it.
>>880 The very nature of a microkernel makes it more secure. L4 takes it a few steps further. Read up on it and you'll understand why it's superior.
>>873 You literally give z e r o evidence to back up your claims.
Having a smaller kernel would certiantly make it faster, but how would that make it more "secure" and in what way? Not to mention you would have to have a much smaller library of call commands to mantain the kernel's micro status; thus reducing usability and compadability by alot. Which I guess would make it more "secure", but that's like saying you're secure against being robbed because you can't leave the house. Why not just use base Unix if we are going this dinosaur? Why even have a GUI? We can make it even "faster" without one.
>>1113 Qt has been ported and it offers some POSIX compatibility. What are you even talking about? >>966 Read the seL4 and Genode docs, smooth brain
(2.85 MB 200x234 laughingterrydavis.gif)
>>873 >micro kernel on a pozzed chip is secure wew
(254.39 KB 480x232 DAY OF THE SEAL.PNG)
>>873 >wow t3h microkernel will fix everything cuz muh memes >shows picture of broken terminal and broken XML >claims OS is secure yet somehow it can still run qt based software and a ported web browser (or ported engine) stay oblivious DAY OF THE SEAL SOON


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