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(1.45 MB 3640x2140 tranny dungeon.png)
Calling it now Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 02:24:10 No. 2
>inb4 sissy hypnosis dominates the board
Was there really demand for this board? Not shitting on people who want it but compared to other requested boards, this seems really niche.
This shit doesn't work, i've tried hypnosis crap on youtube and all it does is make me impatient, maybe i'm too stubborn
it's for weak willed people and/or coomers, nothing more
make sissy hypnosis great again
S T O P - R A C I S M - A N D - S E X I S M
kys faggot nigger
why does this board even exist? Surely /ecopol/, /out/, /bleached/ or even /cyber/ would be more popular on a Tazbek ibex conservation board full of refugees from cripplechan and quarterchan
Try it in your sleep. Not fag shit though. There's a ton of self-improvement hypno out there actually. Just make sure to find good audio and if you can't focus on it, I can't do that shit either, play it in the background or while you sleep.

you don't have to watch it lol, close your eyes homie

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