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Why are Canacucks such fags? Anonymous 10/12/2019 (Sat) 18:29:38 ID:626c89 No. 8
While I respect Burgers -seeing how they have pushed technology to the next level and created the most powerful country in the world-, Canadians are a whole different thing.

Why are Canadians so low-energy, forgettable and meek fags? What was the reason behind such faggotry? Is it because there's French blood in them or is there something else?
Not sure, there's a lot to unpack there. For one Canada is a massively spread out country and people at one end of country have little in common from way of life, to values that the other end may have. Add to that cities like TO and Vancouver are majority foreigners and the few true Canadians there and have little in common with the rural folk just an hour down the road.

Not to mention we have very little by way of a Canadian history or shared experience besides a hatred of cold winters

Perhaps be more specific and maybe I can help enlighten, but as a fucked up Leaf myself, perhaps the burgers are better at providing the answer you seek
Why would you say you're so different to Americans?
Even if both have the UK as a starting point your cultures are very different.

As for my question, it seems Canada getting gulped up by foreigners and it doesn't seem like anyone is putting up a fight against it. You're more like Sweden than the US and that seems weird to me.
Anglo-saxon blood.
A more general response would be, the "polite Canadian" is not just a meme. For 50 years it was a fact, importing 10 million into a population of 33, in just over 5 years, has not gone completely without notice and reaction.
Most of the new immigrants have been placed in the 3 major cities (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver), where the population is already very progressive and has not had much reaction but,

Alberta and Edmonton see highest rise in reported hate crimes in Canada
Published June 13, 2017 2:52 pm
Edmonton and Alberta are showing the highest increase in hate crimes, according to a new report from Stats Canada.


Smaller cities have been pushing back against this trend
(25.62 KB 403x290 How-canadians-see-the-world.jpg)
>i respect burgers
oh dear god.

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