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(258.61 KB 800x533 weapons.jpg)
Welcome to Weapons! 663 Board owner 09/17/2019 (Tue) 20:16:04 No. 1 [Reply]
Welcome to /k/ - 16chan's Weapons Board.

This board is dedicated to the discussion of all topics pertaining weapons, armor, and military technology.

Please check the global rules and board rules before posting:

(366.72 KB 1920x1080 IMG_1102.PNG)
/akg/ AK General Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 01:09:55 No. 37 [Reply] [Last]
AK General /akg/
Prototype Edition
>Thread #1
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>>142 Yes.
>>142 work those pinky muscles. it's important
>>142 >pinky hanging off *sips yes. >>129 >what about the AR's platform Depends on what application you want to do with it. close/med/long range. You can always do a hybrid build, but the mag adaptability might be a turnoff. Avoid the armalite platform if you wish for a folding butt. The 7.62 based kalash remains by far the best engine for close/mid. But as soon you want to be effective at a range over 100m, I would suggest 5.56 or 51 if you're sold on the 7.62 mass. Or if you want to increase maximum flat shooting, you can always reduce payload weight.
>>229 how are you able to find that out all that just from a photo? does it work for both iPhones and Androids?

(37.89 KB 474x735 mywhenface.jpeg)
Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 22:52:13 No. 76 [Reply] [Last]
>IDs on a weapons board
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Only discord faggots and shills care about hiding their IDs
Nobody gives a goddamn fuck about IP addresses living in America anymore. VPN and TOR posts should be legally filed under protected free speech.
>>168 "You dont have to worry about privacy if you have nothing 2 hide!!!!!"
>>207 >"You dont have to worry about privacy if you have nothing 2 hide!!!!!" Okay, get a VPN if you want a different IP every time you post retard.
(29.17 KB 97x126 purse.png)
>>300 >cuckime

(3.38 MB 4032x3024 5.56 SS 2.jpg)
(2.60 MB 4032x3024 5.56 SS.jpg)
Molested Magazines for Leafs Anonymous 11/04/2019 (Mon) 06:07:33 ID:2005c3 No. 183 [Reply]
Please help me, I'm in this horrible land, where rifle magazines have been limited to a capacity of 5rds; how would anyone here go about in disassembling and flattening, capacity-limiting dents in your AR-15 magazines?
I have a stainless-steel 5.56 Duramag that I'll work on, I'd also rather not permanently damage the magazine.

Also, if there are other 5.56 AR15 magazines available in Canada, which are easier to restore to their original 30rd capacity, please let me know.
Order online. Get as many clips as you need.
Pmags are easiest. Just drill out pin
>>183 This >>296 Probably could do it with pliers and a dremel easily.
Best method: get a small machine screw, a nut and two washers. Small enough that the follower can't snag on the hole, 1/8" or 3/16". More threads per inch is better, because this is going to be a lot of torque for a screw that size. The washers need to be bigger than the dents so you can only see undamaged metal around the top one. Drill a hole in the dent for your screw, slightly bigger than the screw (the stretched metal is going to need somewhere to go when you press it back into shape.) Grind/sand two sides of one of your washers until it fits in the slot the follower rides in (where the dent is.) You may need to make a few of these if your screw head hits the slot before it contacts the washer. If your washer already fits then great, skip that step (you may still need a stack though. Pull the follower and spring and insert the screw with the ground on washer(s). If your screw is a hexcap and short enough to fit down the magazine body narrow-ways, save yourself some frustration and put it in with a pair of pliers from the inside with the hole facing down (don't forget the washer(s), and you can hold the screw by the threads just below the washer(s) if you're having trouble getting it down the slot.) Then apply the regular washer and nut to the other side, finger tighten and put a wrench on both of them. Turn the outside wrench until you're pretty sure you're about to strip the screw (no biggie if you do, just get extra) and you should have a flattened out dent with a hole that isn't likely to make the follower snag and tilt. Less good but easier way: drill the dent out completely. Place a washer or any other flat circular object which can fit through the hole into hole, kept from falling through by a backer that fits into the slot (a straight piece of wood, or something you're not afraid of messing up.) Clamp the backer (lightly) in place and apply an adhesive. JB Weld (or whatever the equivalent is up there in Leaf Land) will do fine. Superglue isn't great but it'll do in a pinch. Leave it to set up and you should have a working mag. You can drill out your patch and try again if it doesn't run. Janky but quick: drill the dent out, tape over the hole in the slot from the inside, and slime that shit with JB Weld. Let it set up and remove the tape. You might be able to just glue shimstock over the hole. Never tried it, don't know if the follower would try to snag on the edge of the (covered) hole or not.

The future of gun control in America, Europe and around the world Anonymous 04/26/2020 (Sun) 22:45:35 ID:c84347 No. 286 [Reply] [Last]
Back in the 90s when gun control first became a thing after Dunblane in England, people had to make shitty zip guns to circumvent European gun laws. Due to the lack of availability of lathes, mills or other factory equipment that's required to build a firearm, most homemade guns were unreliable at best or hand-held pipe bombs at worst. Two of the best examples would be the Luty 9mm SMG and the Brocock revolvers. The Luty SMG is a 9mm submachine gun that is an open bolt, smoothbore, jam-o-matic piece of shit that lacks an extractor and the rounds can only go out via inertia, and it lacks a shoulder stock. These are made entirely from hardware store parts. But the thing is that smokeless rounds would most likely not work on this gun, so you'd need to use black powder cartridges. The second one were a type of airsoft revolvers that were manufactured in the UK at a certain time that could easily be converted to fire real rounds by simple drilling or adding .22 sleeves. But fast forward to today and you've got a much better selection of homemade and black market firearms. You've got Tor's black market guns and 3D printer guns as well as CNC machines which will allow you to rifle the barrels so that they're actually reliable firearms. I appreciate the works of Cody Wilson and the Tor project to not only make information more accessible and to act as a platform for dissidents, but also because now the government can't do anything to stop the flow of guns in heavily restricted areas. That means that now Eurotrash, felons, the mentally ill, terrorists and virtually anybody else can own a gun now regardless of what the government has to say. I think this is a win.
>>286 >felons, the mentally ill, terrorists and virtually anybody else can own a gun now regardless of what the government has to say. I think this is a win. Far from a win faggot. How about a society where your faggoty dragon dildo whistle blowing police removed felons, mentally ill, and terrorists instead of going after people for not having their thinking loicense renewed? >OP is a oi guvnor cheeky bent copper selling firearms under the counter touting for business So how many illegal firearms do you dirty police officers in bongland sell to criminals on the down low? Is the corruption on a Fast&Furious/10 scale in Europoor-land? Does Mary Poppins approve of your naughty behavior?
>>286 Are the plans for the FGC-9 and mags on some private torrent site somewhere? Can't find them anywhere without giving out my credit card info and showing ID.

/k/ memes are now red flags Anonymous 05/15/2020 (Fri) 08:53:27 ID:23b952 No. 290 [Reply] [Last]
The NCRI (Network Contagion Research Institute) published a paper on how boogaloo memes and lolbertarian faceberg pages are a domestic threat to the US, and how they've had effects on events like the Whiskey Warrior 556 standoff and various open carry protests. They discuss the deployment of language analysis software, Law Enforcement cooperation, and the monitoring of websites, in order to detect "dog whistles", hateful violence, and calls to insurgencies and mobs. Be aware that they're going to start using smarter methods to single out and disarm/detain even the most subtle bad goys, especially with the upcoming deployment of HARPA and Federal Level ERPOs.
(94.09 KB 886x720 1587303121867.jpg)
Thanks for the info anon. We'll just have to meme harder with more OC it seems.
>>290 Yeah
Full of strawmen and doublespeak even in the first few pages. It conflates right wing or reactionary violence with Islamic terrorism, even though one is destructive, turning western nations into shitholes, whereas the other is constructive, removing obstacles to western greatness. The entire point of memetic drift is that it evolves to counter any attempts to censor it. This paper was published some 3-4 months after the boogaloo meme started to gain traction. Unless they cut out entire levels of bureaucracy and control a 4GW structure, they are simply not going to be anywhere near the inside of even the slowest anon's OODA loop. This paper reads like it was written by committee. They will need to dissolve the Politburo to stop the boogaloo from happening, and without a boogaloo they will never dissolve the Politburo.

(122.65 KB 500x481 serveimage.png)
Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 03:58:42 No. 178 [Reply] [Last]
What market is best for inquiring about weapons grade explosives such as c4 or claymores, and grenades? Not worried about FBI or ATF, hell, if youre lurking, drop a line and vendor name please.
1 post omitted.
You might as well make them yourself, plenty of resources online, just don't be retarded about it.
Results might not look perfectly tacticool but they will do the big boom booms that you want.
Mehh. Would rather order c4 or claymores. Wish they had them on the markets /: @DEA.
Lmaoo, was planning on casually blowing up a cell tower or two in some remote area and posted about it. Then Was on my way to my drug dealers house and goddamn niggers were in unmarked vehicles and in disguise sitting by the cell tower. Lmaooooo
>>178 Do it yourself
>>178 >What market is best for inquiring about weapons grade explosives such as c4 or claymores, and grenades? Not worried about FBI or ATF, hell, if youre lurking, drop a line and vendor name please.

(665.76 KB 2560x1600 99bab1deaf7a869f92ef8d10b271011d.jpg)
4chan /k/ has turned into turbo-shit Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 18:02:13 ID:1e8777 No. 72 [Reply] [Last]
It'd be worth trying to bring some /k/ommandos over here and build this place up more.
12 posts and 5 images omitted.
The tranny jannies on 4chan try to ban you for pointing out weebshit /a/ threads don't even have firearms in them
>>261 OMG anon, FUCKING BASED. You brought up many of the same points I would have. They're just those same faggots who will argue that a BMW is better than a Honda that has the same HP Torque Cornering ability, etc. Elitists who despise "the system" LOLOL I saw so much of that, recommending combat rifles for home defense. "BUH BUH 55gr DOZENT PENETRAT LOTS UF DRYWALLS" So fucking retarded, and the worst part is, when I and a small minority of anons recommended a PCC for a home defense urban or suburban weapon if you're living on less than 0.75 of an acre, we were mocked "BLEWBAK IS TOODIRTY JUWANT YUR GUN TO JAMZ?!" "HA!! WHUTZ A 9MM isn't enuff to stop A BUNNYRABBIT" "DEH RECOOL FROM BLOWBAX MAKES THEM TOTES NOT WORTH IT, B&T APC 9 IS SHIT!!!" Honestly, more than money, more than women, more than fame, I want to ABSOLUTELY HUMILIATE no nothings, in ANY subject. I want them to publicly apologize for their unbelievable ignorance, and then probably hang themselves a few months later due to not being able to handle the shame of misleading and misinforming good people who needed good relevant information, and reached out to the anon. The world would honestly be a better place in all ways if no-nothings were humiliated into hermit status, or just into suicide. Their egos are so great that they'll argue that some tiny little point in your otherwise flawless argument, till the lava flows or civil war we were trying to prevent kills us all.
(82.49 KB 1024x768 meanwhile_at_Taurus.jpg)
>>261 >They hate on say, Taurus Taurus has earned its shitty, shitty reputation over a period of generations. Pic related. Friends don't let friends buy Taurus products for the exact same reason friends don't let friends buy Jennings, Rossi, Hi-Point, Jimenez, Raven, Cobra, RG, Rohm, etc. >>268 >recommending combat rifles for home defense. Because if you're using a home defense firearm, you are fighting for your life and the lives of your family. >I saw so much of that, recommending combat rifles for home defense. >"BUH BUH 55gr DOZENT PENETRAT LOTS UF DRYWALLS" Oh. It's THAT retard. Still salty because people showed you the gelatin tests showing 5.56mm M193 Ball usually stays inside a man's body and exits in fragments at low velocity if it exits at all? M193 Ball--which you don't HAVE to use in an AR, of course, though it's been killing people just fine since before you were born, or your father--yaws and fragments in building materials more or less as it does in soft tissue, which is why M855 was created in the first place. >the worst part is, when I and a small minority of anons recommended a PCC for a home defense Ah, yes. It's you. Because when I'm fighting for my life and the lives of my family, I want to handicap myself with a firearm that has all the length, weight, and bulk of a long gun and the power of a pissant pistol cartridge, when I could get 5.56mm power in the same package, with absolutely no down side or tradeoff, probably even for less money. Speaking of those guys with "actual military experience," I asked you this same question when you were sperging out and throwing a tantrum about this on 4chan's /k/ a few months back. The door-kicker guys in A'stan can use any firearm they want. They're doing CQB inside a small building with thin walls, just like the people with the "home defense" requirement. How many of the SOCOM door-kickers are using pistol-caliber carbines? Oh, that's right. The same number who are still using shotguns. None of them. Everybody's running an M4. EVERYBODY. But you want us to believe you know better than SpecOps guys who've killed more men than you've sucked cocks. Right. > I want them to publicly apologize for their unbelievable ignorance, and then probably hang themselves a few months later due to not being able to handle the shame of misleading and misinforming good people who needed good relevant information, and reached out to the anon. Projection much? > till the lava flows or civil war we were trying to prevent kills us all. Speak for yourself. You can vote your way into Clown World, but you can't vote your way back out. Civil war, real soon now, is a foregone conclusion. Accept it and internalize it, or get taken by surprise while you're still in denial. HONK HONK!
(299.46 KB 410x435 DA.png)
>>72 Why is /k/ so unlucky? 4/k/ is now run by discord faggots who delete posts for being political, racist, transphobic, homophobic, and anti-semitic while letting waifu and tranny threads stay up. The few people who found 8/k/ after it came back up again after being killed by cloudflare kikes, found it was compromised by law enforcement and pretty much dead. Julay/k/ is run by powertripping leftypol faggots, and is literally closing down with the rest of the site. Seems to me like they're trying to fragment unrestricted gun communities and create doubt in them. I don't see this happening to other boards like /k/.
>>289 I don't know anon. It's shit though. I missed my chance on 8/k/ to network with some anons local to my area in one of the networking threads and I kick myself everyday for it now. I'm depressed being unable to shitpost with my real frens.

(39.74 KB 645x330 pepe plane.jpg)
Why do americans invent stuff like this? Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 19:55:35 ID:d8437b No. 117 [Reply] [Last]

>"In both of the documents, the possibility was canvassed that a strong aphrodisiac could be dropped on enemy troops, ideally one which would also cause "homosexual behavior". "
3 posts omitted.
We're bored and have alot of resources available. Case in point, monster trucks.
>pretending you have any influence
>They won a Nobel Peace prize for inventing a gay bomb
>>117 YOU I WANNA TAKE YOU TO A GAY BOMB I WANNA TAKE YOU TO A GAY BOMB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IslF_EyhMzg
>>117 it was speculated during an era where the army thought lsd could be used for mind control

(34.58 KB 267x400 pants.jpg)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 08:03:50 No. 96 [Reply] [Last]
I realize this board has almost no posts on it but I don't see any reason to shit out a billion posts all over it with simple questions.
Now onto my question: Can someone tell me why the fuck Flektarn pants cost so much when compared with a parka or field jacket? It doesn't make any sense at all to me. Is there a greater demand for the pants? Maybe I'm just retarded but I can't find a pair under $40.
32 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>96 Buttons are the first to go. I speak from experience.
(41.52 KB 800x600 orange-airsoft.jpeg)
Anyone got some good info posts on disguised firearm laws? Assume I have a legal AR, can I paint the tip of the barrel orange? Can I paint the whole thing orange? Spraypaint with cheap black paint so it looks like plastic? I see NFA1934 referring to disguised canes and the like but not 100% sure where the dividing line is. Spraypaint the whole thing orange and claim that it's just because that's my favorite color and never cop to any other motive? asking for a friend (nod really)
(2.31 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>255 I just looked into this stuff some, why does the Bundeswehr not use a standardized attachment device, they have snap-on type buttons for seemingly everything except the pants which look to be exclusively buttons save the pocket covers on the side of the pants. Not that it matters much if a button breaks, easy fix. >>258 Pretty sure pic related is legal so I don't see why whatever you're doing wouldn't be. I don't think it's illegal to make a gun look like a toy. Not a lawyer.
>>156 Go look at the forums out there for Form 1’s. Without giving any away, I’ll say that there are easy to find sites that sell every thing you’d need to make a “”””solvent trap”””” that would work for any caliber for around $300. Just go research it.
>>101 >is a 3d printer a good investment? If so which one One that prints in metal instead of plastic. >and what should I print? More 3D printers, of course.


no cookies?