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(122.76 KB 1024x698 bob.jpg)
Preparing for a Civil War Anonymous 09/07/2020 (Mon) 03:55:16 No. 498
This is the place to share your favorite prepping books, JewTube channels, guides, images/pastas, personal advice and loadouts. What are the best online stores for gear? Where are the safest locations in the US? Do you already own a gun? What kind of gun? What are the best stores to find guns and ammo that aren't sold out? I will try to post information as I come across it, hopefully the American anons will join in. Not datamining, just want to have a modicum of supplies in case things go south and figured anons may be thinking the same.
>>505 >regarding buried survival caches >>>/library/542 TC 31-29/A Special Forces Caching Techniques added today
>>498 >This is the place to share your favorite prepping books >This is the place >the place >/pol/ is the place for /k/ kek! This dead site has a PPH so low you have to bait on /pol/ for (you)s instead of a proper prepping board? >faggot.jpg >no retention straps / sling >no waterproofing of blanket(? wtf?) >larp rings >no climbing rated carabiners >shoot me in the back if you're an angry beaner flag patch placement >optic positioned for a dwarf ngmi >>35152 >one might be able to pre-hike and bury caches over the coming months that would allow one to reach further into the wilderness than otherwise possible. >what is a base camp for climbing a mountain? Tips: Make a survival kit and put it inside the back of your *morale* patch (it's for good morale right?) Put your gun cleaning kit and / or last round in your rifle grip. Some like to wrap a mini survival kit on the foregrip. Put your triage kit where you can not only access it but use it one handed. Practice. Some rich fags are looking at staying out a sea for a few years if they aren't doing the bunker prep like other rich fags. sage - because why bump a dead board
>>507 >caring about stock image >no /k/ >announcing sage when sage button exists >complaining about board while posting on it ngmi
>>508 >butthurt over such a low traffic site >bumps thread <browser tab notification thanks for reminding me I left this browser tab open by mistake.
Do not let them demoralize you, anons. They will call you anything and everything to weaken you mentally so you won't fight back. >>509 Look at this nigger, critiquing a backpack. They will critique you to oblivion. Rittenhouse shot 3 with a cheap AR. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to act. This is what they fear. Keep your chin up, lads. Do some pushups.
TDP, gun plans, 3D printables, etc https://lbry.tv/@Deterrence-Dispensed:2
>>507 Seriously anon. Complain about dead board but post to it. Cmon. Regarding prepping, also don't forget to communicate to your community no matter how small, your plans and intentions. Things that your wife and kids should know. This should not be a surprise the day of and they shouldn't be new to the idea of bugging out or whatever your plan is. It will quickly clear up questions and establish unequivocally that you are the plan maker, and the one to look to for guidance. In a crisis, the chain of command must not be broken, and decisions must be made. Having said that, use your head. OpSec matters so none of this spouting off plans to people you do not trust.
>>510 >Look at this nigger, critiquing a backpack. They will critique you to oblivion. >Rittenhouse shot 3 with a cheap AR. Rittenhouse knew his shit. He had over 12years firearms experience. Anyone who knows their shit would know OP's backpack is for larpers like (you). If the OP gave a fuck about the subject OP would at least make the EFFORT to bake* the thread properly. You fucking soyflakes can't handle criticism necessary to skill up. *bake is a term we used long before Qlarpering boomers showed up you reddit newfaggot
>>505 Nigger you need to get out more we’re here. Not to mention I’ve even seen normies rethinking their stance since chop happened. Maybe try to get involved with the idiot Sawant recall if you need to meet people, just take baby steps with getting to know them politically. Don’t be full nazi right out of the gate. There’s also some very well known groups around here if you don’t mind being more blatant.
>>498 You do have an emergency deck of cards on you right?
>>498 The south will come to you
(1.23 MB 2202x3000 92342yheidxas1.jpg)
(258.58 KB 415x637 92342yheidxas4.png)
(1.42 MB 1504x2964 1475722570954.jpg)
>>498 Selco's story of his experience during the siege of Sarajevo is required reading.
>>507 >you have to bait on /pol/ for (you)s Do not do that. Never do that. If you're doing that, then stop right now and go back to 4chan. We do not want those people. They ruined 4chan. Then they ruined 8chan. They'll ruin 16chan if you let them.
>>519 FYI Apparently this "selco" fag was a big liar
>>521 Really? That sucks. Why dies everyone lie?
(98.59 KB 676x509 right to carry.gif)
>>523 I was looking for the TLDR but couldn't find it again. That's not to say even if this guy is fake that his writings aren't useful or inspirational but there were people questioning the validity of that story. Also that story has only ever been sourced on sites that sell things for profit and the surrounding echo chamber and the contradictions hasn't been addressed.
>>505 > Unfortunately I live in a low income apartment complex just north of Seattle. I do not know any fighting age white men in my immediate vicinity, and my hermit lifestyle has left me friendless. My nearby family is brainwashed, my distant family are nevertrumpers, and my grandmother is 80. I will be going this alone until I can meet likeminded people after the collapse. Move now. Like fucking now. Close your browser and move.
>>525 As I suggested, kit out a car like a gypsy style Vardo. You don't need much, literally anything with enough space for a bed would do for California. Some insulation would be nice too.
>>524 I get what you're saying and agree. It's a shame though since I have been searching for stories about the Yugoslav Wars since I believe that they're going to be useful. Selco's story is the only really good/in depth one I've heard. I can believe that he exaggerated or even made up stuff but it's damn annoying the dearth of information on a subject that happened less than 30 years ago.
>>527 There are more than some bosniak who's had problems though, in relation to prepping and of interest I found this about Argentina in 2001 for example. I've never heard about Argentina's financial collapse but I'll be watching it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsqa-YHE36A http://ferfal.blogspot.com/2008/10/thoughts-on-urban-survival-2005.html
>>514 kek
>>513 kyle rittenhouse was 17 when he did the needful are you saying he started shooting at age 5?
>>498 For the record when I made this OP, that is not a picture of my own "bug out bag," nor is it a picture of what I would deem to be a "good" bug out bag. I simply searched images for "bug out bag" and chose a photo that would properly represent a "bug out bag" as a symbol, in the same way the icon for the phone app on smartphones is not a symbol for a smartphone, but rather an old landline. The faggot itt talking about the photo is a pathetic waste of skin. Sadly, not much good came from this thread as I became too busy with other things to make the informational posts I intended to. It would be great if a moderator could move this thread to /k/ because that is where it really belongs. AFAIK there was no /k/ when I made this thread.


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