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(55.15 KB 599x453 brun latrige brevet 1.jpg)
TM's thread Anonymous 09/18/2019 (Wed) 03:25:42 No. 15
This thread is dedicated to interesting manuals, TM's, and technical firearm information resources that others might find interesting.
pdf's not allowed to post?
I can add PDF support, if you guys would like.
(82.06 KB 1276x468 a7lyrys62l9y.jpg)
respond to contact / assault through an ambush
PDF support is now enabled!
(102.02 KB 970x1160 RiverineWarfareFM31-75-9.jpg)
riverine warfare / assault an objective
thanks bro
(50.92 KB 953x569 AR-15_M4_Barrel_Dimensions.jpg)
Just a heads up, you can upload 5 files at a time now. I saw the owner post an update about it on /meta/.
(171.64 KB 1208x687 AR-15_M16_Spring_Data.PNG)
(612.26 KB 1103x654 JL Chaos DEPLOY THE DROENS.png)
(251.81 KB 1806x941 ak auto sear.jpg)
(180.51 KB 794x1209 celldet.jpg)
testing 5 filds and PDF upload
Does anyone have any SIGINT, OSINT nad GEOINT pdfs?


no cookies?