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(17.97 KB 474x317 th.jpg)
Bag Anonymous 12/31/2019 (Tue) 03:53:28 ID:33e504 No. 206
Remember your bag(s) anon. Supplies are often as important as weapons and ammunition.
(1.09 MB 3092x2067 1577417958416.jpg)
>>206 bump
>>206 What do you guys have this stuff for? When shit inevitably hits the fan, I assume...?
>>215 Tray.
>>334 Scenario 1: Direct Action - Read Eric Rudolph's memoir. Attached for your convenience. Scenario 2: Defense - Even if you're a boomer committed to simply turtling, the average home is not very defensible against a determined opponent. Most people don't live in a multifamily compound with guard towers and enough men to keep 10 armed watchmen stand duty 24/7. Even people in these compounds will have trouble with armored vehicles when they come to Waco you, not to mention drone strikes and cruiser missiles. So at some point bugging out becomes the superior option. But going back to the example of Eric Rudolph for a minute, I think his example of planning ahead and burying supply caches is supremely under-rated and is something I'd like to see more of among prepared-minded people, with tips on how to find a good spot, bury it in a way that bears and park service agents won't find it, etc.


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