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(7.38 MB 5184x3456 970966324.jpg)
Knife thread Anonymous 01/27/2020 (Mon) 20:53:19 ID:7bbaef No. 230
Knife general. Am well versed in knives and swords. Ask and I'll answer truthfully with knife and sword related questions
CQB Auto nothing less.
it there like a safe way to carry a knife around, and are there some methods attack someone as discretely as possible.
Yea, the best way to use a knife is to decapitate a US Government agent assigned to *chan and post a selfie on /b/ or /g/
Dear knife kun. I have recently stabbed my waifu pillow (its art) because the whore let my cat sit on her face. Its not Mr.Fluffles fault, he just wanted some attention, i blame her obviously. She knew what she was doing. But the question i really want to ask is this: Having severely overestimated my upper body strength i find myself unable to withdraw my FIRST BLOOD MKII due to the otherwise highly useful saw back becoming entangled in her filling & cover material. I have already removed the matches & fishing kit to reduce weight & have determined magnetic north if thats any help? The tweezers seemed to offer a lifeline at first but i am unable to use them to pick out & untangle the threads because every time i go near her i get an asthma attack & start crying again. I don’t want to ask my mother because that would mean admitting i have a 'body art' pillow & she just wouldn’t understand. Plz hlap.
(41.86 KB 605x600 me_in_2_days.jpg)
anybody got a QRD on bayonet laws? I was under the impression it was some nationwide ATF bullshit, but I saw my LGS is selling a bayonet lug. I swear I just assumed it was completely illegal. Does it go state-by-state?
>>327 I'd suggest applying semen as lubricant, but I suspect this remedial action has already been taken. Perhaps you should try flinging yourself at the opposite side to see if the knife dislodges.
I would like some websites where I can buy good knives. I am looking for a spring assisted knife, right around 3 inches so I can carry it legally on me for self defense
>>235 Hide it good. Practice the silence, modify to necessity. Be silent. A fixed blade in Condition 0, knife sheathed, unlocked, hand on handle. Strike.
>>333 3 in One oil. Like your digits
>>230 >photo taken on the truck bed outside by the tree and EXIF scrubbed.
dear op. how good at carambits for killing someone compared to a regular bowie knife, a tanto or a double edged dagger. If you are in a self defense situation what would you choose?
(29.05 KB 320x260 XE3vam.jpg)
>>230 This is from my country, comand knife good for cuting throat of enemies
>>419 Fuck off Faggot
>>419 >curved at the end Is that useful for something? Would think it would make stabbing an impossibility.
>>440 I believe it's main use would be skinning game, but if it's a true edge like it appears to be, you could hook it up under a person's ribcage easily enough, not that you can't just stab up at an angle with a straight blade.


no cookies?