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Anonymous 02/10/2020 (Mon) 10:58:15 ID:ad838b No. 238
You wanna go cunt?
Yes, let me go get my big round object called a shield you small dicked cunt.
>>239 It's a pretty cool weapon. https://youtu.be/iAjgwfhtWD8
I'll stick with my poleax.
(126.05 KB 450x306 fgn.png)
>>238 Fuck you abbo ill smack you with my stick i don’t need a fucking point
>>245 >>309 Dont fuck with us cuzn.
(72.49 KB 576x720 ggn.jpg)
>>324 What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you fucking kangaroo nigga?
>>238 >>239 >>245 >>309 >>324 >>325 Gentlemen, gentlemen! I have come with armaments of higher quality and destructive potential. how about you hand me a few of your nigger gals in exchange for the previously mentioned weaponry?
>>373 >Bartering for niggers. Hello Shlomo
>>374 Wherever I am, I must also promote race mixing
(52.82 KB 474x553 jew.jpg)
>>376 Come on goyim, consume the negroid flesh
(188.50 KB 661x800 1560507210682.gif)
I went to prison for this shit? blackies go back