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(92.65 KB 1466x621 kill-me-now.png)
For those of us in enemy territory - California edition Anonymous 09/19/2019 (Thu) 01:17:49 No. 24
What's the best thing to do for someone stuck in Calif*rnia? I have a life situation that means I'm stuck here for 2-3 more years, after which I plan to move somewhere cold and correct, where I will be justifiably hated.
What should I do in the meantime?

1. No guns till I move - least suspicion, no watchlists etc (if only you knew how bad things really are), but it's possible I miss the window of opportunity before the civil unrest and won't have access to the same hardware the Pedros got.
2. Get whatever california-cucked funs I can actually get - but are they even worth it from a home-defense perspective? The likely threat model is 4 men in body armor doing a 3am home invasion, so I'm not convinced a bolt-action rifle or 9mm peashooter is a good fit for my use case.
3. Just try to yeet it and pick something up- but I don't know shit, obviously, which means I'll probably just get pedro'd or glow'd along the way. Drive to Nevada or something and try a gun show?

It's bad enough here that I can't post this on 4tan, so I've never interacted with /k/ before. I'm sure I've already committed several CA thoughtcrimes in this post alone. Let our failure be a lesson to your states. It won't even hurt my feelings if you shoot me on sight as a Californian when I move to your state. God has forsaken us, and it is entirely our fault.

Pic related, it's the front page of today's paper.
I'd go for #2. If nothing else it at least gets you a chance to practice, and in a home defence situation, I'd take a nugget over a butter knife.
Bolt action rifles are nothing to sneer at, you at least have a fighting chance with one, and body armour is going to do fuck all against glorious 7.62x54r or 30-06.
I'm not gonna comply, neither should you

So driving magazines over from other states is by far the easiest way of getting a hold of them
say you and a friend were willing to do something like that...
>disassemble magazines
>one person takes the body
>other takes the internals
in the event either of you have your car searched (don't let them search), you won't be able to be charged with intent to construct or possession of an assault weapon
Drive to Nevada or Oregon and buy an AR/AK before they are federally outlawed (they will be). Heed my advice before it is too late.
just build an 80% weapon ya numbskull. You can order a polymer AR-15 lower receiver, and then finish it with basic tools like a drill and stuff. Then you go online or a gun shop or something and you order yourself an AR-15 upper receiver and the rest of the parts, which are not currently restricted.

just because the state wants to disarm you doesn't mean you should comply. if you go with an 80% lower you don't get put on a list or anything because you never bought a firearm. if you're smart/lucky maybe you can pay for everything and have it shipped without even having it traced back to you.

or you can even 3d print a nylon lower. but don't take my advice, I'm in CA and nogunz as well. so what the hell do I know.

I am working on 3d printing a glock frame. I have a cheap printer but I've already printed a half scale glock frame and it seems alright so far. I printed it in PLA. it won't stand up to heat if you leave it in a car but it will shoot. you can then buy parts on ebay. once you have the frame you need a slide and upper/lower parts kits plus the barrel. you do need to use a file or dremel or something to file down some aluminum which would be a bit of work.

if that works out I may print a new frame in nylon or zytel which will hold up much better.

maybe I won't follow through with my plan and just get scared out of it. but it's certainly a plan. the thing is, if I order the parts online, even with a card not linked to me, the address still will. you need to show ID to open up a PO box, too.

as I was typing this post I realized I might, or might not, be able to go to a firearms dealer and have parts ordered to them, and pay with cash, so I'm not even part of the whole trail. not sure if a dealer would be willing to do that but I think it might be legal. the only part that's regulated is the lower receiver from what I understand.

look up some things on your own. I don't really know that much.
seriously considering this.
can you give me some idea of what the process is? I.E. do I just slap down ~$800 and walk out with an undocumented AR-15 right away or is there a waiting period/forms I need to fill out? I was under the impression there was a background check required, how long does that take?
I.E. is this a quick one-day out and back trip or do I need to plan on a hotel room for three days etc.
How do I make sure I don't end up on either a National or California list of gun owners? I'd rather not be on anybody's list when the Cohen act confiscations start. any advice you or other anons can give is greatly appreciated.
Yeah it's way too hot here and filled with Jews and Spics. It really is just Israel 2.0, more concentrated here than anywhere else in the JewSA.
You can still get wheels and levers over in CA along with low cap autoloaders.
>Drive to Nevada or Oregon
Are you soft in the head? They are going ask for his drivers license. Proof of residency.
Buy some aluminium and a desktop CNC machine, then go to town.
How would one get an unmarked gun in a Canadian Minecraft server? Was thinking of asking some Hells Angels members in OSRS. Am willing to do drugs in LoL and/or kill someone in Roblox as well to prove I'm not a cop.
any recommendations on a desktop milling machine? overall costs? guides?
What all would it take to build a luty?
Check out castboolits.gunloads forum. Specifically the gunsmithing subforum. The info on there is far better than any other place.
>>27 This. Something like 30-06 will pierce high quality plate armor, versus something shitty like 9mm which will be stopped by it. It'll also go through walls, car doors, and other stuff if they try to hide. You aren't going to be able to do that with a 9mm. And let's be realistic, you aren't going to be able to take your time and aim and shoot the same target twice. You get one shot on a human sized moving target. Use a high powered rifle caliber and make it count.
>>193 9mm can probably go through doors (and drywall) unless they are reinforced but overall I agree with you.
Where in CA? If you have guns outside CA, don't bring them in. You'll have to register otherwise. Illegal guns will be a huge liability. If you actually defend yourself with them, the court will completely fuck you. Practicing will be an issue (you should only practice with rented guns anyway, if you can even find a range in this hellhole). Generally there are a lot of technicalities that will be used against you. Don't fall into the trap of thinking just because you can rationalize this one loophole in the law, you're safe. Something like a crossbow, black powder revolver or C&R is probably a better solution. At least its technically legal. Your threat model is a bit fanciful even if you lived in Alaska. Just 1v2 is shit odds, 1v4 is practically hopeless just due to numbers. And you've stacked the deck in their favor: They have armor, presumably more experience and better guns (since they have armor), got the drop on you, you're half asleep. And what do you have? Guess you know the location better. If squads of armored men start kicking down doors at 3am one day, the most productive thing for you to do is ensure that you will not stick around for that day. Whatever is keeping you here for 2-3 years, work on making it go away sooner. It's guaranteed to be an easier problem than getting funs in CA. If you suspect that you specifically will be targeted, same thing - gtfo asap, and maybe don't do things that will make you targeted. >>145 DL is not required, just government photo ID. You could use a passport or something. But apparently CA specifically prevents you from buying even in other states.
>>113 AR/AK style rifles are not going to be outlawed. You're just buying in to the liberal rage you see in the media. It would destroy an extremely lucrative market, plus it would be pointless since nobody is going to give them up and law enforcement won't even attempt to retrieve them since so many people own them and have made it clear what they intend to do if their second amendment rights are endangered. Many speculate it would even be the catalyst for the second civil war in America. The most any democrat could wish for is stricter laws. I live far east in the US and nearly everybody I know owns not one, but several AR-15's. They're hardworking, honest people. But even they've said they'd gladly fight to prevent tyrannical anti-gun laws from being passed and enforced. It's all talk, anon.
(24.25 KB 986x592 ARES SCR.jpeg)
(196.89 KB 1552x1164 ruger vaquero blued serveimage.jpeg)
(106.06 KB 1280x722 45-70.jpeg)
>>24 >holy fucking reddit spacing Anyway I'm sure even a cucked state like Commiefornia has to have a competitive cowboy shooting range somewhere which would give you an excuse to own a revolver and lever action, maybe you should join one. It would be good optics I think anway and allow you to have something 'legally'. And some lever action guns are literal elephant guns if your willing to pay a fuck ton of money for one and typical l are only single or shot or have a two round tube. I think 45-70 or .308 Win would be good enough but if you wanted one that fires meme rounds Henry makes on in 6.5mm Creedmoor. You could also look into getting an ARES SCR, which is basically a 'AR' style rifle that does everything an AR15/10 does minus the scary pistol grip. Also this >>120 If you good with tools building one should be piss easy. PSA or Aero are decent options to look into. Just make sure to never tell a soul you have one. >>113 >Drive to Nevada or Oregon and buy an AR/AK before they are federally outlawed I hate the flightless culture boomers have spawned. "bruh let's just move to X state since our Cali/NY/MA is cucked now". Look where that's gotten us, honestly I'm done with Dems/Reps and would rather vote for as many LoLbertarians and independents as possible that show up on my ballot, sure I don't agree with them on everything but what does the red boot and blue boot have left to offer? The left wants censorship because 'muh h8' speech and the right wants censorship because 'oy you can't criticize Israel' along with more foreign wars and state centralization despite republicans saying their 'conservative' which is bullshit. Pro gun citizens need to stop consuming sterilizing (((fast food))) wrapped/stored in BPA plastics and need to spawn as many children as possible and build a culture around 'lol fuck your laws' with numbers to back it else we're doomed. Well I guess the lemmings will lead us off a cliff anyway but I'm proposing we at least form the equivalent of cushion before that happens so we don't break all our bones on impact. Sorry for the rant, feel free to ignore.
I have an old 22. Lr rifle that I found and I can provide pictures but I need a guide on how to make it serviceable again. Got it from a homeless guy who found it in the woods.
Machete >>241 Are you sure he didn't find it at a crime scene? When I was a kid I used to pop off a .22 for fun at beer cans (.22 ammo was really easy to get) and shit till I realized why it was probally left by the side of the road then I shot with it anyways.
>>24 >I have a life situation The only sane thing for someone stuck in Soviet Kalifornistan to do is egress immediately by whatever means are still available, before the next Marxist Governor rebuilds the Berlin Wall to keep gringo taxpeons in. You choose to stay even one more hour, I have no pity.


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