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(366.72 KB 1920x1080 IMG_1102.PNG)
/akg/ AK General Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 01:09:55 No. 37
AK General /akg/
Prototype Edition
>Thread #1
(1.42 MB 3544x1625 IMG_E1989.JPG)
fuck off tripfag
>immediate tripfag hate
I love this chan better already.
(84.81 KB 403x302 IMG_1638.JPG)
no thanks, can't say the gamer word there.
This thing is so fucking sexy.
Can I get a quick rundown on AK's? Why should I buy one, is it easy to get one in the US?
(3.02 MB 3341x2769 IMG_E2085.JPG)
In the Us a good way to go fir 7.62x39 is a wasr. arsenals are good too but more expensive. for 5.45, no ones making new ones anymore but there are kit builds and used saigas veprs and slr104s. as for why, theyre fun, good guns and variety is the spice of life.
(39.37 KB 722x260 gggk774.jpg)
i like this grip it looks comfy
(3.48 MB 3994x2566 mycameraisshitandihatemyself.jpg)
the wood for my 74 got in, looks like NOS soviet shellac wood. Ukranians maybe inbreds with no sense of timeliness but damn it if it isn't the nicest original finish surp wood i ever seen.
Theyre relatively simple and reliable, you can even underload cartridges down to subsonic and it will likely work just fine. Ammo is cheap and effective too. The only problem I can think of is that it gets less accuracy than other designs because of its construction, but that isnt a problem at all if youre shooting targets under 100m with iron sights.
>Accuracy drops over 100m
Really? I guess it depends on the build we're talking about here. What about ARs?
How would you use that? Stick your thumb through the hole and grab it like a vertical grip with your pinky hanging off?
(638.74 KB 1313x385 k-tripfag.png)
>>39 Don't be this trip fag nigger. >>48 >>51 >mycameraisshitandihatemyself.jpg You got that right. Apple iPhone 8 Plus are shit. It doxxed you too. You'll recognize pic related is not too far away in your neighborhood. Your phone tells everyone you took some of those photos on the weekend (with phone on the charger), and one night mid-week last Summer. Oh...one other thing...did you know Google scans web pages for gun photos and uses AI to read the serial numbers*? Well now you do faggot. *there have been plenty of discussions about this, even on 4cuc/k/
>>142 Yes.
>>142 work those pinky muscles. it's important
>>142 >pinky hanging off *sips yes. >>129 >what about the AR's platform Depends on what application you want to do with it. close/med/long range. You can always do a hybrid build, but the mag adaptability might be a turnoff. Avoid the armalite platform if you wish for a folding butt. The 7.62 based kalash remains by far the best engine for close/mid. But as soon you want to be effective at a range over 100m, I would suggest 5.56 or 51 if you're sold on the 7.62 mass. Or if you want to increase maximum flat shooting, you can always reduce payload weight.
>>229 how are you able to find that out all that just from a photo? does it work for both iPhones and Androids?
>>229 Do me please, not joking.
(508.69 KB 1920x762 baked shitbox.jpg)
thread 2 slow, post AKs >>129 this is an absolute meme, AKs are effective out to like 400m. I dont recommend taking them past 300m but they are capable guns
(8.05 MB 2048x1536 assortmentoffun.png)
>>382 The RPK is improved upon and some tests show it being capable to out to 800m. Perhaps there is a way to modify and AKM to increase its effective range and precision? Marco Vorobiev (15 June 2016). Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to AKs. Krause Publications. pp. 239– pic related not mine, i took it from somewhere else because it looked interesting
(508.65 KB 1619x520 SAKO RK95.png)
>>37 Does the SAKO RK95 qualify to be in this thread? If so, great!


no cookies?