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(48.02 KB 618x340 Nuclear-Explosion-Public.jpg)
from "Hidden Answers" Tor website Anonymous 04/01/2021 (Thu) 18:29:10 No. 452
"Silent Death" by Uncle Fester, "Assorted Nasties" by somebody like David Harper, "The Poor Mans James Bond" volume 2, "Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Laboratories" by Jack B. Nimble could be dubious or perhaps really good books on the subject. Uncle Festers book on LSD manufacture didn't necasarily work, but that was perhaps somebody needing a chemistry degree. "The Scientific Principles Of Warfare And Home Defense" series has some good books with detailed chemical weapons formulas and biological weapons manufacture, which is much easier.
Organophosphate pesticides sometimes wee used for nerve gases by the miiltary becuase they come from the same chemical family. The may be some with the same or almost the same lethality in some industrial chemical storage facilities. " Secrets Of Lockpicking" by Stephen Hampton and his more advanced books like safecracking and stuff would help. There may be other industrial chemicals that would make good improvisaed crude chemical weapons, perhaps in a detonated in a truck bomb or wiith other large explosives. "The Black Book Companion State Of The Art Improvised Munitions" by Paladin Press and "The Poor Mans James Bond" series would help. A truck bomb could perhaps be built like an extremely large pipe bomb, instead of 6 inches of a pipe bomb the truck back storage part would be welded airtight, packed with something like fertilizer explosive(which is traceable by people like the FBI) and fitted with blasting caps, fuses and stuff to explode it.
Thermobaric explosives or something similiar by exploding propnane, hydrogen,methane, and possibly with them oxygen tanks. Perhaps they could be exploded with fertilizer explosives, like in truck bombs. Hezbollah did this in Beruit, Lebonon to the U.S. marines barracks back in the 1980's.
another book upload
good uploads
Stealth paint was something like using a Mond like chemistry method to convert iron into iron pentacarbonyl.
stealth paint
(49.59 KB 234x340 img_0073.png)
(64.92 KB 300x370 img_0076.png)
(12.11 KB 250x72 img_0078.png)
(35.98 KB 299x198 img_0084.png)
(82.86 KB 299x379 img_0086.png)
From"The Poor Mans James Bond Volume 2" (The Poor Mans Armory section)
from the poor mans james bond volume 2
(103.87 KB missile page 5.pdf)
(160.66 KB missile page 6.pdf)
fertilizer with just ammonium nitrite is converted into explosives by some method of putting on a dry breadboard and rubbing into a flour consistancy and mixing with one part (one cup) something like or gasoline and oil half motor fuel and 16 part (16 cups fertilizer) according to The Poor Mans James Bond Volume 2
The Poor Mans James Bond Volume 2 method also motor oil and gasoline half and half plus ammonium nitrate fertilizer not less than 32 percent or something fertilizer
Are a chemical weapon molatov coctail possible by putting toxic substances like something like powdered cyanide in the gasoline of the molatov coctail. It could be good ant-tank weapons for instance.
Biological weapons at least often times target people who aren't of Northern European descent. Thus the northern European population is possibly the only one with at least two percent HIV resitant genes who are naturally resistant to diseases like HIV.
bio terror weapons
Ten perecent of their population have one of the two key genes that cause natural genetic HIV restistance possibly from the genes inherited from the decendants of the Black Plague survivors.


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