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(335.05 KB 927x2380 WACO shitpost start to finish..png)
/k_pol/ Grabbers and Dick enthusiast Anonymous 07/17/2021 (Sat) 16:29:12 No. 585
From the looks of it in US seeing a lot of subverted idiots that don't want people armed or see people with rifles as "small pp" The stuff that comes up from looking at them irl and the internet. >over 40 >some mainstream news fags >Has no fucking knowledge I'm talking not even knowing a FFL or SBR acronyms or even calibers >Yet there opinions will hold water online or in a press room. Their votes matter and will make glow fags want to disarm you. >EU fags way worse that will always compare to an all white lesser population paradise of Norway or Sweden. Never Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany etc. What's your experience with gun spergs? Did you ever win them over? Or did you ever change their mind? What did they think about weapon ownership. (open to world wide)
I'm not sure what your actual point is most gun spergs strike me as typically selfish, boomerite individualist materialists. They often seem like cowardiced people who deliberately choose to be apolitical, fence sitters, will not rock the boat for the life of them, they appear to be unreasonably scared of shill and said glownigger psyop instead of spiteful and resitant of them, they are very trained dogs so to speak.
>>586 >very trained dogs so to speak. >Apolitical How do the spergs not come off at spergs to the crowd I'm describing? >Small dick >Having guns makes you crazy >school shooter Just grabber points they get from a brit bong comedian.