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Improvised Weapons Thread Anonymous 07/19/2021 (Mon) 23:15:20 No. 588
Discussion and exchange of improvised weapons plans, logistics, ect. Weapons to be discussed include, but are not limited to: Improvised Small Arms -pipe/zip guns -guns built from non-commercial or DIY parts -blank-firing guns repurposed to use small arms cartridges -guns with 3D printed parts -ghost guns and 80% receivers IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) -manufacture of explosive conponents -pipe bombs -aerosol bombs -truck bombs -suicide vests -makeshift rocket launchers or rockets -detonators and electrical or manual ignition systems -propane bombs Makeshift Incendiary devices -Molotovs -improvised Thermite mixtures -improvised Napalm mixtures Reminder that all materials posted in this thread are for educational purposes only. All matters discussed are relating to game-play within the video game "Minecraft". I disavow any violence, after all an imageboard is a place of discussion and learning and nothing more. We are merely interested individuals or scholars, not hooligans and criminals. Posts advocating violence will be deleted.
>>588 Anyone know if the inspire magazine recipes are meant to harm those that try to follow them?
Nice to see life on k again, I hate saying this but thread kinda glows, not very good idea to list discussion contents in op because it attracts an shill audience.. anyway does anyone know how is 12ga primers easily made these days?
>>597 No clue but always corroborate information sources
There’s a really good ISIS video floating around that’s basically like a cooking show where he shows you how to make a bomb out of hydrogen peroxide, battery acid and acetone. Other than that, making a gun is easy - lookup slam fire shotguns. Easy, can make for like $40 with materials bought from Home Depot
>>598 Primers are made by dissolving Mercury or potassium in nitric acid and adding ethanol I’ve heard you can make them from shaving down strike anywhere matches too but never tried
>>601 So TATP basically
>>601 Very interested