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Yugo Thread Scout##e3bkHj 09/24/2019 (Tue) 15:25:02 ID:db7818 No. 60
yugo thread
(800.85 KB 439x750 Canadian volunteer in HVO.png)
(138.39 KB 1200x841 1568881830140.jpg)
(3.44 MB 4816x3264 IMG_0349.JPG)
>>60 A few days after xmas, i was watching TV at my mothers and a programme called >Scream for Me Sarajevo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYuNEF7Snok anyway, i was curious as to whether the kid getting shot in the head when he was with the UN soldiers was a FF attack to gain support against the serbs. anyone have any info regarding that? if you are interested in reading about the yugo wars and the western subversion, check out pic related
(12.55 KB 306x165 images.jpeg)
>>388 There was no innocent sides in that conflicts. Everybody was in the wrong in that shit storm, funny enough we pulled the short end of a shit stick...again. It's kinda funny
(462.53 KB 934x521 ping_guy.png)
>>441 learn to see the bigger picture, Lov fucking cossak
(425.31 KB 2048x1340 kosovowar.jpg)