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(665.76 KB 2560x1600 99bab1deaf7a869f92ef8d10b271011d.jpg)
4chan /k/ has turned into turbo-shit Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 18:02:13 ID:1e8777 No. 72
It'd be worth trying to bring some /k/ommandos over here and build this place up more.
(363.31 KB 495x571 tzk2e0d9qlb21.png)
agreed anon
(2.66 MB 2268x4032 1569887062810.jpg)
Never to late to make more boogaloo buddies.
Agreed. It's nothing but reddit bugmen and trannies posting facebook humor and pathetic attempts at recreating the magical place it once was. 8/k/, despite being 100 times slower, had far more quality discussion. But now that's gone too.
lol i thought you only used that avatar on 4chan
Not an avatar I just really really like this picture
Figure we've got to get some quality threads up on here first, get some content going worth posting on.
it's nice to see the post rate going up in the last couple days. I just came here a few days ago. 8/k/, /fit/, and /tech/ were the best places for me and I'm still trying to find something similar.


no cookies?