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(285.42 KB 1024x613 ringing.jpg)
/k/nowledge thread Anonymous 09/18/2019 (Wed) 03:09:42 No. 9
As you must train your body, surely you must also train your mind.
In the spirit of the lost quality threads of old, I'm calling for a knowledge thread. Share your books that you see as required reading for kommandos and enthusiasts alike, anything from war memoirs and biographies to history books and weapons development. These should be books written by the experts in the field, books of first hand knowledge to be passed on to the next generation. Experiences of the masters of firearms, practitioners of death, the soldiers of fortune, and the inventors of these tools we have come to hold so dear. Bring out your library lists

We'll have another thread for TM's and manuals later, this is for more fireside reading material.
(36.75 KB 264x400 Sniper on the Eastern Front.jpg)
>Sniper on the Eastern Front
Josef "Sepp" Allerberger was the second most successful sniper of the German Wehrmacht and one of the few private soldiers to be honoured with the award of the Knight's Cross.

In this harrowing memoir, Allerberger provides an excellent introduction to the commitment in fieldcraft, discipline and routine required of the sniper, a man apart. There was no place for chivalry on the Russian Front. Away from the film cameras, no prisoner survived long after surrendering. Russian snipers had used the illegal explosive bullet since 1941, and Hitler eventually authorised its issue in 1944. The result was a battlefield of horror.
What it is like to go to War - Karl Marlantes

War is as old as humankind, but in the past, warriors were prepared for battle by ritual, religion and literature -- which also helped bring them home. In a compelling narrative, Marlantes weaves riveting accounts of his combat experiences with thoughtful analysis, self-examination and his readings -- from Homer to the Mahabharata to Jung. He talks frankly about how he is haunted by the face of the young North Vietnamese soldier he killed at close quarters and how he finally finds a way to make peace with his past. Marlantes discusses the daily contradictions that warriors face in the grind of war, where each battle requires them to take life or spare life, and where they enter a state he likens to the fervor of religious ecstasy.
Highly recommended reading for anyone unfamiliar themselves with War.
The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare by Damien Lewis

Lassen was part of the crew for the first real SOE operation, the theft of a pair of German and Italian supply ships from the neutral Spanish port at Fernando Po. In an exploit that could be straight out of Hollywood, a band of commandoes sailed a pair of tugboats into the harbor at night while the ships' officers were ashore at a raucous party. They blew the anchor chains with explosive charges, locked the crews below deck, and sailed the ships out to sea where they could be legally captured by a British destroyer. And they did it without a single death on either side. The exploits only became bigger and bolder after that, with Lassen and his comrades making regular raids across the English Channel and running a freewheeling campaign of both hit-and-run raids and occupation of Greek islands in the Aegean. These were the quintessential independent Special Forces fighters, operating outside regular military command structures and supply chains, fighting as they saw fit. Lassen eventually because the commanding officer of a large group, and by the end of the war had been awarded the Military Cross three times. His last operation in Italy - where his men were hit with a shattering defeat when pushed into the role of spearheading a conventional offensive - would result in him posthumously receiving the Victoria Cross for his heroism.
"In any field, certain books are recognized as classics. Serious riflemen/experimenters have for two decades placed "Hatcher's Notebook" in this category... this extensive work is probably the most useful single volume available to riflemen?

Hatcher's Notebook is one of the essential reading on any /k/ list. If you haven't read many books on weapons, I'd say start here. Hatcher goes through several decades of weapons development, testing, and improving detailing the process and pitfalls of life of a US Army weapons developer.
(25.08 KB 231x346 fangs.jpg)
>Fangs of the Lone Wolf

These are the stories of low-level guerrilla combat as told by the survivors. They cover fighting from the cities of Grozny and Argun to the villages of Bamut and Serzhen-yurt, and finally the hills, river valleys and mountains that make up so much of Chechnya. The author embedded with Chechen guerrilla forces and knows the conflict, country and culture. Yet, as a Western outsider, he is able to maintain perspective and objectivity. He traveled extensively to interview Chechen former combatants now displaced, some now in hiding or on the run from Russian retribution and justice. The military professional will appreciate the book's crisp narration, organization by type of combat, accurate color maps and insightful analysis and commentary. The civilian reader will discover the complexity of "simple guerrilla tactics" and the demands on individual perseverance and endurance that guerrilla warfare exacts.
(868.08 KB 1556x2400 cannae.jpg)
>Ghosts of Cannae

Another read well worth the time is a book called "Ghosts of Cannae" about Hannibals march through Italy. goes into just how and why he was able to trounce around the Romans for nearly 40odd years, and how and why he lost the war anyway. An excellent read that delves deep into the realities of ancient warfare.
And the description of the meatgrinder that was Cannae is second to none. Absolutely riveting.
(72.70 KB 316x475 Blood Red Snow.jpg)
>Blood Red Snow
While writing in diaries was forbidden for security reasons, this soldier wrote on scraps of paper and pages found whenever he could and put them in his coat lining. Today, these memoirs are sewn together in a cohesive timeline that shows with unparalleled clarity what life on the Eastern Front was like for a German soldier.
(34.58 KB 450x600 1521664911501.jpg)
I'll bite.
>'Bushido: Soul of Japan'- Inazo Nitobe
One America's most formidable enemy in it's imperial prime. From Kamakazi pilots to banzai charges these fuckers were the spiritual predecessors of the jihadists that bane us in America's more recent campaigns, they have Bushido to thank.
>'Hagakure' - Yamamoto Tsunemori
Where 'Bushido: Soul of Japan' was a 3rd person past participle account of what it means to be a samurai, this author lived it. Giving an account of how to conduct oneself in the business of servitude and death, this book acts as a companion book for those looking to not merely meet death meekly but stride forth and fervently embrace it's icy hand.
>'Book of Five Rings'- Miyamoto Musashi
This motherfucker lived by the sword; what Hagakure outlines, he did. Having self-reported over 60 successful duels in his lifetime he lays out his reflections of a lifetime of combat. For those wishing to master themselves and their chosen craft, this book is a must read.
>'Gurella Warfare' -Mao Tse Tung
Where a large organized army is like that of a seemingly unstoppable giant, small organized skirmishers are like that of a scalpel always making precision cuts targeting vital lifelines for the once fearsome organized army such as supply, communication and ordinance. China may presently boast of the largest standing army but they forget that they too are vulnerable to the doctrine within this book.
>'Art of War'- Sun Tzu
Superior strategy and implementation of ones resources for the win over reckless aggression with no prior planning. If you haven't read this book, what the fuck are you doing with your life?
Does anyone have any pdfs?
(30.43 KB 403x600 22895728030_2.jpg)
Great thread anon! I'm reading "The great betrayal" by Ian Smith currently and it pretty based
I was reading much into Rhodesia and I saw that Ian Smith wrote a book, how good would you say the book is?
Hello brother, phonefaggin right now, but /pol has a pdf thread going you may find useful. Bumping great thread I hope other /k/mandos drop some pdf here too! God bless and stay safe
(114.54 KB 480x548 firearms Curiosa lewis winant.JPG)
Firearms Curiosa is just that, a book of curious and unusual firearms, creative solutions to problems nobody asked for.
(28.59 KB 318x422 Art of the rifle.jpg)
The Art of the Rifle This book is a great throwback to the skills of old, how to wield a rifle effectively and quickly and how to hit your target no matter the positioning, distance, or conditions. A highly recommended read for poorfags with nothing but a mosin.