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Redpills on Race Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 22:47:37 No. 147
Since /redpill/ got deleted any not a single thread got migrated we gotta fix this travesty.
(1002.94 KB 1650x1275 1421459143376.jpg)
(983.23 KB 1650x1275 1421459172401.jpg)
(1016.48 KB 616x2030 1421459214124.png)
(148.25 KB 985x887 1421463759370.png)
(1.06 MB 1152x1008 1421469297590.jpg)
(135.94 KB 416x1349 1421469968004.png)
(162.17 KB 747x639 1421478815021.jpg)
(515.87 KB 1092x1227 1421526872945.jpg)
(24.05 KB 863x608 1423050931725.png)
(988.91 KB 1952x2740 1423082174033.jpg)
(3.01 MB 2892x3976 1423082849664.jpg)
(58.18 KB 887x508 1423083066118.jpg)
(27.14 KB 640x421 1423083517623.jpg)
(532.87 KB 1247x883 1423265928769.jpg)
(692.65 KB 1076x1495 1423266158439.jpg)
(408.54 KB 772x3903 1423266796927.png)
(232.29 KB 647x861 1423461276650.jpg)
(547.42 KB 1200x967 1423558681722.jpg)
(648.01 KB 1703x855 1423558774302.jpg)
(5.53 MB 1583x4758 1423600225761.png)
(308.74 KB 640x624 1426222687724-0.png)
(1.16 MB 1411x1518 1426222985939-1.png)
(579.12 KB 969x921 1426223286233-0.png)
(134.76 KB 733x478 1426223769775-0.png)
(166.11 KB 700x875 1426223769775-1.jpg)
(1.11 MB 6803x1364 1426223604003-0.jpg)
(1.04 MB 5280x1364 1426223604003-1.jpg)
(941.36 KB 4262x1364 1426223764673-0.jpg)
(2.66 MB 1460x1929 1426223794660-0.png)
(48.07 KB 630x420 1426224013004-1.jpg)
(124.79 KB 899x676 1426225028181-0.jpg)
(1003.45 KB 807x2348 1426227733537-1.png)
(410.79 KB 1447x1447 1426228350999-1.jpg)
(139.38 KB 1205x361 1426230366489-1.jpg)
(144.22 KB 984x636 1426557589707-0.jpg)
(51.37 KB 606x401 1428820680063.jpg)
(82.63 KB 600x450 1432031094702.jpg)
(1.33 MB 1474x3755 1432597238597.png)
(2.12 MB 1424x5968 1432850146259-1.jpg)
(257.95 KB 1551x805 1433159918224.jpg)
(930.57 KB 1787x1272 1438176988571.png)
(68.82 KB 800x533 1439354956560-0.jpg)
(242.60 KB 1037x946 1439357434351.png)
(161.28 KB 863x436 1442790153729-2.jpg)
(671.75 KB 1789x454 1449696194006.jpg)
(154.09 KB 845x403 1449796389627.jpg)
(253.82 KB 995x628 1449797320272.jpg)
(179.77 KB 889x613 1449797811583.jpg)
(134.33 KB 600x661 1449799050785.jpg)
(2.92 MB 5244x2888 1451835070697-1.jpg)
(72.80 KB 845x403 1454704690598-0.jpg)
(42.27 KB 403x403 1454704690599-1.jpg)
(289.32 KB 836x370 1454704690599-3.jpg)
(2.90 MB 1989x1724 1454709790608-0.png)
(490.75 KB 2680x1830 1454709790609-2.jpg)
(758.61 KB 787x4663 1457291462930.jpg)
(108.73 KB 644x928 1457739627190-0.jpg)
(84.12 KB 611x423 1458795829627.jpg)
(3.93 MB 3741x3887 1458796899954.png)
(1.76 MB 2800x4000 1458800600056.jpg)
(2.99 MB 1794x4967 1459220284063-2.jpg)
(60.86 KB 599x305 1459381680214.jpg)
(770.67 KB 1308x630 1459485588906-2.png)
(1.39 MB 1280x720 1459502622359.png)
(226.71 KB 794x323 1459509005310-1.png)
(162.17 KB 782x914 1459547811768.jpg)
(543.80 KB 2096x2784 1459597909243.png)
(32.80 KB 767x363 1460162148201-1.jpg)
(495.58 KB 815x3993 1460259569535.jpg)
(144.61 KB 878x800 1461106679018-4.jpg)
(127.26 KB 709x2048 1461111276763-1.jpeg)
(617.70 KB 1237x2454 1461170268942-4.png)
(54.09 KB 600x450 1461348329567-0.jpg)
(162.80 KB 960x746 1461348809463-3.jpg)
(105.83 KB 643x496 1461348944102-0.jpg)
(328.17 KB 599x502 1461349086858-1.png)
(1.35 MB 1280x1654 1461349120977-3.png)
(1.04 MB 1000x500 1461349214806-1.png)
(914.22 KB 1000x500 1461349214806-2.png)
(899.31 KB 1860x606 1461421613667-1.png)
(578.26 KB 1000x2250 1461609823118-0.png)
(113.59 KB 656x822 1461609914628-3.jpg)
(178.53 KB 1240x480 1464384595300-2.png)
(218.33 KB 638x1225 1464564958543.jpg)
(166.67 KB 857x819 1464896674888.jpg)
bro did you even read the sticky? /redpill/ got merged with /library/. redpill threads go over there.
>>175 Yes I did, and no where did it say anything about that. Did YOU read the sticky? And if you are the mod you are fucking bad at your job, quality control mang.
>>172 >>147 most literature is just plain retarded , it all depends on the understanding that we are apes which is bullshit that has been debunked a million time https://creation.com/1-percent-myth The majority of our evolutionary models are non darwainan yet this site members will sometimes be ratinal people who despise jewish non sense such as space-time curveture and relativity sciecne has been delyed generatios now because of materialistic retards studying only physical phenomenas most of what you know about the world is nonsensical yes blacks are fked up in western dominated hemisphere but even white authors who went to Sudan which is an arabic muslim country has agreed that sudanis are one of the kindest people on the planet that you would feel home where ever you go , sudan was one of the safest countries before wetren intervention and Israeli mossad causing a civil war read the book "Egypt and the sudan a travel survival kit" by scott wayne and damien simons read the book Iq can be increased and does not depend on materialistic stuff it's more dependent on your spiritual connection to god a whole topic on it self that i cannot discuss in simple terms in a single post religion is the missing factor in immigrants I am a muslim call me shit skin sand nigga whatever i don get offended at all I am no black btw but i find it offending that someone cannot understand that ancient egyptians were black , there has been dozens of civilizations in the past that were black , ancient egypt is an example a shallow moron who have never read a single book on the subject would think that all rulers were arab/medtiranians but reality says somethng completely different i agree whites are dying but immigration is not gonna even help europe , the jews are simply transfering their civilization toward china & Israel the decline of america has been decided long time ago , do you think jews will give muslims the capability to destroy Israel ?? are you crazy ?? this is just a very initial step of it religiosity is the only fator that plays in fertility rates , not economy , the higher the religiosity of a society the higher it's fertility rates , even elon musk and elites are admitting that . i hope all good for every decent human being that is against Jewery , no matter what race , or affiliation. except if you are an atheist then you are a jewish cuck
>>238 >(re)posts random irrelevant images trying to seem relevant and important >no punctuation, little grammer >almost no cohearant logic tieing concepts together >reddit spacing >admits untermensch status Just do every one a favor and go blow yourself up at the Kaaba Mohammad.
>>239 well fag when you don have an argument, you go for grammar and spelling Reddit spacing ?? excuse me i highly suggest you kill your self commit suicide let the human race be rid of your retarded kind go back to 4chan please this is not your place
>>238 >i'm a sandnigger >not a nigger >kemitism Ok faggot.


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