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General Dump Thread Anonymous 10/15/2019 (Tue) 05:51:34 No. 18
This board is a bit empty at the moment so I'll start off with a low-effort dump thread. If you read any of these and like them, start a new thread here and we'll discuss them. Others welcome to dump pdfs in this thread.
btfo siegefag
How so frend? I didn't post the bible, I was asked from another thread to place this here I assumed it was by the OP https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/9981.html#q10251
(86.34 KB 576x389 2-1361395713.jpg)
These pol book packs were requested in a thread that is now gone. The last few packs are missing if anybody has them please share.

pol books 1 - sept 2015.zip
pol books 2 - oct 2015.zip
pol books 3 - nov 2015.zip
pol books 4 - dec 2015.zip
pol books 5 - jan 2016.zip
pol books 6 - jan 2016.zip
pol books 7 - feb 2016.zip
pol books 8 - feb 2016.zip
pol books 9 - march 2016.zip
pol books 10 - april 2016.zip
pol books 11 - may 2016.zip
pol books 12 - june 2016.zip
pol books 13 - july 2016.zip
pol books 14 - nov 2016.zip
pol books 15 - feb 2017.zip
pol books 16 - march 2017.zip
pol books 17 - nov 2017.zip
pol books 18 - feb 2018.zip
pol books 19 - dec 2018.zip
pol books 20 - jan 2019.zip
Bonus Book Dump.zip
(382.17 KB 1181x1221 pol books 21 - march 2019.jpg)
Thanks, Brother!

Thank you for this.
A few different ebooks Ben Klassen's Nature’s Eternal Religion (1973) More ebooks and scans of NER can be found on archive.org. They should be downloaded before they disappear. Audiobook: >https://archive.org/details/NaturesEternalReligion1973BenKlassen
>>103 >>104 thanks anons
(418.96 KB 1092x1071 pol books 22 - may 2019.jpg)
(422.66 KB 1093x1129 pol books 23 - july 2019 (2).jpg)
>>103 The last packs. pol books 22 - may 2019.zip https://www114.zippyshare.com/v/5v1GkofT/file.html pol books 23 - july 2019.zip https://www114.zippyshare.com/v/z1d7NmBX/file.html
>>103 10-14 are down can anyone re-up?
(3.28 MB PDFs.txt)
(92.24 KB Audiobooks.txt)
(80.94 KB Third Reich.txt)
(159.54 KB Videos.txt)
>>316 I have pol/archive It includes "pol books" 1 though 16 btw Can also give magnet link (158GB torrent) You can select what ya need and skip the rest magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1D0554862068BFABA9BD2FC6F75CB69FA420C834&dn=The%20Archives Made txt files of contents, most of it can be uploaded here (some audiobooks are over 50MB limit) if anons have any requests
I've been reading about an equal mix of classic literature and (cynical) business books. Such is the state of things. -Bad Blood - Story of Theranos, a scam startup that exploded -Moral Mazes - very good realpolitik insight into the B.S. your boss and ceo spew at you at work -Bartleby the Scrivener - a classic 1850 short story about a man and a job. a quick read. -How to Win Friends and Influence people (original edition) - this book is about 80% bullshit, but your manager and various slimy salesmen you meet will have read it. Goes a ways toward explaining why they pull the shit they pull so you can defend yourself from it. -The last one isn't a book per se, but a recommendation to read "The Gervais Principle" articles on ribbonfarm. That guy is a literal indian whose writing is half bullshit, but the other half makes it worthwhile. deals with zero-sum group dynamics through the lens of "The Office". Only requires a passing knowledge of the show to be understood.
(3.33 MB Hitler's Art.pdf)
libgen recommendations: "The Theory of the Firm" - Ronald Coase "Light and Color in the Outdoors" - Michael Minnaert "The Art of Electronics" - Horowitz, Hill - 2015 edition (3rd) "The Jews and their Lies" - Martin Luther, 1948 Christian Nationalist Crusade Translation "The Jews and their Lies" - Martin Luther - 2004 Liberty Bell Publications Translation
(112.82 KB 512x475 fig1.png)
(120.00 KB 556x422 fig2.png)
(124.93 KB 681x516 fig3.png)
(87.12 KB 462x332 fig4.png)
(155.49 KB 466x642 fig5.png)
>>327 thx
(((Beautiful Trouble - A Toolbox for Revolution))) - The current strategy guide for the woke. Required reading for all enemies of the far left.
>>21 I started Growth of the Soil from seeing it here and I'm not in love. Maybe I'll keep going and make another post if I finish.
Stumbled across this interesting one: <Smiling Through the Cultural Catastrophe: Toward the Revival of Higher Education >Although the essential books of Western civilization are no longer central in our courses or in our thoughts, they retain their ability to energize us intellectually, says Jeffrey Hart in this powerful book. He now presents a guide to some of these literary works, tracing the main currents of Western culture for all who wish to understand the roots of their civilization and the basis for its achievements.