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(80.22 KB 900x900 1560270882465.jpg)
I <3 books Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 02:16:15 No. 2
Fuuuuck! I just love reading!
I haven't read a book in like 3 years. Recommend some good books that hopefully aren't too long. Video games have destroyed my attention span
I know this is super normie, but Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are great. Do you have a specific genre that interests you?
Hmm never really thought about it. Back when I was younger and did read occasionally, I usually just picked out something with a cool cover
I recommend The Hobbit, I'll upload a copy for you, check it out if you're interested.
>free books
Neat anon. Thanks
If you decide you want to get into reading you can checkout getting an Amazon Kindle (the paper screen type) and just pirate a bunch of books. Super efficient and cheap way to read some great works. Would cost around 30-40 dollars and it should last you a decade, battery lasts like 2+ weeks.
Wow they still make those? I remember when that thing was first released. Is it hard finding books to pirate in other languages? Wanna build my French vocab

This is an example of what I was mentioning. Very very worth it, and yes you can pirate just about any book out there.
"The Ship of Fools" - A short story by /ted/. 5 pages
"Industrial Society and it's Future" - Father Ted's classic, 30 pages
"The Young Hitler I Knew" - August Kubizek's tale of rooming with the young lad who would later pull some EPIC GAMER pranks you've probably heard about - ~150 pages
I'll dump some longer books at some point. These should get you started.
I'll probably hold off on a kindle for now until I find a decent amount of books I wanna read but thanks for the recommendations and the info!
Hmm. So I just finished the first short story and it seemed very much like propaganda. I'm no literary professor but I assume the story is a metaphor for how oppressive governments divide opposition with identity politics. I'm not particularly interested in propoganda but it was rather amusing. Especially the part about the bosun's extreme desire to suck dick. I didn't even know what a bosun was. Had to Google it. Anyway thanks anon but I'd rather read stuff that isn't overtly political.
(18.87 MB Tarka-The-Otter.pdf)
(44.29 KB 498x293 book-scanner.jpeg)
Every word put to paper is propaganda of some sort. It expresses values both by what it describes and what it chooses to omit. What you mean is you don't like propaganda that is directed directly at the worldview you currently hold. Are you sure you're on the right website? Anyways, here are some less overtly political books. I highly recommend "Growth of the Soil", a Finnish agrarian pioneer novel.
Hi NFKRZ, how u doin? :DDD
dont waste your time on (((kindles))) buy physical copies of your fav buks


no cookies?