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The Practice of Vajrakalaya The World of the Druids
With Hitler To The End, Heinz Linge >Memoirs of Hitler's valet >Valet is equivocal to a body guard and butler and had a very intimate relationship with the Fuhrer.
Here is a site with a bunch of rare Serrano pdfs which need to be translated from Spanish. https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/AliciaRamirez15/imitacion-delaverdad-miguel-serrano
Here’s a 54 page pdf of Esoteric Hitlerist philosophy I found quite motivational. https://mega.nz/file/bfgFlJ4Y#jxOqWvovSuBGdKN2-cxfSCqvN9BCSmMLoZJuZ6J92J4 It has some dank artwork as well.
>>497 Would recommend. Not quite Nos tier, so I can give it to more mid level aspirants. Cheers anon.
Thanks for introducing me to this interesting subject
>>318 Just so you know, Jason Tompkin's blog is down as of today.
>>590 I appreciate the use of '-' to replace spaces but PLEASE try to avoid such lengthy file/folder names. I just had a Great Filtering of my personal harddrive due to me being a retard and I can't recover much of the Zundel/other archives that I've collected over the years. The stuff that I did manage to save is a Schizo-tier amalgamation of 4chin, browser-cache, math-program, and steam-game image files. Due to the huge file directory and filename lengths, existing file systems cannot handle volumes at such a level that we need for effective archiving.


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