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What's 16 chan's opinion on the book 1984? Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 00:45:24 No. 765
>>765 It's happening in North america right now. I's relevant to today's society. Mass surveillance, censorship, authoritarian government commanding the people on what to eat, think, believe. A great time to witness everything relevant. During this pandemic, the government has enforced people to wear a mask in order to purchase basic necessities of life. This is the just the beginning. That book is chillingly good and has predicted the future.
>>765 The greatest book ever written in the English language.
>>765 Haven't read it but Equilibrium is one hell of a movie
>>765 One of my favorite books. Although I think it was way ahead of it's time, it ended up outlining a version of "utopia" that was actually inaccurate. The "utopia" that people have created today, is a surveillance state in which people voluntarily give up their freedom in exchange for convenience. People have become neutered by choice, (((they))) know this, and (((they))) control what we think, how we think, and when we think. It's honestly game over.
>>766 >>769 I know it's been heavily memed, but the most powerful piece of literature in the last 50 years in my opinion is Industrial Society and it's Future, Kaczynski was correct about all of his criticisms, and every day it manifests itself more and more. The future of the West and the civilized world is dated so long as we move towards a one world government, and pursue industrialization/the digital future.
>>765 I have not read all of 1984 but the words Orwell created for the book are very accurate and descriptive of how people have been manipulating language of today.
>>769 It's more like Brave New World so far right down to the hormone chewing gum (almost!) but with some sinister elementss of renditions from 1984 too. Neither actually pinned down the role of the jews though.
>>765 >>766 1984 is getting more real every day. >>769 Agree however. >It's honestly game over. Cool down the black pills man. >>772 >>773 > like Brave New World Agree they are predictions of the future and I see the real dystopia looking more like 80% Brave New World 30% 1984 The masses will love it and will be given their chemical mix in food to be obedient, no one will actually "feel" oppressed and they will love all this surveillance to stop terrorists/hate speech/Nazis/<insert name here> (was 1984 not more about how the evil ruling party is comically cartonish and wants to oppress people to oppress them? Like needing to break captured wrong thinkers etc? In reality these wrong thinkers will be eliminated fast) These books are more a outline of totalitarianism not what exactly will happen. Also what out for your brain chips coming soon.
>>765 1984 "woke me up" when it was required reading for us in my senior year of high school back in 2007. I read way ahead of the class, finishing the book when everyone else was half way through, then read along with everyone else as well. That book really frightened me at the time. It was the beginning of my long journey of tracking and tracing all the skullfuckery we've all experienced, which I continue in earnest to this day.
(29.87 KB 400x400 1598776678486.png)
>>765 Inner Party is 6 million strong. That's all you need to know to have it click. Hive-minded agreement, denial of truth and of denial itself, mandatory self-abasement, constant surveillance, stupid goyim each doing their part of a system they can't understand. Orwell saw pretty much the exact trajectory. He just had to obfuscate it, almost cartoonishly, to pass censorship, making (((Goldstein))) the revolutionary and Anglo O'Brien the oppressor, but he still left hints. Except the real world will be worse. Because real wars are easily winnable, and the Israel "alliance" is too strong. There won't be other superstates to make the proles even marginally useful, so they'll slaughter us like chicken on Kaparos. This must not be allowed to transpire. Any cost would be worth it to stop this power structure from cementing itself. I hope smart people here understand what I'm talking about. This should not be discussed on public platforms, too.
>>776 The last civil war cost 700,000 lives. This next one will dwarf it. Remember that shit stain Swalwell threatening to use nukes on states where people refused to surrender up their second amendment rights? Swalwell is an idiot with a big mouth but he's by no means the worst of the democrats. He's like a small child inadvertantly blurting out what he heard the adults say at the dinner table.
>>765 According to the author's original preface, the book is about 1948. That would make sense. That which is described in the book is pretty much what we were living through during the cold war. Many things have changed since then but it is still the same basic situation and a small group of people run the world by the same principles. They are Jews (but average Jewish people are clueless pawns in this game as are non Jews). They maintain power by the attack on language, the attack on relationships, instilling fear (of being alone publicly ostracized etc.) and the homogenizing dumbing down and depersonalizing of society. And I forgot to mention endless little wars. It seems that there are people who are not upwardly mobile and not subject to the same stresses that WInston had. But what do I know. Brave New world is another great book and Orwell said it was a closer approximation to the truth than 1984. (I'm paraphrasing). They are not the most important books ever written but everyone here must read these two books. Just do it.
>>765 I read it a few years ago when I wall still shit at english. The book is very intelligent and is on point concerning future predictions. But I found it painful to read and I had to force myself to read until the end. Everything felt grey, boring and very unpleasant.
(544.35 KB 1328x2380 p4s5lG2[1].jpg)
>>765 Good book, but by no means does it paint the whole picture. The herders of men have a carrot as well as a stick.
>>765 Prophetic book, should be required reading
>>765 A jewish fantasy written by a jewish faggot. You would think it would be obvious by now. Let's praise the "woke" jews lol.
(28.55 KB 512x512 ingsoc.png)
It was a shit overrated book by a trot bastard who couldn't write a sentence without including a hamfisted allegory for Stalinism to save his life. The only reason it's praised is because idiots keep missing the obvious point and just see THEIR political enemies as the regime in the book. Case in point Hillary Clinton insisting with a straight face that it's about how fake news is bad and we need to trust the government more (but only when ZOG Pepsi Flavor is in power, of course). I think part of the reason 1984 is so frightening to certain people is not just the (definitionally) Orwellian surveillance state, but the fact that the surveillance state is overwhelmingly focused on Outer Party. If the Inner Party is the top 2%, and Proles are the bottom 85%, then Outer Party represents the 85th to 98th percentile of political talent in Oceania. The bottom 85% of people, Proles, who compose, let’s be clear, more than a supermajority of the society, live a life, seemingly, of bread and circuses, with little if anything to fear from the thought police, and the Oceanian government. Even in Orwell’s most extreme possible conception, what would literally be the archetypical model of a Totalitarian State for the English speaking world, Proles (And Animals) Are Free. Let’s imagine that the Oceanian political hierarchy roughly lines up with IQ distributions. This would mean that Proles are anyone with an IQ below 115, and Inner Party are anyone with an IQ above 130. That 115-130 IQ range? Those people who are Smart But Not Genius? Orwell writes a book in which they, and they alone, bear the full brunt of socialistic terror. They, who form the core of the managerial class. They, who “by rights” ought to be the ones Making Socialism Work. They, who should be collecting the bribes and doling out favors in the patronage networks and lecturing their bumpkin peers on socialist praxis. They, who make up the majority of the readership of his book. They, Orwell describes, are going to be the ones who have the greatest revolutionary potential, and it is on their face that the boot will repeatedly stamp forever. 1984 is the Day of the Rope for MidWits. It’s the Day of the Telescreen.
>>766 Yeah right, the jews predicted the future just like the protocols of zion. it's fucking amazing, goy! How do they know what they are gonna do next, it's so amazing haha!
>>766 Wtch the original title of this book on wikipédia and you will have your answer
Overrated. It described things people could easily grasp but was conceptually muddled- it also never reached a synthesis. To create an alternate world is an achievement, but to simply parody our own is not. Animal farm is also simply a parody of our world as Orwel saw it, the world of animal farm does not survive logically unless it's built onto an understanding of our own. To attempt to guile the reader into conclusions about our own world through a proxy is cowardly, a philosopher faces what is real directly. It's hot-footing between an argument that cannot survive in the real world, and a narrative that cannot survive in it's own world. >TL;DR: 'X is just like Y'
>>785 It's one of those works that everyone thinks they understand without having actually read. The book is neither about censorship, surveillance or an authoritarian state. Those are just framing for the nihilist crisis of a man who can't accept self-delusion as a coping mechanism, but also can't embrace his hedonist nature. Neither an aesthetic able to find inner peace, unable to integrate with society , unable to survive in a macrosphere of the state/god, unable to carve out a micro sphere. The whole work is about how nothing is ever right, and how everyone is trying to survive within that understanding. >ignore near problems by embracing grander successes >Ignore global issues by clinging to near-pleasures >ignore cognitive stress by embracing the intellectual state >ignore the intellectual state by creating a inner debate
>>784 Did they? They seem like they're their own worst enemy sometimes.
If the US government lied about the Iraq war, why would you trust the government about anything else?
>>780 >Good book, but by no means does it paint the whole picture. Of course, it's a work of fiction. It's not going to be 100% realistic. There's certainly allegories between newspeak and political correctness, and so on. But it's not literally the same thing.
The only reason i know about the book and movie is because grade school happened to show it one day among other movies like animal farm in 7th grade. I feel like i just had abnormal non normie teachers growing up.
>>765 That Hideous Strength is better then both Brave New World and 1984.
>>769 They only control what you think if you consume their propaganda. So stay away from their mass media and their social media.
>>792 Based. You're the first Anon I've known of who even knows about Lewis' scifi work. Some of the demonic influence stuff was actually disturbing to me, but I think the trilogy is entirely underrated, especially this one and the first one.
>>793 I'd say once you harden the fuck up on the redpills, then most propaganda simply becomes laughably inept theater to you. Most of it would qualify as entertainment even if the (((intended))) outcomes weren't so insidious and destructive.
>>42021 Your basic error is overlooking the obvious, friend. The actually-legitimately-elected Presidential candidate during the 2020 POTUS election was Donald Trump. Too bad he didn't have the balls to start a civil war to prevent the Bolsheviks from usurping the legal authority of the Constitution and installing a fraudulent puppet. The 'alleged' president wasn't elected at all.
(1.90 MB 1536x1536 421421.jpeg)
1984 Lol That's baby shit. Start reading Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago now instead and you realize reality was worse. How the JewSSR red-terror existed up until 1980 was worse than even fiction and that depraved as it sounds the soviet union was just a giant human cattle slave pen for jews and owned by jews and held up by abnormal losers and psychopaths that are spiritual semites because Communism is an ideology that only really appeals to losers. And after the fall of the JewSSR the semites, changed political hats, fled to America and Israel and now you see the same symptoms there, but even worse because they're trying to kill all whites with neocolonialist ethnic displacement under cultural marxism. Genocide. So anyway what will you learn from this? You will learn that if the jews are allowed to win the book will pretty much be your and our lives in kiked society, and even more insidious thanks to technology being co-opted to use for mass surveillance and tracking of every single person on demand down to a scrutiny that's almost unconceiviable for a normal person. Solzhenitsyn described in his book the "great reset" and all the kike bullshit communism v2 for what it is, kike demons can't create they can only make the world more jewish and so it goes to reason that they are incapable of forming a society similar to white people. Unless you have read this and by that time you will have understood that we have nothing to lose by fighting it. Living in such a (((society))) would mean such things as prefering death to such an outcome that it might happen again, maybe after going through this book you will realize that going out with a bang is indeed preferable and even necessary. If what I'm writing sounds unreasonable go ahead and check the book(s) out and come back to me. The big thing is that Solzhenitsyn actually succeeded in having his book published after being threatened by thought police and smuggled it bit by bit out under surveillance and for all this he could barely get a Nobel Prize.(Because many marxist well poisoning losers in the west are in on the things he wanted to tell the world about.) There is a free audio-book with all the volumes.
>>796 Trump is a zionist who shills for blacks, beaners, and jews. "we have the lowest unemployment numbers for blacks Mexicans and Asians - cpac 2021" that's funny, all the homeless people I see living in tents are white. I dont understand why he calls illegal immigrants rapists and murderers, that just sounds retarded instead of suggesting its a cultural and demographical issue, and regardless, most illegals are here because they overstay their visas and then live in sactuary cities.
>>799 You being assblasted over Trump's win in 2016 is entirely irrelevant to anything I said, friend. And the Communist usurpers who are running a 3rd-shithole-tier Banana Republic in new USSA capitol Washington are far more subservient shabbos goyim (what few aren't actually kikes themselvs) than Donald Trump ever was or is. Donald Trump's main mistake was listening to the whisperings of that snake Jared Kushner. Every major mistake his did stemmed directly from that. Regardless, back to /trannychan/, Commie.


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