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(39.23 KB 615x615 sam.png)
Anonymous 12/24/2020 (Thu) 04:46:00 No. 4
What the fuck happened to the internet? There's no more magic. It's just a giant megcorp circlejerk on infinite repeat.
>>4 We have sustained immense casualties in the culture war. Our last refuges on the internet are under heavy siege.
psychologists marketing and personal relations firms global community
(127.48 KB 550x582 borntoremovekebab.png)
>>5 Partially this, the retarded wignats who lick Dicky and Kike Peinovich' feet went along with the idea of "just vote for the dems bro lol". Don't let any shill tell you that there wasn't a culture war between /pol/ and trs. It fills me with annoyance that there was no rallying point after 8chan died, though we all knew what jim's goal all along and that he would try and forsake /pol/ in the interest of making as much money as possiblethough he never managed to do that lol.
>>9 >there was no rallying point after 8chan died There were countless threads on 8pol dedicated to deciding on an alternative, but because it is easy to shill and difficult to form consensus, it was impossible to designate any kind of "official" muster point. >we all knew what jim's goal all along and that he would try and forsake /pol/ in the interest of making as much money as possible Business is business. >"just vote for the dems bro lol" These are useful idiots and because "we" did not manage to make use of them, they were used against "us."
>>10 >>9 banned?
>>9 > jim's you mean metokur
>>14 Na, he means Jim Watkins (8kun)
>>15 oh ok ,i was confused about how jimmetokur could be involved with this
I'm devastated that I only found about MDE this summer.
>>17 the comedy is great. take the self help guru schtick with a grain of salt.
>>18 I feel like most of that is Sam referring to himself and losers eat it up. Charls' seems a little full of himself on his streams.
>>19 They're both shitty people who happen to be hilarious. Neither has any business in trying to be role models for their budding fans.
>>19 >Charls' seems a little full of himself on his streams. he has like 2 good insights the rest is tryhard bull shit
>Normals got access to the internet easily through smartphones >corporations catered to the normals for money >this progressed until almost all of the Internet was corporations trying to get money from normals


no cookies?