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11/25/19 Just launched Formerly Chuck's, an imageboard dedicated to television and film! Come check it out and quality post.
11/23/19 Donations can now be made via PayPal, thank you for all of your support!
11/21/19 We have successfully migrated to LynxChan 2.3.0, to see all of the changes to 16chan, click here.
08/15/19 The 16chan Android app is now live! Instructions on how to download it and set it up can be found here.

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(6.43 KB 320x320 8ball.png)
16chan Owner AMA Thread 663 Board owner 09/24/2019 (Tue) 17:33:33 No. 409 [Reply] [Last]
In order to consolidate many of the threads that have been made asking me questions, I figured it would be a better idea to have a dedicated thread for it. So go ahead AMA.
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(186.80 KB 426x433 1575235308030.png)
>>1022 There is nice anime board here, fren: https://onee.ch/a/
ar u a boomer, moomer, or zoomer?
>>1024 I could tell you, but I'm not sure you would comprehend the answer. It is asked and answered in fourth and fifth post
>>1023 Oh thank you! I didn't know of this place.
I know Board volunteer saw this and probably are not going to bring it back. Oh well. Time to move to another Chan site.

(11.66 KB 200x200 durga.jpg)
General Improvement and Feedback 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:15:07 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is dedicated to improvement and feedback of 16chan, if you have any suggestions regarding these topics post them in this thread.
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>>1033 After doing a search, one chan I found with this feature is: https://poni.fun/meta/ I have no idea if that site uses lynxchan. Strangely I remember it being a feature on 4chan/wallpapersgeneral but it is no longer there.
>>1035 As I suspected, tinyboard. Lynxchan is totally different software and also a WIP (last update included the sort feature for catalog among others) I will check in StephenX(creator) to see if it is planned feature or not(assume if possible he would put on to-do list) Goes with out saying might take quite some time to be implemented
>>1035 Aye both 4 and 8 used tiny board, as do many, lynxchan was newly created (open sourced on git) https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan
>>1037 Ah, makes sense. Thank you for digging into it. As it stands, I don't want to add a browser extension to save all the images. I tried expanding everything by hand and using view page info>media>select all>save as with lackluster results. There is probably another way.

(197.52 KB 1600x1200 starman.png)
Banner Submission 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:18:43 No. 3 [Reply] [Last]
Upload custom banner submissions in this thread. They can be global or board specific, so please specify.
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This is an amazing one but it needs some changes
(9.99 KB 300x100 16chan.jpg)
Still busy myself. Trying to learn 3D video editing and digital music creation besides graphics and web-design. Still haven't gotten any really good ideas for a 16chan logo, but yeah, I need to work on one of those too. All over the map, obviously, but I'll occasionally delivrar.
Not today tho!
>pic related
(15.53 KB 300x100 pope2.png)
I have no idea what board you'd put this on but as I was perusing Amazon for next product to consume I spotted this gem and thought it would make a nice banner.
Format is little off but found these had to save, perhaps some can resize
(17.52 KB 305x100 EFZ8O8nXYAQY4HK163.jpg)
(16.41 KB 300x100 EFZ8O8nXYAQY4HK164.jpg)

(564.72 KB 498x498 wizard.gif)
Welcome to 16chan Discussion! 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:13:12 No. 1 [Reply]
Welcome to /meta/ - 16chan's Discussion, Feedback, and Improvement Board.

This board is dedicated to the discussion of topics pertaining to the continual advancement and development of 16chan.

If you have any suggestions or bugs to report, please post them on the General Improvement and Feedback thread -> >>>/meta/2
Edited last time by 663 on 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:42:46.

(41.65 KB 474x444 picture.jpeg)
auto Anonymous 10/31/2019 (Thu) 10:34:10 No. 906 [Reply]
Everyone for an auto thread bump.
noone wants an automotive bord?
(1.35 MB 2880x1800 GT2_RS_WEISSACH.jpg)
>>1031 fuck wrong button

(118.29 KB 730x1094 1554177797692.jpg)
Anonymous 09/21/2019 (Sat) 09:25:54 No. 286 [Reply] [Last]
give us /s/
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(77.75 KB 1280x853 1558446088199.jpg)
(285.50 KB 1277x1920 1570148277951.jpg)
(124.15 KB 800x1152 1569848856562.jpg)
(1.91 MB 2448x3264 IMG_20191204_174545236.jpg)
Degenerate not many of us would fucking want that shit. Go to cuckchan.

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 05:16:56 No. 1021 [Reply] [Last]
let me have your /a/nus please. we need /a/ I'll mod that shit and make sure there's plenty of lolis and shit
(1.91 MB 2448x3264 IMG_20191204_174545236.jpg)
Fucking degenerate. P.s.

(54.30 KB 920x740 1572118355095.jpg)
Can we have the /x/ board here? Anonymous 10/29/2019 (Tue) 12:03:52 No. 894 [Reply] [Last]
Every image board website needs a board where schizos can congregate and discuss spoopy things.
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Bump for BO visibility, I too want a /x/ board
(162.95 KB 800x400 698805.jpg)
(28.04 KB 480x480 1431541198669.jpg)
Bumpan for /x/, you can have the spirituality/religion stuff there too if you want, it's more directly relevant IMHO.

(33.64 KB 474x317 picture.jpeg)
archive? Anonymous 11/10/2019 (Sun) 08:25:06 No. 937 [Reply] [Last]
where's the archive for this place?
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(25.87 KB 474x476 basedperson.jpeg)
>>975 thanks.
>>975 >Merged with /library/ Totally NOT merged, not a SINGLE thread was migrated or moved, they where ALL DELETED, then you say it was merged, now THAT'S a copout. >>974 > i really loved that forbidden technology thread. Reposted >>>/library/212
>>988 I still don't see the fucking kabballah scripts. there's only one image and one gif that was found in the original.
>>1016 this is probably beyond your ability to do, but can you undelete that thread?
(107.48 KB 1407x440 1471060832060.png)
>>1016 I literally saved every image in the thread, I don't actually even remember what you are talking about but >caring about kabballah Are you a wannabe cryptokike? Kabbalah is corrupted jew magic and should be avoided if you like truth.

(39.41 KB 472x472 1570928666559.jpg)
Anonymous 11/27/2019 (Wed) 22:07:28 No. 997 [Reply] [Last]
hi, can you please fix the nginx configuration? I literally thought this place got BTFO'd because whenever I typed "16chan.xyz" into my browser it didn't hit this site. Currently you have to type in "https://www.16chan.xyz"
4 posts omitted.
>>1002 Ya, recreated with Chrome, didn't expect an Anon to be using Chrome >>>/b/3203
>>1003 this may be out of your control, but could you change the post number to contain 999?
>>1004 doh, now >>998 hehe makes sense. Sorry about the get Cant do anything about post numbers they are just sequential. Good news is only 127 more posts till >>>/b/3333 Onideus generally posts about 20 times a night so maybe few days In other news 16chan.xyz will work for you now
(48.16 KB 798x809 1569688382604.jpg)
>>1006 epic!
(30.75 KB 674x155 logo2.png)
(71.49 KB 486x446 16chan.xyz.png)
(226.38 KB 1280x721 pqgkjs4x6vqvtekatoqx.jpg)
>>1006 Of course you could go for 1111, just make it 16chan discussion related


no cookies?