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(220.78 KB 612x612 barking mind.jpg)
Anonymous 10/11/2019 (Fri) 06:48:51 ID:699100 No. 779 [Reply]
Who owns this board?

Ive been around since gamergate, Ive seen 4chon and 8ch rise and fall.

What do the admins plan on doing to keep this place shill and glownigger free? Is there a warrant canary system in place?

These questions need to be answered before this can become a viable replacement.
Sorry this isn't /pol/ related thread, it will be moved to /meta/

>Who owns this board?
I do, 663, owner of 16chan, you can learn more about me by reading the various threads on /meta/.

>What do the admins plan on doing to keep this place shill and glownigger free? Is there a warrant canary system in place?
Moderating to the absolute best of our ability, getting rid of low quality/shill content. Getting rid of "epic" manifestos and false flag content.

(806.17 KB 849x1200 1504201980179.jpg)
Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 22:03:31 No. 763 [Reply]
How to develop Android app using Dashchan-Extensions?

Can you give me a detailed tutorial?
4 posts omitted.
The changes you need to make to the domain are here: /src/com/sixsixthree/dashchan/chan/sixteenchan/
not only the AndroidManifest.xml
The domain name in the following files is modified:


In that case it should be okay, do you have HTTPS setup on your imageboard?
Also make sure that through the DashChan app you delete any extensions that you may have pushed, sometimes they cause errors if you have duplicates or old extensions installed.

How is your HTTPS set up?

Excuse me, is there a video tutorial?

thank you.

(77.99 KB 367x183 1Ycib9Dea3Wc5SizzTIr4Nw1.png)
Board creation request Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 15:31:47 No. 700 [Reply]
I would like to request the creation of the Baphomet board.
It was an unique board in 8chan, a great place for people interested in hacking and computer security related issues.
I am strongly debating add board creation right now, I in all honesty would right now if I had the moderation staff the handle it.

(45.43 KB 640x632 NO FUN ALLOWED.jpg)
Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 00:56:38 No. 306 [Reply]
how do i watch thread?

i see a little heart on the threads but i click it and nothing happens. Can't find any settings that might let me turn on thread watcher either.
(96.52 KB 2048x232 Screenshot_20190921-205853.png)
On desktop it appears under watched
If you're on mobile I recommend using the mobile app, the installation guide is here: https://www.16chan.xyz/.static/pages/mobile.html
ah i see it now, thanks
How to join ?

You can download the app here, just follow the instructions and you'll be all setup.

(151.21 KB 1920x1080 1570056247670.png)
Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 00:44:37 No. 630 [Reply]
Wallpaper/ Anime wallpaper board?
Noted, no problem adding one if more people continue to request it. For the time being, you can post any sort of anime related content on /a/, if the demand goes up I would be happy to add a wallpaper board.

(146.23 KB 702x500 1568025671648.jpg)
Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 00:42:28 No. 709 [Reply]
>[email protected]
How much do you pay to have your email forwarded and sent from the domain name? Certainly it's not free, right? Do you use G Suite or your domain host's mail servers
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
Sweeet. How often do you back up the database and images? Do you have it automated?
(98.74 KB 700x734 1570591669589.jpg)
oh no I scared him away D:
>Sweeet. How often do you back up the database and images? Do you have it automated?
Daily backups that are stored for 3 days.

Sorry Anon, you didn't scare me away. I just missed your message :3
(851.52 KB 299x374 1568238047904.gif)
Honestly 663, I'm really impressed by you. When I first saw your first thread on /g/, I thought you were just another script kiddie who could steal an open source project and host it for a few dollars a month. But you've proven me wrong. I am honestly quite amazed with how much effort you've put into this site so far. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Is your job tech related? If not why not pursue a job in tech?
>Is your job tech related? If not why not pursue a job in tech?
No I have a wagie job. I am planning to get a job in tech but my city is insanely competitive. I have some internship experience and my personal projects are okay, but it seems really hard to get a leg in the industry. I have a CS degree, maybe you have some advice? (I went to a non-prestigious school)

Also, thank you for your kind words, Anon, they genuinely mean a lot right now. I'm not in the best place right now so thank you so much.
Edited last time by 663 on 10/09/2019 (Wed) 06:01:44.

(38.72 KB 644x652 1557160742815.jpg)
board requests Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 22:49:52 No. 729 [Reply]
>no /x/
>no /co/
>no /cow/
>no /n/
>no /zoo/
hope to see these boards in the near future
Added them to the list

But /zoo/ really???
>it's not the same without it
trust me, 8chan lurker here
Hesitantly noted.
Socialist, communist, all the same subhuman cancer that needs to be killed
Trust me goys animal porn just brings the best! Disgusting savages

(2.06 MB 1294x970 PermeatingEdge13.jpg)
/x general and remote viewing Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 09:40:40 No. 635 [Reply]
I'd love to read different opinions on remote viewing. I've seen posts on other forums mention practicing with numbers on the back of photographs? seemed intriguing although i had no success in my attempts. otherwise /x general, personal experiences, preferably first hand, lost mythos and their repercussions...

below is how i was taught-

there seems to be alot of disinformation on remote viewing and astral projection, which are actually based on the same practice used on different targets.

practice feeling and knowing every part of your body gradually, in order to feel for the etheric body, some eastern traditions can be a boon in this practice, this will take around 6 months. must start small, and only add to this practice, not replace.

construct a simulacrum of the etheric body by will and observance, practice daily, place in different places and positions, make it move realistically. depending on visual training of individual, this will take 1 month to a year.

project consciousness into etheric body, make a simple route with different sense to guide yourself by, so place symbols you are familiar with, scented wood, different textured cloths, learn to sense through the etheric body as you maneuveur it through your designated route. training the senses of your etheric body and keeping a sharp memory of your projections will take time, widely variable by person. training in lucid dreaming can be of use here.

this is where remote viewing and atral projection diverge, remote viewing will use this training to move through space, you can learn to fly or teleport within your etheric body, while astral projection will have you move into symbols, starting with the 4 fundamental elements, making gates out of their representation to move through.
then moving onto hybrids and much, much more.

with enough discipline, this method will bear fruit for anyone. if there are tricks to achieve these results sooner, i do not know them. I hope I have been of help, trust your intuition when doing research, this type of information has become harder to find in the last few years.
The horus school of mystery is also a very interesting subject, particularly the principle of the 8 selves, in which the initiate was instructed to differentiate between the child, adolescent, adult, and elder of both genders within themselves. and to then make them into a unified team.

I have had trouble with differentiating the gender, although the stage of development as a label has been very useful in interpersonal communications, as the relationships between selves and people are interchangeable, and so having fruitful conversations with anyone becomes a premeditated game of rock paper scissors.

I am familiar with genderism, seeing the masculine as a focal point of will and the feminine as a generational construct, I am not entirely sure how to apply that understanding to the 8 selves.

any advice?
I dont think the hermetic principal of genderism applies to the egyptian idea of uniting different facets of the selves, or the connection is tenuous enough as to need a different definition of gender.

Genderism is a principle applied to forces, or symbols, while gender amongst humans is dependent on roles. The quintessential ideas surrounding mother and father can be found throughout western mythos, (Eastern mythos, to my knowledge, differentiate them as polarities rather than dualities).

... Mother and father would only give a duality to the adult cycle though, the rational, responsible. there needs to be a formula of approach which is typical of female and male elements respectively.

Alot of human understanding is preserved through stories, stories designed for men talk of events, the setting only matters as much as it related to the events therein, while stories designed for women are about the setting giving value to the event, the whole romantic ideal of women usually stem from a setting which builds enough hype for an insignificant gesture to become mind boggling. the search for a mate is also similar, in the way that women will usually adapt to any sexual or cultural tendencies if the setting made those choices appropriate, while a man will already have a specific culture and sexual tendency in mind before finding his desired mate.

problem here is that I'm still defining male and women at a stage in which they can settle down, which the rational adult has a tendency for. the formula of setting vs event can be applied accross the board, but it does not seem like enough information...
(1.06 MB 2048x2048 04-03Othala.png)
if the etheric body can be made to fly, can its senses be modulated to detect specific elements? like seeing gold as a glowing particle so as to remote view survey land... seems too gamey, and im not sure how to adapt the training to simulate that, AP seems to only be for monitoring with the 5 senses in a less detectable way. ..


(368.42 KB 561x909 1567313344572.jpg)
creation of boards Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 16:14:18 No. 321 [Reply]
Is it possible to create our own boards, as was the case on infinichan?
2 posts omitted.
No, and hopefully we will never be able to. It's such a dumb idea.
how is that a dumb idea? that was one of the best features of infinitechan.
>too many dead boards!
so what, why not just give people the freedom to create them anyway? meguca has a good policy where they delete boards that have been totally inactive for too long, so something like that could be implemented.
Could be intresting but overwhelming with time tho

(178.92 KB 1263x801 peak-joomer.png)
Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 05:16:55 No. 612 [Reply]
Requesting some sort of logic re: bumping that would defuse these types of boomer shenanigans.
Idea 1 - Posts from OP only bump the thread if the previous comment was made by a different anon.
Idea 2 - A 'cooldown' period for bumping, where any given ID can only bump a given thread after either a set amount of time or number of other posts on the board.
Idea 3 - OPs cannot bump their own threads.
Idea 4 - Each ID in a given thread can only bump once.

Discussion and ideas welcomed from other anons
This is an interesting idea, Anon. I'm curious to see what other Anons will say regarding this. I'm open to what others think about your proposal.
Idea 4 will just kill every thread super quickly. Ideas 1 and 3 are the most logical. Idea 2 would have to be based on time given the small amount of posts this site gets and because of that wouldn't end up meaning anything. OP could just keep bumping after the timer because nobody is creating enough threads to kill his thread. It wouldn't work until this place was more popular. So again ideas 1 and 3 make the most sense


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