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(39.61 KB 1280x720 rich the BBW.jfif)
Anonymous 02/11/2020 (Tue) 21:01:00 No. 1179
Can we ban all non joking forms of porn?
>>1179 Yes. Smut lowers health of board and always invites pede's. Most of the boards frown on degeneracy and users have been vocal about not needing another porn site >>286
>>1180 based board owner
>>1259 Based illiterate
>>1179 This but also ban joking forms
>>1180 Absolutely based. Thank you for enforcing basic quality of life standards and not allowing worthless coomers to run yet another website into the ground.
>>1359 I agree with this, any weakness in the rule can be used as leverage. All of a sudden a joke is added to porn or joking forms of porn are in every thread and it's the same shit. Ruining a board isn't that difficult, so get rid of all smut. >>1180 Thank God.
Why are we focused on banning shit? I come here away from plebbit and zogbook to not worry about bans being able to post and see what ever i want .
>>1398 There are thousands of sites you can go to dipshit. Probably a hundred fucking chans/image boards you can go to. If the site owner and board owners as well don't want this place to turn out like every other designated shitting street, ban porn and half the degenerates will leave. Ban loli and moe-shit and these fucking waifu faggots and the other half of degenerates will leave. Smite All Wyrms and Cast Out Their Hosts.


no cookies?