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(44.58 KB 1140x766 7yv0t.jpg)
Anonymous 12/23/2020 (Wed) 13:35:45 No. 1572
Not going to lie this baord is pretty slow
>>1572 It is usually little better. Its also the holidays though
>>1572 We know how much of a faggot he is I saw him on TV.
adhd speeds are worse than being dead.
(183.22 KB 820x1024 hitler soldier torch.jpg)
>>1572 it's fairly new. It does need to be advertised more. I'm of the unpopular opinon we should share info on 16chan on /nsg/ threads on 4chan. This way will get mostly quality people.
>>1586 >This way will get mostly quality people. Are you fucking kidding, mate? You're so green you have no idea what quality is. Effortpost and lurk more. Holy shit, fuck you.
>>1586 Zoomie just got here and the board is already too slow for him. Unsalvagable generation. Throw away your smartphone.


no cookies?