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(11.66 KB 200x200 durga.jpg)
General Improvement and Feedback 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:15:07 No. 2
This thread is dedicated to improvement and feedback of 16chan, if you have any suggestions regarding these topics post them in this thread.
>>577 I am legit fascinated by your viewpoint about Jews. I'm the person with Jewish ancestry who commented above asking about free speech. I totally agree with you that evil shouldn't exist and I personally believe all pedos need to be shot but like... I haven't seen any evidence of a Jewish conspiracy. I grew up Jewish; I'd know. Also, I repeat: half my family died in the Holocaust. You're barking up the wrong tree here. Personally I am very interested in finding out who is/what groups are shitting up the world and why but I know for certain it isn't the Jews. I also know for certain that a lot of the worst evil is done by basically anyone who has too much power and too little self-discipline, such as abusive parents who got knocked up accidentally, and so on.
>>1289 samefagging here sorry; also sorry, here was the original post, #1166 https://16chan.xyz/meta/res/409.html
(74.52 KB 1024x1024 prolapse.png)
For the past month, every time I type 16chan.xyz into my browser address bar I arrive at a front page with a bunch of awful ebaum's world memes. The overboard is similar. I understand how faggots work so I have never responded to fag posts and was attempting to wait him out but it's getting to the point where fag makes up more and more of the total posts on the site so something needs to be done. the faggotry was contained to /b/ at first but seems to be spreading to other boards too. it's likely to unironically going to kill the site if it's allowed to fester. >1 day of intense faggotry such is life on the chans >60+ continuous days of fark-tier faggotry start drifting away towards other sites (I use tor w/ no js and no cookies so it's not so easy for me to just set a filter to block) brainstorming some pragmatic possible fixes/improvements: >block /b/ from appearing on the welcome page >block /b/ from appearing on the overboard >creation of /trash/ and move all trashposts there
I tried to post somewhere in /b/, but resulted in a ban message. Is this ban for a new ip or a new cookie?
>>1313 Try again
>>1316 This time is okay.
I'm getting a "tor users are not allowed to post files" just now when I try to reply on /pol/ . Did something happen?
>>1336 Tor spammer, will be fixed tomorrow
still can't post images...
>>1341 Fixed, sorry for inconvenience
(39.11 KB 600x307 pc_gaming.jpeg)
I'm having a bit of trouble starting a new thread on /v/ using tor. is everything turned on at the moment? I was able to make a thread in /g/ a few days ago using tor but now I'm getting stuck in the block bypass workflow again. it tells me I have a valid block bypass but then still doesn't let me post. even when I put in the code from the no-cookie workflow it sends me to the "you need a block bypass" screen. Anyways if someone is reading this please make a general PC gaming thread in /v/. I can always reply to threads, it's just starting new ones that seems to be hit-or-miss.
ok I got it to work. I think there is some sort of tight tolerance on posting, needs to be recent enough that the block bypass is still valid but also needs to not trigger flood detection. whatever it does work sometimes.
(18.10 KB 305x190 reeeees-internally.png)
it's me again. posting new threads through tor on maximum security settings is extremely annoying btw. trying to make one on /g/ now. It does occasionally work if I get the exact number of steps correct but it takes me about 15 minutes worth of retries before I finally get the number of steps correct. if this is not by design I would recommend that you, the B.O. attempt to start a few threads yourself by posting in this manner to maybe debug exactly what's happening.
Due to the popularity of the Druid/pol/ Loyal Lads of the B.O.N.D. threads I think it is time to move them to their own board where they can discuss their ideas more free from interference from others and in greater depth by having their own threads with their own moderation.
/fit/ pls
>>1385 We had /fit/ at launch, but was one of the ones to be pruned before the holidays, due to inactivity. Make a thread or two on >>>/culture/ for now, (maybe post links in >>>/pol/5542) Will reconsider if seems there is more demand
Scrolling through threads on iOS is slow. As soon as you lift your finger it stops moving in any direction, you can't just slide it down and wait for it to land where you want.
>>1402 Using a phone to browse to interwebs really sucks More News at 11
>>1403 Sometimes I'm at work and want to shitpost.
tripcodes not working and name camp sometimes disappears.
(2.19 MB 498x498 Die.gif)
>>1412 The only think worse than a namefag is a fucking tripfag
>>2 >mute webms >don't autoplay gifs pls
(1.94 MB 450x259 seriously.gif)
>>1414 >mute webms What on earth for? Mute it yourself, or go back to 4cuck for muted files >don't autoplay gifs <---
>>1414 >>1415 Anon put it better than I could.


no cookies?