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(11.66 KB 200x200 durga.jpg)
General Improvement and Feedback 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:15:07 No. 2
This thread is dedicated to improvement and feedback of 16chan, if you have any suggestions regarding these topics post them in this thread.
day 2 of problem, send help
Going to need some more details, what OS are you running/browser, did you clear cache/cookies?

I can't seem to recreate this issue, I can always make threads and upload media, tried several devices and Tor as well and haven't had this issue.
Windows 10 chrome and
yes i tried clearing cache and cookies

i tried everything
(61.96 KB 484x461 chrome-on-windows.jpg)
I shitpost all day long from tor on gnu/linux and haven't had any problems.
>learn2compute my dude
Give Tor a shot if you don't mind.
Any update Anon? we all had similar issue for couple days, was fixed then broken, but it was fixed again last night, should be fine now

>just checked and your right its broke again
Fixed (for now) Anon
(31.85 KB 932x181 lmao-a-u.png)
I just made a thread in /pol/ right now. IMO something that keeps windows and/or chrometards from starting threads is a feature, not a bug.
I would just like all posts that have porn to be banned and the posters to be banned as well, let's keep the board clean.
We really need a reason on the log page. For example it says

>Type: Posting deletion
>Board: pol
>Time: 11/05/2019 (Tue) 03:10:02
>User burgersyum deleted the following threads: 13399 and the following posts: 13401, 13411, 13418, 13420, 13425, 13427, 13428, 13436, 13447 from board /pol/.

And I just happen to know which thread 13399 was cus I saw it, but why delete? It may have not been the most high effort OP, but lower effort OPs where allowed to stay, or at least moved to /b/. There was some quality effort posts there and a discussion forming. I have my own feelings on why it was deleted (suppression of topics deemed too magical or /fringe/) but without a board for such or at least fair treatment to move to /b/ when literal shit was given that benefit of the doubt it smells of suppression of free speech.
What was thread about? There has been a ton of crap threads the last 2 days
Also look at the entry just above that one the thread was reported
Karma, caste, genetic relation within, and how a self aware society would structure itself within said paradigm. There where several effort posts and it was becomming a fine discuession.
Typo for 'alliance.' You spelled it 'Alliace.'
Could you make the red text brighter? The dark background obscures it. Thanks.
Geoflags on /pol/ when? Would be great, no memeflags though.

Also, how about locking the thread if OP has only 1 post for over X span of time?
Create a theology board and an automobile board
>epstein grins as how fucks "underage" girls while white knights defend roasties that hate nationalism or tradthot larper snitch bitch type of attention whores
DELETED ALL THE OTHER BOARDS? EVEN /REDPILL/??? Come on admin you could have at least moved the threads, there was a lot of good content there.
>>2 lynxchan -r An error occured during the full cache deletion. Error: connect ENOENT /tmp/unix.socket at PipeConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1129:14) { errno: 'ENOENT', code: 'ENOENT', syscall: 'connect', address: '/tmp/unix.socket' }
>>2 the /culture/ board is a copout. re-requesting a /mu/ board to share politically incorrect/banned mp3s
>>978 You need a whole board? Why not make mp3 thread on /pol?
>>297 imagine using duckduckgo. >>http://b7cxf4dkdsko6ah2.onion


no cookies?