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(11.66 KB 200x200 durga.jpg)
General Improvement and Feedback 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:15:07 No. 2
This thread is dedicated to improvement and feedback of 16chan, if you have any suggestions regarding these topics post them in this thread.
still can't post images...
>>1341 Fixed, sorry for inconvenience
(39.11 KB 600x307 pc_gaming.jpeg)
I'm having a bit of trouble starting a new thread on /v/ using tor. is everything turned on at the moment? I was able to make a thread in /g/ a few days ago using tor but now I'm getting stuck in the block bypass workflow again. it tells me I have a valid block bypass but then still doesn't let me post. even when I put in the code from the no-cookie workflow it sends me to the "you need a block bypass" screen. Anyways if someone is reading this please make a general PC gaming thread in /v/. I can always reply to threads, it's just starting new ones that seems to be hit-or-miss.
ok I got it to work. I think there is some sort of tight tolerance on posting, needs to be recent enough that the block bypass is still valid but also needs to not trigger flood detection. whatever it does work sometimes.
(18.10 KB 305x190 reeeees-internally.png)
it's me again. posting new threads through tor on maximum security settings is extremely annoying btw. trying to make one on /g/ now. It does occasionally work if I get the exact number of steps correct but it takes me about 15 minutes worth of retries before I finally get the number of steps correct. if this is not by design I would recommend that you, the B.O. attempt to start a few threads yourself by posting in this manner to maybe debug exactly what's happening.
Due to the popularity of the Druid/pol/ Loyal Lads of the B.O.N.D. threads I think it is time to move them to their own board where they can discuss their ideas more free from interference from others and in greater depth by having their own threads with their own moderation.
/fit/ pls
>>1385 We had /fit/ at launch, but was one of the ones to be pruned before the holidays, due to inactivity. Make a thread or two on >>>/culture/ for now, (maybe post links in >>>/pol/5542) Will reconsider if seems there is more demand
Scrolling through threads on iOS is slow. As soon as you lift your finger it stops moving in any direction, you can't just slide it down and wait for it to land where you want.
>>1402 Using a phone to browse to interwebs really sucks More News at 11
>>1403 Sometimes I'm at work and want to shitpost.
tripcodes not working and name camp sometimes disappears.
(2.19 MB 498x498 Die.gif)
>>1412 The only think worse than a namefag is a fucking tripfag
>>2 >mute webms >don't autoplay gifs pls
(1.94 MB 450x259 seriously.gif)
>>1414 >mute webms What on earth for? Mute it yourself, or go back to 4cuck for muted files >don't autoplay gifs <---
>>1414 >>1415 Anon put it better than I could.
Site was down for about 8 hours today, both clearnet address and onion made me nervous. was this the cloudcuck shit or something else?
>>1459 9ch, nein, end, julay, and nano are all offline too 16ch tor is still down either glownigger installing malware.exe or chinky war hotting up is my take. I expect all chans will be taken out by the time the elections come round in nov >why? bunkers started disappearing in 2018 before they took out 8ch in 2019 and put (((federated))) chans in place. Now many of those are having (((problems))).
>>1460 It's not glowniggers, it's regular butthurt niggers hitting people off with a booter. All of these sites are being hosted on 20-40 dollar a month VPS's that can't handle the bandwidth of the DDoS. Someone in really interested in shutting down a bunch of < 10 PPH on average sites.
>>1461 if that's true they're being very selective lots of alternate chans still up only ones with a /pol/ are down
>>1460 >9ch, nein, end, julay, and nano are all offline too >16ch tor is still down None of this is correct 9chan .tw up nein onion up end both .net and .org up both julay and spqr up nano is up 16tor 47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion is up
(34.23 KB 1243x328 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1463 >None of this is correct >9chan .tw up clearnet came up after i posted tor still down http://ninechnjd5aaxfbcsszlbr4inp7qjsficep4hiffh4jbzovpt2ok3cad.onion >nein onion up still down for me http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion >end both .net and .org up thanks but all 3 backup onion urls changed from what I had also clearnet used to be .xyz http://s6424n4x4bsmqs27.onion/ >both julay and spqr up still down for me http://bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/ >nano is up still down for me http://nanochanpwz3xnue76gteysv6wjm5sim3bbcm2lc65x625at774k77qd.onion >16tor 47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion is up came up after i posted
(461.97 KB 1300x784 ClipboardImage.png)
(141.72 KB 1603x761 ClipboardImage.png)
(83.05 KB 1498x776 ClipboardImage.png)
(314.32 KB 1625x809 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1465 >nein onion up >still down for me >http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion not sure one your issue was working when posted reply and still working now, pic >clearnet came up after i posted >tor still down >http://ninechnjd5aaxfbcsszlbr4inp7qjsficep4hiffh4jbzovpt2ok3cad.onion onion up for me, pic >both julay and spqr up >still down for me >http://bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/ works pic >end both .net and .org up >thanks but all 3 backup onion urls changed from what I had >also clearnet used to be .xyz >http://s6424n4x4bsmqs27.onion/ works, pic >nano is up >still down for me >http://nanochanpwz3xnue76gteysv6wjm5sim3bbcm2lc65x625at774k77qd.onion address changed http://nanochanqzaytwlydykbg5nxkgyjxk3zsrctxuoxdmbx5jbh2ydyprid.onion/
>>1466 thank you anon i now know its a connection problem not a site problem as i'm still cut off


no cookies?