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(106.96 KB 270x500 ClipboardImage.png)
New Logo Contest 663 Board owner 04/09/2021 (Fri) 00:50:57 No. 2465
As the upcoming 16chan front-end update reaches nearer, I've decided that it's time to also update our logo. If you would like to create a brand new logo for 16chan, please submit it in this thread. Preferably something that is at least 500x500.
(140.51 KB 500x500 16 sun.png)
(30.91 KB 147x147 16 eucalyptusleaf sun.png)
Rough concept
(75.10 KB 394x399 Koaler.png)
(289.84 KB 500x500 16leaves.png)
(26.38 KB 600x400 ver y much dogecoin.jpg)
<who likes dogecoin
(63.06 KB 800x760 SS-Totenkopf.png)
Lads, the Koala needs to go. The little bastard elicits adoration. Cutesy face- give him a bikky feels. Cuddly, Disney-tier mascot for kiddies and white-shoe tourists. Its a safe mascot for nice, ordinary wooden-tops. Is that the kind of poster we want on 16chan? The Koala needs to be re-branded. We need to keep the familiar tiles and avatars but make them more BASED, more '/'pol/, more ANTI-EVERYTHING''. Boys I present our new mascot" THE GOLLIWOG
(636.22 KB 1600x1116 galleykvetch.jpg.png)
(325.63 KB 1782x1066 galleywag.jpg)
(191.63 KB 1317x426 cally16 - Copy.png)
(213.05 KB 1652x426 cally16.png)
(757.03 KB 738x1102 george wog.png)
>>2501 >>2503 Winner winner!


no cookies?